if its uncomfortable to sit in silence, learn to embrace whatever it is you're feeling and you'll soon discover you no longer need the distractions you once sought.  it can help to go for a quiet walk in nature or begin practicing a form of meditation where you continually bring your focus back to your breathe (or a mantra) whenever your attention wanders.

#nature #walk #peace #meditation #flying #lookingdown #fromabove #breathe
on a very short walk today, i noticed a tree that i didn't think was there before.  perhaps being more relaxed (after a nice long, quiet drive by the closed beaches) and in the present moment, it simply felt differently.  or perhaps as i had felt a shift earlier today, i had stepped into an alternate timeline or reality where the tree now existed.  as we learn to work through and shift what is happening in consciousness, things will shift in this physical reality.  in actuality, reality is much more fluid than it is solid, and both big and small things can change effortlessly when we surrender into the presence.  if we let go of our attachment to things being a certain way, the more dream-like our experience of life can become.  it is only in holding onto certain viewpoints or emotional charges that we solidify reality.

the more we live in the present moment, the more profound (or simply calm) experiences we will have (and as these integrate, they will become a part of our natural everyday experience). remember to take time each day to relax and simply sit in the present moment.  doing this as the first thing in the morning (and just before bed) can be very helpful.  if any feeling arises that prevents you from feeling completely calm or present, then sit with that feeling.  by not running from it (and not looking for some distraction), the unpleasant feeling can be fully experienced and dissolve (and then you'll discover a natural peace and bliss that arises). the more you stay in the stillness, the deeper this natural calm becomes.  soon you'll see that this peace fills you much more fully than any external distraction could ever do, and as you learn to live your life from this place, you will find that the underlying peace becomes permanent or easily accessible (and circumstances that may have previously been chaotic or difficult no longer bother you, and you're able to navigate through life with grace and ease).

now is our time to collectively awaken, to remember and realize our true nature as the dreamer of this dream. use any free time you have to spend quietly in meditation or feeling whatever is there internally. the more of us that do this inner work, the more quickly all of humanity will awaken (and the sooner a more beautiful new world will unfold in this dream of life).

#peace #nature #walk #tree #meditation #healing #feeling #life #awaken #consciousness
it is up to us to choose to live in harmony with the planet. by collectively changing our relationship with earth, we’ll create a healthier world where both humanity and nature can thrive.

#nature #goldenhour #water #river #aerial #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #aerialphotography #dronephotography #mavicmini #aerialvideo #dronevideo #birdseyeview #lookingdown #fromabove #sunset .. low res preview video clips sped up (some by a lot) to fit in #instagram sixty second limit, with trimming and filters applied in dji #fly app.
i decided to go back again to clearwater beach yesterday before it closed.  i walked north, almost all the way to caladesi island, and got some nice shots.  there were more than these, though the old iphone i’m using for the mavic mini didn’t have enough space to keep the previews, so i’ll have to download them off the microSD card later.  the fifth shot is sped up by 3.5x to fit into the instagram sixty second limit.  the filters are from the dji fly app (where the shots were cut from the low resolution preview video file). #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #sunset #yesterday #beach #clearwaterbeach #florida #natural #beauty #birdseyeview #aerial #lookingdown #fromabove #dronephotography #aerialphotography #mavicmini #dronevideo #aerialvideo #sand #island #nature #water #gulf #goldenhour #landscape
last monday, on the drive furthest north in my #electriccar [2020.03.02] .. some shots i quickly picked out on the phone from the timed interval shots i got, and edited in the #instagram #ios app.. black and white looked much better than color in the bad light (and could really look better if i were to spend more time to edit these on the computer) .. #nature #aerial #fromabove #lookingdown #water #florida #trees #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #dronephotography #aerialphotography #blackandwhitephotography #overcast #cloudy #blackandwhite #bw #monochrome #grayscale #greyscale #planet #earth
one last clip from today’s flight. i’d like to do these again in better light and when it’s not as windy so i can fly higher without the strong wind warning.

#flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #aerial #fromabove #lookingdown #water #lake #nature #cloudy #overcast #park #aerialphotography #aerialvideo #dronephotography #dronevideo
the conservation and preservation of nature is one of the most important things we can do today.

a simple shift of perspective is all we need to see the bigger picture. i’ve driven by here countless times and have never seen it quite like this.

this past monday [2020.02.24]

#nature #preserve #earth #land #aerial #birdseyeview #lookingdown #fromabove #goldenhour #light #shadows #trees #water #landscape #natural #beauty #road
this past thursday [2020.02.02]

i took a few quick aerial shots while waiting for my electric car to finish charging (on what may have been my longest drive yet in it, at just under 300 miles) at babcock ranch, the first solar-powered town in the country.  hopefully we see many more towns and cities running completely on renewable energy soon.

#solar #town #lake #aerial #fromabove #goldenhour #electriccar #renewableenergy #electricvehicle #sustainability #ev #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #lookingdown #dronephotography #aerialphotography
nature for miles and miles, as far as the eye can see, in all directions. this is what florida used to look like.

this past tuesday [2020.02.11] .. #nature #landscape #earth #fromabove #trees #park #trail #bikeride #goldenhour #aerial #lookingdown
all we need to do is go explore in nature to get a better understanding of life and our connection to the world.

a #bikeride this past sunday [2020.02.09] .. #nature #water #trees #earth #fromabove #flying #lookingdown #birdseyeview #landscape #pond #lake #aerial #natural #beauty #park
#sunset #sky #clouds #nature #intracoastal #water

#goldenhour #nature #park #canal #landscape #aerialphotography #water #road #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #blackandwhite #aerial #trees #light #lookingdown #fromabove #mavicmini #bw
#nature #water #landscape #river #land #park #lookingdown #fromabove #flying #dji #mavic #mini #quadcopter #drone #aerialphotography #aerial #florida .. i filled up and downloaded the micro-sd card for the first time since i got #mavicmini, and quickly edited these in #adobe #lightroom instead of on my iphone like i had been doing with all the previous shots i took with it.  since the beginning of the month/year/decade, i’ve been photographing and posting something at least once per day, editing all on my phone except for these and the infrared ones (as that memory card also filled up while shooting those), though think i’m not going to keep forcing myself to take and post something daily.  the workflow and interface is so much nicer on a computer compared to going through hundreds of shots on a tiny phone screen, and, although i’ve been able to get good images (despite bad light and weather some days), creativity (like anything else in life) flows so much better when one is inspired and relaxed (rather than trying to force oneself to do something, especially at or within a limited time period). i think soon i'll start to experiment with shooting video clips on the mavic mini as, other than two video clips i didn't post (one of which i think i shot by accident), i've only been shooting photos in the timed interval shot mode (which also makes sorting through photos difficult as there are so many (and composition may not be ideal on many of them), though it will allow me to later put everything into a time-lapse video of all my flights). it'll also be good to play around with not always flying so high and using the mavic mini more for its smooth camera movements via gimbal stabilization rather than for its aerial perspectives.  its great how much one can do with a flying camera.  i remember many years ago wanting to be able to just set a camera out in front of me and have it stay there without a tripod.. its nice to see this idea have manifested into radio-controlled quadcopters with stabilized cameras (and now pocket-sized too!)
#nature #fromabove #lookingdown #water #beach #trees #goldenhour #park #houses #boats #pier #flying #dji #mavic #mini #quadcopter #drone #mavicmini #aerial #aerialphotography
#flying #dji #mavic #mini #quadcopter #drone on #cloudy #overcast #winter day at #clearwater #beach #florida .. it was a little windy so i only flew up to 200ft altitude. #mavicmini #aerialphotography #lookingdown #fromabove #aerial #nature #gulf #water #sand #clouds #buildings #waves
with more traffic than expected, i just made it to the gulf as the sun was going down behind the clouds on the horizon. #sunset #nature #water #gulf #palmtrees #park #beach #sand #birds
remember, it's okay if things don't go as planned or aren't as perfect as one desires.

this isn't where i was originally going to go fly, though it's where i ended up.  while not all the images may be the most exciting, it was good to test #flying with a bit of a breeze (and it was also good to use manual exposure for the first time on the #dji #mavic #mini, which certainly helped with consistency, so i was able to use all the same settings in the #instagram app when editing the photos.. any differences in color are due to there being no setting for manual white balance). i didn't fly up to near 400 ft like i had for some shots on my previous flights.. all shots here are at an altitude of 100 or 150 ft.  #mavicmini #nature #trees #water #aerial #aerialphotography #lookingdown #fromabove #florida #winter
#morning #nature #trees #lake #golfcourse #road #houses #florida #winter #flying #dji #mavic #mini #quadcopter #drone .. seeing limits of what can be done editing in #instagram app on phone with less than ideal lighting/exposure on some of these. #aerialphotography #fromabove #lookingdown #aerial
more photos while practicing #flying the #dji #mavic #mini #quadcopter #drone.  shot using timed shot interval mode, so more of what i happened to get rather than carefully composed.

in the last shot, one can see the intracoastal, dunedin causeway, and honeymoon island, 4 to 7.5 miles away by air.  at the left of the image one can see buildings on clearwater beach, over 10 miles away.  even on the low resolution instagram photo hints of this are visible when looking closely or zooming in.  i think that shot was at an altitude of a little under 400 feet, where most of the lower ones were somewhere around 100-150 ft.

(i had quickly edited this twice in the #instagram ios app, though there seems to be a bug where it is not applying the lux setting and most of the vibrancy is missing as the other settings were minor.  these copies are edited in the #snapseed ios app.. it’s not an exact match to what i had originally done in instagram, but looks much better than the instagram versions without the lux setting.  at some point i may stop editing (or spending as much time and effort) on the phone, as even when it does work right, the adjustments made on a tiny phone screen are not as good as i could get on the computer, and often the color or density is off since the phone screen isn’t calibrated like a computer monitor can be)

#mavicmini #aerial #aerialphotography #nature #water #lake #laketarpon #lansbrook #park #dock #goldenhour #sunset #light #trees #outdoors #florida #winter #clouds #reflection #fromabove #lookingdown #houses
#flying #dji #mavic #mini. #morning #light #trees #nature #road #water #houses #fromabove #mavicmini #aerial #aerialphotography #florida #winter
#sunset #dusk #nature #sky #littleplanet #tinyplanet #littleworld #360 #360x180 #stereographic #projection #stereographicprojection #fromabove #lookingdown #lookingup #elevatedphotography #poleaerialphotography #talltripod #hdr #dunedin #causeway #florida #intracoastal #water #palmtrees #sand #clouds #sun #moon #moonrise
with seemingly so much going on in the #world, #remember to take a #break from each day to #meditate or to go for a #walk in the #park. simply surrounding yourself with #trees in #nature is #healing, and the beautiful #goldenhour #light reminds us how magnificent this planet is.

also remember to practice #gratitude. some times it’s easier than others, though if we take a moment to look at our lives, there is so much to be #grateful for [like, for those of here in #florida, we can be grateful these couple days of #winter aren't nearly as cold as in many other places. if in a cold place you don’t like, find what you can enjoy about the experience, like sitting by the fire or the magical feeling of the first snowfall of the season]. by shifting our energy to one of gratitude and appreciation, we'll begin to see more positive experiences show up in our lives.
#sunset #water #clouds #sky #nature #park #walk #goldenhour #dusk #trees .. #raw images shot on #iphoneSE and edited on #snapseed ios app #iphone #shotoniphone
#nature #palmtree #walk #florida
ready for #vanlife ?  i'm selling my Ford Transit with Premium Van Package, many/most options, and lightweight camper conversion build.  to see a full tour video and read lots of details on why i custom ordered + chose this van (after having a truck camper), visit:
a clickable link is on my profile page.
please share with anyone who may be interested.  it's located in Florida, though i'm willing to drive it to you if you can't come down here to get it.  to purchase the van, please write me at:
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i met a couple old friends at the arboretum this past saturday.  when i was surrounded by nature waiting for them that morning, i remembered why i got the van.  having a tiny home with me whenever i go exploring, especially to beautiful places, is certainly nice.  it may be small, though being able to go on more adventures and longer journeys is pretty awesome.  i've been so busy lately that i've barely taken it out wandering to new places.  sometimes you just gotta get up and go regardless of whether everything is ready or not.

after my friends left, i took a nap in the van and spent the rest of the afternoon in the arboretum.  it was great to have a comfy bed with me rather than having to drive to one when i was tired.  near the end of the day, it started raining and i got to experience how nice it was to be inside the van and simply be able to hop into the driver's seat without having to run around outside and get wet (like i would've had to do when in my truck camper).

i spent the night in the parking lot at my friend's office, which wasn't too exciting but a place nearby i could stay undisturbed.  sunday morning i decided to go back to the arboretum and spent the whole day there, again until when it closed at dusk.  i drove to a quiet spot that was the furthest from the nearby highways and spent a lot of the day in the van with all the doors open, letting a breeze pass through most of the time.  it was nice to experience having a tiny home in the middle of nature.  i look forward to when i have my own land and a larger tiny home in nature for when i'm not traveling.

#infrared #nature #park #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlife #campervan #ford #transit #van #fordtransit #tinyhome #lifeontheroad #homeonwheels #trees #travel #journey #arboretum #plants #ir #blackandwhite #bw #adventure #exploremore #exploretocreate #freedomvessel #getoutside #liveoutdoors #liveyouradventure #nomadiclife #optoutside
some little planet low aerial shots from my trip north a couple weeks ago [2017.07.12 - 2012.07.20] (locations: my cousin's house, cross creeks national wildlife refuge, and land between the lakes national recreation area)

#nature #park #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlife #campervan #ford #transit #van #fordtransit #tinyhome #lifeontheroad #homeonwheels #trees #travel #journey #roadtrip #360x180 #stereographicprojection #littleplanet #fisheye #lookingup #lookingdown #360degree #littleworld #tinyplanet #poleaerialphotography #elevatedphotography #mastphotography #aerial #fromabove
four years ago today [2012.11.16]

in a parking lot near the gulf in florida, i woke up this morning before dawn and continued driving east along the coast.  i saw the beautiful colors of the dawn sky while driving over a bridge, and briefly stopped at a little beach further up before the road would turn inland.  i then drove most of the day and made it home in the middle of the afternoon.

life on the road was a 72 day long journey and i ended up back in florida when it was over.  it was a fun adventure though i really wanted to have a home base, and after having left a beautiful community that felt like home in the summer, i also had longed for one to partake in.  i felt i'd find this back in florida.

for a long time i had wanted to take a long trip out west and get an rv.  it was awesome to see it actually happen.  it feels good to live your dreams and change your life.  if you're not where you want to be in life, simply change.  you may have to face things you are resisting, though once you feel them and embrace them, you'll see they really are no big deal and you can let them go, freeing up room for whatever is next in your journey.

it feels good to be done with these videos and free up the space for whatever is next in life.  for a long time, i wanted to make these, though something always got in the way, even if it was my own self.  in life we often get in our own way.  the way to stop doing it is to face whatever it is that's really there with an open heart.  we can heal our own lives.. often so much of what's happening in life that's getting in the way is really something pretty simple that we don't want to experience.  all we need to do is feel it, own it, and let it go.  the world we experience is simply a mirror of our own thoughts and feelings.  as we learn to face and experience what we're resisting, we can change how we're feeling.  as we change our feelings, we transform.  as we transform, the world we see transforms.  this is how we create the world we want to see and experience.. by simply changing how we're feeling.  you too can create the life or world you've been waiting for.. it all starts by changing what you're feeling within.
four years ago today [2012.11.13]

i spent the night in the guest room at my uncle and aunt's home in austin.  after being in the small camper for many nights, it was nice to have a bit more space to move about.  in the morning we went to a local place for breakfast, and i remember my uncle telling me about a comic book project he was working on.  it was nice to see them and chat for a bit in the morning.  i left in the middle of the day to meet a home builder in a town a little east of there whom specialized in concrete earth-sheltered homes.  i saw one of the houses he had built and learned about the technique.

i then made my way over to the houston area where i met a couple friends.  it had been a while since i'd seen them and it was nice to see them on my way back to florida.  my friend showed me his delorean which he didn't have there when i had visited a few years earlier.  it looked great.. he had kept it in really good condition.  he told me a story of how he took it to a drive-thru and was stuck with his arm out the little window unable to get the big drink he ordered in.  we had pizza for dinner and talked or watched tv for a little while, and i spent the night in their guest room.  again, it was nice to get a little bit of a break from the small space of the camper.
four years ago today [2012.11.10]

as the sun was rising, i woke up on the side of a dirt road just off u.s. highway 50 in eastern colorado.  when driving east the night before, i remember going on a continual descent as i was leaving the rockies.  this day was one of the longest days driving.  i drove from the time i got up to the time i went to sleep, only making short stops to eat, use the bathroom, or get gas.  it was a really long drive heading east across the whole state, though i got to see tumbleweed tumble across the country highway.  when i stopped at dusk for the evening, i was only 10-15 miles from the missouri border, and it was almost exactly ten hours from when i had started in the morning.

somewhere in kansas, i got pulled over by a police officer or state trooper.. it was strange as i wasn't speeding (most of the time i'd only drive 50-55mph to get better gas mileage, though sometimes would go faster if i was on a descent or getting tired of driving or something). i asked if i had missed a stop sign or something.. he stopped me as he had read the digits on my license plate incorrectly when he was randomly checking it and thought it was an invalid plate.  luckily it didn't take long for him to check my registration and verify it was valid.. i grabbed a clif bar and had a snack while i waited.  some days on the road i would eat more than one bar or other little snacks to keep me going while driving or exploring and wouldn't really have actual meals.  since i had a lot of time after it got dark early on these shorts days, i probably would at least make a sandwich or cook soup or something when stopping for the night.  it was a little more difficult stopping early as more people would still be driving around as they were heading home from work or errands or whatnot, and i preferred not to be noticed sleeping on the sides of the road.  luckily, i wasn't bothered and not too many people usually went by in the spots i stayed.
four years ago today [2012.11.07]

i woke up in the middle of nowhere.  the night before i had driven into grand staircase-escalante national monument.  i wanted to check out an arch in the park and perhaps thought i could photograph the stars under it.  when mapping my route, i figured i'd go through the park and make my way to arizona.  after driving an hour down a long, bumpy, winding dirt road up, down, and around the park, sometimes right at the edge of steep cliffs, i came to a closed gate in the direction i wanted to go.  i decided to spend the night there and head back in the morning.  it was really cold this morning, in the 20's.  previously having thought i would only have 30 more miles to the highway from where i woke up, i had to back track hours out of the way to get on the route to my next destination.  i found cattle walking up a steep hill on my way out.  close to the entrance i found the arch i hadn't seen in the pitch dark night.

after making it out, i drove through the neighboring kodachrome state park, which was quite beautiful.. i found a huge rock formation that i parked my truck next to for a photo.  i decided to stop at bryce canyon to have another look as it was now on the way back.  after, i drove through the same road i had the day before, and ended up seeing one section three times as i had passed through that area both on my way in and out of the grand canyon.  had i known i couldn't make it through grand staircase-escalante, i probably would've changed the order of my itinerary or where i was going, though the experience was all part of the adventure and it was nice to get to see what i did.  in arizona, i had a quick look at glen canyon dam and i was pleasantly surprised with a really nice view and drive going down echo cliffs via antelope pass.  i made it to the south rim of the grand canyon in the afternoon with enough time to explore a little bit before the sun went down.  i found a spot at an overlook where i could photograph the stars over the canyon.  i remember waiting a little bit to pop the top as other cars were still in the parking lot, though finally did after a while and think others also spent the night there.
four years ago today [2012.11.04]

i woke up in the mojave desert this morning.  i had backed into a small area i had seen off the side of the road the night before.  after a little bumpiness getting out, i went further into the desert to explore.  i saw joshua trees and shot a 360 degree rotating video clip like i had experimented with the day before.

i then continued along past the mojave and entered nevada.  i was on my way out of california.  this was day 60 of my journey of life on the road, and i had spent the past 3.5 weeks exploring california.  at some point i decided i was going back to florida.  i'd been wanting to find some land and it was expensive in california.  and the truck camper was feeling too small for full time living.. i think it would've been a big help if i had a better shower that i didn't have to set up each time i used it and wasn't carrying as much gear with me.  i also wanted to be part of a community again and knew people back in florida, including an old friend in need of help.

i had planned out a path zig-zagging my way through all the remaining contiguous states west of the mississippi that i hadn't yet taken my truck camper to.  i had to make it quickly as i was going to be flying to chicago to help my friend with his business after i got home.. at some point on my journey home he ended up pushing back the date as he was moving.  had i known ahead of time, i would've taken a little longer to travel back east.. like the journey west, i did find myself rushing to make it across the country.  some days i drove pretty much all day.

in nevada, i drove down part of the las vegas strip and i think i stopped for a sub after.  i then headed to zion national park.  i'd never been to utah and was excited to check it out.  i briefly passed through arizona on the way there though would be back the next day to explore it.  i made it to zion in the afternoon and explored during the little daylight that remained.  it was really beautiful and definitely one of the places i could've stayed longer.  i found a spot where i had a great view of the stars over one of the rock formations towering above where i was in the canyon below.
four years ago today [2012.11.01]

in the morning i headed to the southwesternmost point of the contiguous united states at international park.  this border park was quite different than the one i'd seen earlier at the canadian border.. there were two large fences that ran along the border and it was very desolate and being actively patrolled.  my family (whom watches the news and lives in fear) had told me about americans being be-headed in tijuana shortly before i was in southern california.. i think this led me to have the thought of what if someone would be shooting across the border from one of the buildings right there.  i was a little worried and afraid as i walked the long road from the parking lot outside the park toward the beach.. it seemed to be a really long walk when i was on the part of the road that was a straight shot south to the border for half a mile.  at some point, after nothing happening, i was totally fine and wasn't worried about anything happening to me, despite being right by the border for a while.  it's funny how one little thought in the mind can make you feel like that, and how social conditioning and negative influences affect so many people without them even realizing it.  as we continue to embrace and let go of our own programming, we discover true freedom and a sense of who we really are.

on the way to the border park, i had stopped to look at a shop that built a specialty camper roof for a couple suv's.  i'd never seen one in person and wanted to check out what it was like.. i had written ahead of time though most of them weren't there and they didn't have a completed one that day so i could only see a bit of their building process.  after going to the border park, i headed north to san diego along coronado island where i stopped for a little bit.  i took the bridge into san diego and explored a garden near the zoo where i saw lots of unique desert plants.  i then went to a park by the marina where i saw the sun set before meeting a friend who lived nearby for dinner.. it was nice to chat and catch up.  after dinner, i drove a while up to a campground close to (or part of) the los angeles metro area.
four years ago today [2012.10.29]

i was on my way back to the coast this day.  i went up to santa cruz and checked out the little beach area for a bit.  it was nice to explore the coastal towns.. like in oregon, i felt i could just stay along the coast exploring for a while.  i made my way south on california route 1 to pacific grove to meet with brooks, the former owner of the online kite aerial photography shop.  i was purchasing one of his kits and had asked if i could meet him to pick it up as i didn't have a way to get mail on the road.  he was really nice.. we chatted briefly when i met him and he told me about point lobos and a place nearby where i could see the monarch butterflies.  i hadn't known about either.. i doubt i would've found the butterfly sanctuary without him telling me and may not have stopped at the green spot on the map where point lobos was had he not suggested it.

i went right over to the sanctuary afterwards, and then headed over to check out monterey.  i had heard it was nice and pacific grove was right next door to it.  the whole area was quite beautiful, with a coastal feel.  thinking about that, i was just looking at the map and it looks like i drove right by asilomar, where wayne dyer's movie the shift was filmed, and didn't even know it.. i probably was following directions or looking at the map and totally missed it.  i remember wayne dyer sharing the miracle of the monarch butterfly in one of his programs.. it was neat to get to see them in person.

from monterey, i drove along the coast back towards pacific grove to create a time-lapse of it as it was a beautiful drive.  it was very wet from the dense fog there.  i made my way over to carmel-by-the-sea, a quaint little town full of shops.  i went by the beach for a few minutes then found a spot to park in town.  as it was getting dark, i briefly walked around the area with the shops and then spent the night in my camper.  to stay discrete, i didn't pop up the top and kept quiet.  in places like this, especially as the days got shorter, i kept thinking how i'd blend in better and be less likely disturbed in a plain van.. luckily, no one bothered me in the camper.
when one learns to fully surrender into the present moment, one realizes there is a divine perfection beneath all of the chaos.  from this place, a deep sense of gratitude for being alive to experience it all may arise.

[it seems that the more one (or humanity as a whole) chooses to constantly be living from the mind (and its need to constantly be doing something), the stronger the divine call to relax, just be, and live from the heart becomes.  take this time, right now, to stop any activity (or distractions) and to simply be still & fully embrace anything you are feeling in this very moment.]

#relax #meditate #calm #peace #now #nature #sky #clouds #sunset #trees #lookingup
the most important thing anyone can do right now is to step out of any fear and panic, and step into a place of peace and calm.  meditation or a quiet walk in nature can be quite healing.  if there are any strong emotional feelings arising, learn to love them, embrace them, and let go of any resistance towards them (as you quietly sit with them and feel them), so that they may be fully experienced and permanently dissolved.  when you are able to return to a natural state of silence and peace, spend some time to sit quietly and envision the beautiful new world you want to see.  do this regularly, at least once a day.  give much more attention, energy, and time to imagining and feeling what you want to see unfold in the world, rather than constantly looking for media updates of (the often negative news of) what's happening.

#feeling #healing #meditation #silence #peace #calm #love #embrace #nature #walk #sunset #clouds #sky #dusk #lookingup
remember, the outer world is a reflection of what's happening inside.  the more of us that dive deep within and face and feel the fears or emotions we've been resisting, the sooner we'll see a change of what's being projected onto the movie screen of reality.  if we don't like what's playing, all we need to do is change the channel by shifting how we're feeling internally, in consciousness.

while we still ought to stay somewhat aware of the world around us, the more energy or attention we continue to give any given thing or circumstance we're seeing, the more of it will continue to show up.  instead of feeding something we may not want, take that time to sit quietly, meditate, and deeply feel what's going on within.  fully embrace whatever feelings or emotions may arise, even if they're ones you may not want. [by doing so, you are loving and accepting all aspects yourself (and the world) as they are.  it is only through this unconditional love that we can truly grow.]

by letting go of the resistance and completely surrendering into whatever it is you're feeling, you'll allow yourself to fully experience it within.  upon doing so, you will be free of it, and through its release it will cease projection onto the outer world.  this inner healing work can be quite miraculously, both individually and for the collective consciousness of humanity.  as enough of us continue to awaken and heal, we'll see big miracles and shifts in our life experience here on earth.

#writing #feeling #healing #growth #awakening #consciousness #reflection #world #clouds #sky #lookingup #nature #earth #love
#yesterday #beach #water #aerial #sand #island #nature #afternoon #goldenhour #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #aerialphotography #dronephotography #aerialvideo #dronevideo #lookingdown #fromabove #birdseyeview .. a few quick previews of video clips i shot yesterday at #clearwaterbeach #florida. these were trimmed with filters applied in the dji fly app (which works better than doing so in the instagram app). no tone adjustments or anything else was done to the low resolution videos (these were the backup copies that the app saves over wifi during the flight, rather than downloading the big original files from the sd card), other than speeding up 2 or 3 of them by 1.5x or 2x so they could fit within the 60 second instagram limit. i may stop posting to instagram as facebook is deprecating the old api that allowed me to automatically download all my posts to my website. i may have a workaround, though if it doesn’t work, look for new content on my website instead of here.
#nature #aerial #landscape #earth #fromabove #lookingdown #water #canal #park #oldsmar #trail #goldenhour #light #flying #mavicmini #rc #quadcopter #drone #windy #breeze #aerialphotography #aerialvideo #dronephotography #dronevideo #birdseyeview .. these shots were done quickly, with no practice (other than redoing the first one (as i ended up in it at the end), and restarting the second shot as it wasn’t lined up as nicely as i wanted). there was no editing other than trimming the clips down to a minute long each and picking the slumber filter in the instagram app.  the video clips aren’t perfect though i kept them all at a minute long, and the quality could be better (as these were just the low resolution files that were saved onto the phone during the flight, rather than the original high resolution files that are saved to the memory card. downloading those to the phone would’ve taken a long time (and i think my fingers were a bit cold from the cooler temperature and the strong breeze) and it would’ve wasted battery power on the #dji #mavic #mini, the remote control, and the iphone.. and instagram compresses videos to a very tiny size, losing most of the original quality anyhow). it was pretty windy the whole time, until shortly after i landed (it was interesting as i think just a couple minutes after landing the sun dipped behind the trees across the way and the wind pretty much stopped there). looking at these low res preview files on the phone, the shots look nice and smooth (other than the minor corrections i had to make when it wasn’t flying perfectly lined up with the landscape), despite the wind (and getting strong wind warnings at low altitudes). its funny these ideas just came to me when i got there and started flying.. i recall envisioning these types of shots a long time ago, and had forgotten about them until now.  in the future i’ll post much higher resolution versions on my website (via youtube).. not sure yet if i’ll post the individual trimmed clips similar to each of these, or if i’ll make it all as part of a longer video (which i’ll likely do anyhow, regardless of whether i post the individual shots).
another minute clip from the same flight on this cloudy day, also unedited.

#flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #aerial #fromabove #lookingdown #water #lake #nature #cloudy #overcast
#sunset #nature #lake #water #trees #fromabove #dock #boat
#nature #sunset #lake #clouds #water #dusk #park #sky
we must collectively do what we can to preserve nature and protect the planet. places like this won’t exist if the sea levels rise.

this past monday [2020.02.10] .. #nature #island #park #water #gulf #earth #fromabove #florida #natural #beauty #sand #beach #clouds #trees #landscape #aerial
i ended up #flying my #dji #mavicmini here, as i wasn’t seeing good parking close to where i originally wanted to fly (and i still have the max distance set to the default limit, which is under 1600 ft, so i couldn’t make it all the way to where i wanted the #mavic #mini to be.. and i didn’t want to extend this limit as the battery on the #rc was almost empty). i’ll have to go back there another time when the water isn’t overexposed from backlighting. the #desaturated look could be better (i’m only quickly editing these in the #instagram app on my small phone screen). #flying #quadcopter #drone #aerial #nature #fromabove #park #water #gulf #landscape
#clouds #sky #nature #lookingup
i went on a drive south today in my #electriccar. by adding some energy at free public chargers, the whole trip of 182.1 miles cost me less than what a single gallon of gas would cost (and had i paid at home for all the electricity needed to go that far it still would’ve only cost about the same as 2 gallons of gas). #driving #bridge #bay #road #overcast #cloudy #water #electricvehicle #bev #ev
#sunset #bridge #intracoastal #water #boats #fromabove #palmtrees #buildings #reflection #intracoastalwaterway #clearwaterbeach #florida #gulf .. shot with #vintage #canonfd #70-150mm #telephoto #lens on #sony #nex5n camera (with hazy skylight filter and dirty sensor) from #clearwater #library #rooftop. the camera was giving an error and the shutter seemed to be staying open too long & overexposing images, so i had to guess exposure and turn it off and back on between every shot.. although these aren’t what i was originally thinking, i’m gratefully i was still able to get usable images with a nice feel.
#stars #night #longexposure #trees #suburban #nature #lookingup .. shot on #sony #a5000 camera with #rokinon #12mm #wideangle #lens #rokinon12mm .. quickly edited in #instagram app
#nature #preserve #water #bay #bayou #mangroves #marsh #land #lookingdown #fromabove #birdseyeview .. #flying #dji #mavic #mini on #overcast day. #mavicmini #aerialphotography #aerial #florida
i’ve always been drawn to quiet, natural, and wide-open areas of #land.  i look forward to when i live in a quiet natural area, and am glad to have rural areas and nature preserves so close by in the meantime.  a drive to or through the country is a good break when living in dense urban or suburban areas.

i was originally going to go somewhere else instead of here, then spontaneously decided to head toward the nearby country area as i wasn't quite feeling the other spot i was thinking of going to.  i actually stopped somewhere else before this preserve, but i saw a few other cars there and preferred to get shots of the empty landscape without anyone walking on the paths (and wanted to be able to concentrate undisturbed while flying with some wind). when i first got to the big grass field for parking here, there were lots of bugs and i started to leave to go fly somewhere else, though am glad i decided to stop alongside the entrance road (and it was bug-free) so i could get these images.  as it was a little breezy i only took the mavic mini on a short flight not higher than 200 ft altitude.  if one looks closely at the shot facing south one can see the tampa skyline on the horizon ~17 miles away.

#nature #preserve #agricultural #farm #rural #country #landscape #trees #flying #dji #mavic #mini #aerialphotography #fromabove #lookingdown #mavicmini #aerial #florida #winter
remember, whenever any unpleasant feeling arises, simply choose to be with it long enough, and "this too shall pass”. [there is always a peaceful bliss on the other side, after we fully feel through whatever is there without resistance] #feeling #healing #beach #nature #walk #clouds #city #bay #palmtrees #park #water #sand #afternoon .. shot on #iphone, edited in #instagram app. #iphonese #hdr
a simple shift of perspective is all we need to see the bigger picture.

#nature #preserve #trees #water #canal #flying #lookingdown #aerial #fromabove .. all images #uncropped, shot right at mid-day in harsh light with #dji #mavic #mini #quadcopter #drone #aerialphotography #mavicmini
#flying #dji #mavic #mini in harsh light in the middle of a #winter day in #florida. looks one can get good images, even just quickly editing on the instagram ios app (some of these shots may be lacking vibrancy.. i discovered a bug in the #instagram app later in the evening when posting images i had shot at sunset, where it was losing the lux setting). #mavicmini #quadcopter #drone #aerial #fromabove #lookingdown #aerialphotography #nature #road #golfcourse #houses #trees
often we just need to move forward through whatever resistance we may have, however it shows up in our lives.  upon doing so we can realize new, greater perspectives in life.  how and where we're looking from make all the difference.

images from first test flight with #dji #mavic #mini #quadcopter #drone (not really composed, just what i happened to get with timed interval photo mode as i was trying out the controls and fly app).

#aerial #nature #fromabove #sunset #flying #trees #road #water #goldenhour #mavicmini
one must learn to #perceive the #light beyond what the human eye can see.  there's much more to life than the senses can tell us.  #quiet #walk #woods #nature #preserve #trees #pinetrees #florida .. shot with #vintage #pentax-110 lens on #infrared converted #sony #a5100 camera.  #ir #bw #blackandwhite #monochrome #grayscale
#nature #sunset #water #gulf #sand #beach #dusk #park #goldenhour
#sunset #dusk #nature #sky #littleplanet #tinyplanet #littleworld #360 #360x180 #stereographic #projection #stereographicprojection #fromabove #lookingdown #lookingup #elevatedphotography #poleaerialphotography #talltripod #hdr #dunedin #causeway #florida #intracoastal #water #palmtrees #sand #clouds #sun #moon
on april 6 this year i purchased my first electric vehicle, a 2016 Fiat 500e.  previously leased with very low mileage, it had a hint of new car smell to it.  it's fully electric with a smaller battery, making it a low range EV, though, by driving efficiently, one can get significantly more range between charges than the EPA rating.

in the first month of owning it, i drove a total of 1523.7 miles, averaging 5.7 mi/kWh.  at the nationwide average cost per kWh, that’s just over 2 cents per mile. even if the trip computer is optimistic and there are efficiency losses when charging the battery, it’s still under 3 cents per mile.  i did drive slowly + conservatively (and with windows down rather than air conditioning) in order to maximize efficiency to be able to go far without draining the battery too low, though even driving a bit faster or with A/C, the cost will still be far less than what it’d cost with a gas car.

with electricity being so inexpensive it opens one up to be able to explore more (and without any emissions that an internal combustion engine vehicle would have). if i would've driven all those same miles in the van i had, it would have cost me $200 more for the gas than the electricity costs.  saving a couple hundred dollars a month surely adds up.. looking at this number alone, the car will pay for itself in less than 5 years and will effectively be free. (some electric vehicles can be purchased used at a much lower price than new)

besides the financial savings, electric cars perform much better, are much quieter, have practically no maintenance, and have much less of an environmental impact than a car that burns gas or diesel.  we’re just starting the global transition to electric vehicles.. it’s exciting to be driving the future.

if you're in need of a car, i would strongly encourage you to get an electric vehicle.  besides helping prevent climate change, you'll have a much better driving experience.  some new models have bigger battery packs that can go as far as gas cars and can charge very quickly.  even with a higher initial price, a new electric car will cost less to own than a gasoline car with the savings in maintenance and gas.

#fiat #500e #fiat500e #electric #car #EV #BEV #driveelectric #electriccar #electricvehicle #drive #electricvehicles #nogas #cars #zeroemissions #travel #journey #road #nature #park #trees

all images shot on an #iphone6 with the basic #iphone camera app, and the jpeg files were edited in an old copy of #lightroom that was released 6 years ago.. there's often no need to have the latest photo technology or gear if you know how to work with what you do have.
[2017.10.31] round and round and round we go...


collectively we have the choice to end the seemingly endless cycle of conflict, competition, greed, violence, blame, control, and any other game the ego/mind plays.  the more of us that awaken, transform, and experience the flowering of the heart, the sooner we'll see a beautiful new world unfold before us.

#nature #park #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlife #campervan #ford #transit #van #fordtransit #tinyhome #homeonwheels #trees #journey #360x180 #littleplanet #fisheye #360degree #littleworld #tinyplanet #grass #field #preserve #driving #round #circle #exploration #awakening #inspiration #transformation #growth
got up before daybreak last sunday to head into the city [2017.08.20]

#city #urban #sunrise #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlife #campervan #ford #transit #van #fordtransit #tinyhome #lifeontheroad #homeonwheels #travel #journey #roadtrip #360x180 #stereographicprojection #littleplanet #fisheye #lookingup #lookingdown #360degree #littleworld #tinyplanet #poleaerialphotography #elevatedphotography #mastphotography #aerial #fromabove
some shots on the journey from florida to chicagoland [2017.07.12 - 2017.07.20]

on the first day of the drive north, i took a detour toward orlando to check out some tiny homes and meet a friend whom i hadn't seen in years. it was nice to see her, meet her husband, and feel inspired to go back to the avatar course in the future. after chatting for a bit, i left to make my way toward my cousin's place just outside atlanta, sleeping in a parking lot between a hotel and restaurant on the way up as it was late and i was getting tired. it was good to take the break, as in the morning i got to see the rolling hill landscape that i would've missed driving at night. atlanta had good food and a nice feel to the city (and neighboring towns/burbs) with winding roads, hills, and many trees that were much more pleasant than a typical city grid.

after spending a few days with my cousin, i visited a friend near chattanooga and met her family. we walked the long pedestrian bridge over the river and checked out part of the city, which also had a nice feel to it. i then stopped by the isha center in tennessee on my way toward chicagoland. when i arrived, i was a little surprised when the girl at the welcome center told me i could go to the meditation/ceremony that was starting soon (i thought i had missed it as i forgot i crossed into the central time zone on the way there.. my phone wasn't getting service most of the whole trip so still showed eastern time). the dinner hall was nice as everyone ate in silence. afterward, i sat by a small garden area and enjoyed the peacefulness of the grounds.

the next day, i discovered a wilderness preserve on my way toward kentucky and explored there for a bit. i also explored around the land between the lakes national recreation area. i was thinking of staying there overnight though i couldn't find the spot i had discovered a few years earlier, and there was still plenty of daylight left, so i headed toward garden of the gods in southern illinois. i was going to stay there, though i was feeling pretty sweaty as it was a hot day and i had been driving with the windows open the whole day. not having plumbing installed yet, i walked a little bit of the trail, took a few photos, had a snack, and decided to drive the rest of the way to my friend's place so i could shower before going to sleep. i also figured there'd be no traffic driving the small country roads up the state at night. by the time i went to sleep, the early morning light of the next day was beginning to show and i had been up for almost 24 hours straight without a nap.

the van build isn't fully complete yet, so the journey was shorter and with less stops along the way than it would've been, though i still decided to take back roads the whole way. i more than doubled the number of miles on the van on the trip up. the trip meter for the drive up read 1547.5 miles with a little over 35.5 hours of driving. per the meter, i averaged 19.7 mpg the whole trip, and i saw right around 22 mpg for the last tank (and when i had cruise control at 57 mph) which i was pretty happy with (though i'll have to determine how accurate the trip meter calculation is).

more than once during the trip i had just enough gas to make it to the next town that had a gas station. luckily that last night something told me to call the gas station on my way there (and i actually had a signal to do so).. they ended up leaving the pumps on a few extra minutes for me to get there as they were about to close. i ended up going a couple miles past the 0 miles range left indicator too. if i hadn't called, i would have had to sleep at the gas station all night until it opened the next morning or risk attempting to drive to the next one miles away without knowing if i had enough fuel to make it. sometimes navigation was a bit tricky without a phone signal to download the map data, though besides not finding the one spot in the recreation area (which i didn't remember exactly where it was anyhow), i managed to make my way pretty much on course until i got enough of a signal to find towns that had gas stations. luckily i usually didn't have to go too long without a signal before i got one where i could start the turn by turn directions (which downloaded all the data needed for my route to the next stop, so it'd continue to work even when i lost a signal). it was also nice that the google maps app was able to provide navigation solely via local roads.
four years ago today [2012.11.15]

i woke up at a rest area in mississippi, less than 15 miles from the alabama border.  i headed east and stopped when i got to the florida welcome center.  i was going to be meeting a friend who lived in pensacola though was early so i waited a little while at the rest area.  a while back, another friend had told me they serve orange juice at the welcome center.. i may have gone in to see if they had any though i don't remember.  after meeting my friend for brunch at a local restaurant, i headed over to pensacola beach and the gulf islands national seashore.  it was really beautiful to explore the beach on the seashore.  after experiencing so much cold weather out west, i really appreciated the warm florida sunshine.  the water and bright sand was really nice, though it was a bit loud from the naval planes flying overhead.. they flew in formation like i'd seen them do at air shows.

i headed east from the national seashore to check out a really big monolithic dome home.  i had just discovered these domes for the first time a couple days earlier in texas when i spontaneously decided to check them out, and there happened to be one on my way home in florida.  this home survived hurricane ivan in 2004 while the adjoining houses on the beach were destroyed.  after seeing the dome, i was going to take the road on the island to the next exit or all the way to the next town if possible, though it was closed so i had to head back to the peninsula.  i made my way back and then headed east along the coast, taking u.s. highway 98 or the smaller local roads when they existed.  i passed through seaside as it was getting dark.. it would've been nice to stay there though there may have been signs with parking rules or i didn't want to draw attention to the camper.  i drove for almost two more hours and spent the night in a parking lot near the mouth of st joseph bay.  i still had a day's worth of driving ahead of me before i'd get home, though was glad to be back in florida.  my truck drank much less gas driving on the flat land compared to the mountainous terrain out west, and i enjoyed the beauty of the warm sun and gulf coast beaches.
four years ago today [2012.11.12]

i woke up on the side of the road in oklahoma.  it'd be another long day of driving.. i was going to meet friends and family who lived in austin.  driving south of dallas, i noticed a lot of domes on the other side of the interstate.  i thought of stopping to check them out but didn't decide quickly enough to take the exit that was right there.  still wanting to have a look, i got off at the next exit, less than two miles up the road.  i'd been thinking of building a geodesic dome or other unique or earth-friendly home, and it was awesome to see these monolithic domes right off the interstate.  i explored one of the little cabins they had and then went to the visitor center.  a girl there took me on a tour of one of the homes.. it had been built a while back and had older styling inside, though was great to learn how resilient the domes were (with a lifespan that was measured in centuries). and it was funny to see them as i was going to be meeting someone else the next day to look at concrete earth-sheltered homes he built.  the girl who gave me the tour had a really interesting energy.  it felt quite alien, unlike anyone else i'd met.. i'm not sure if it was a texan vibe.. it seemed to be more of something in her level of awareness.

i headed south and stopped for a short break at a rest stop before meeting a couple friends who had moved to austin.  it'd been a while since i'd seen them, and i didn't realize they had broken up when i had written a message to both of them together.  they were still friends so it was okay, and the way their schedules worked out, most of the time only one of them was at the restaurant at a time.  it was great to see them and catch up.  we had some great conversations, especially with one of my friends whom i connected with about consciousness, spirituality, and higher awareness.  it felt great to open up and connect with someone i had known before my spiritual journey who understood and got what i was talking about.  after leaving, i contacted my uncle and aunt who lived nearby.. they were still awake so i went over to their place and we chatted for a bit before getting to sleep.
four years ago today [2012.11.09]

after waking up in a parking lot, i got on the interstate and headed towards taos.  i was excited to go check out the earthships there.  i had first seen one in a book a number of years ago, shortly after i had moved to chicago i believe.  i had a bit of a drive ahead of me as i was still west of albuquerque.

i stopped at the rio grande gorge bridge just a little west of the earthship visitor center.  there was a nice, unique feeling in the air.. perhaps it was due to being a pretty high elevation, near 7000 ft above sea level, or it was just the energy of the surrounding land.  i went to the earthship visitor center and explored for a little while.  the girl there was nice and offered to show me one of the smaller simple survival models had i been staying around, though i had to get on the road.  had i known i didn't have to go up to chicago until later, i would've been able to take my time on the journey back to florida.  it would've been nice to check out the other earthship and connect with the girl who worked there.  this is another time on the trip where needing to stick to a rigid plan prevented me from being spontaneous and making a new friend.

after leaving, i headed north and saw a couple of rainbows to the east before crossing the colorado border.  i was on my way over to the great sand dunes national park and preserve.. i never knew there were sand dunes in colorado until i found it on the map when i was looking for places to explore in the state.  there was an interesting, unique feeling to colorado.  perhaps it was the high elevation and the low angle of the sun.. i recall the light appearing quite unlike anything else i had seen (perhaps it was that it'd been a long time since i'd been up north in the winter, and this rapid change in light over just a couple days appeared more drastic).

i got to the park where i explored a little bit, got some photos of the dunes and clouds, and saw another rainbow as i was leaving.  i was going to meet a friend who was living in the middle of the state though he ended up being unavailable, so i headed east to continue the journey to florida.
four years ago today [2012.11.06]

i woke up at the edge of the grand canyon before dawn.  i headed over to another nearby overlook to photograph the sun's rays lighting the canyon as it rose.  i then went over to point imperial where i discovered a beautiful view of the canyon.  it was filled with fog or smoke from recent fires, and the formations in the canyon seemed to go far off into the distance.  before leaving, i went to bright angel point, and found the whole canyon there filled with thick smoke from the fires.  i had to wait a little bit to leave the park as the rangers made sure the road out was clear.

on my way to bryce canyon, i headed back to utah and stopped at some rock formations i saw at the side of the road in the dixie national forest.  it was nice to find beautiful red rocks on my way to the national park.  the landscape of the west was so nice to drive through.. each little bit was unique in its own way.  i made it to bryce canyon in the afternoon and quickly explored all the overlooks before the end of the day.  there were lots of tourists at some of the spots.. i had seen professional photos of bryce canyon a long time ago and always thought the shots were taken somewhere remote or after a hike, and discovered most of the overlooks were very close to the parking lot with the spectacular views right there.  the light was really brilliant and soft after the sun went down.. the colors in the sky and canyon below were magnificent.

i remember thinking of photographing the stars at bryce canyon though i didn't think i would be able to get the angle or shot i wanted from where i would've been able to set up the camera on top of the camper.  i know i could've set up a shorter shot without plugging the camera into the camper, though it was getting pretty cold even at sunset, and i don't think i had a jacket or coat with me on the trip.  i headed over to grand staircase-escalante national monument instead.  it was a dark, bumpy, long, and winding dirt road, sometimes right at the edge of cliffs.  early in i encountered water on the road and almost wondered if i should keep going as i’d seen a warning about flooding at the entrance.
four years ago today [2012.11.03]

i woke up in palm desert at the campground by the interstate, and continued to explore the desert.  i took a short drive over to joshua tree national park where i spent most of the day.

on one of the roads i noticed an interesting little desert plant with bright yellow arms, the cholla cactus.  i wanted to get a photo or video clip of one.. i missed a couple of them i had seen while driving though didn't turn back, hoping i'd still see more.  not too much further up the road i discovered a spot with hundreds of them all around.  i set up my tall tripod / light stand with my camera and spun it around for a degree video clip of the whole area.  after doing so, i went back to the camper and grabbed the motor i had for 360x180 photos and put the camera on that to get a much smoother video clip.  i went through a few iterations of experimentation and finally ended up with the camera rotating on the motor all the way at the maximum height of the stand with the extension pole on there, 25 feet in the air.  it took an hour to do all the variations of the technique i tried, including a few still shots.  i hadn't really done too much experimentation during the trip.. i'd been so busy shooting video clips and time-lapses for these films that i barely took still photos, 360x180 degree little planet photos, or anything else.  it was good to get to play a little bit with the techniques.

afterwards, i continued driving further into the park and saw the joshua trees.  i explored both of the main roads in the park and left shortly before the sun set.  i then made my way up toward mojave national preserve and got there after it was dark.  i found a spot where it looked like there was an opening or narrow path, and backed the truck into there to spend the night.
four years ago today [2012.10.31]

i woke up at a campground in the mountains near santa barbara.. it was a winding drive down a dark road the night before.  when i got up i saw there was a horse ranch on the grounds and a different feel to it than the other campgrounds i'd been to.  i made my way back to the coast and headed south on california route 1.  when i got to santa monica, i headed inland toward i-5.  i stopped for a few minutes at a park on a palm tree lined street in beverly hills.. one tree at the park appeared exotic with purple leaves.  i then made my way out of the metro area, and headed south to encinitas to meet richard rudis whom i had purchased a small tibetan singing bowl from.  i had difficulty getting it to sing and met him to exchange it since i was passing through the area.  they were able to play it right away when i arrived and he showed me a lot of other sound healing instruments he had.  i was most interested in a gong and ended up getting that.  i was a little concerned about it making the long trip with me when i'd be on bumpy dirt roads though it was totally fine.  if you’ve never been to one of his gong baths, they’re definitely worth checking out.. i went the following summer to one and it was very powerful.  after i left, i went to a campground not far from the mexican border.  following the gps on the way there, i actually past a u.s. border patrol station before getting to a road that didn't exist and having to turn around.  it was strange that the station was so far inland.. the guy there was nice when i told him i just passed by and was looking for the campground.  he pointed me to the next road that went right there.
stop, be still, and feel what is happening within.  surrender, go deep enough, and beneath any struggles you will discover the infinite source of peace, bliss, and love.

#nature #feeling #healing #earth #peace #sunset #dusk #tree #park #lake
relax, be still, and discover the beautiful inner peace within.

#sunset #nature #park #clouds #sky #water #lake #relax #meditate #heal #peace
remember, especially in times of fear and chaos, that our perception makes all the difference, and our emotions can greatly alter what we see. if you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, uncertain, worried, or anything else, take some time to sit with whatever you’re feeling. it may be difficult at first, though once you let go of any resistance, you’ll begin to work through it, and that uneasy feeling will soon dissolve. meditating, embracing whatever you’re feeling, or a quiet walk in nature can help you return to a place of calm and peace. from there, you can clearly see and know all will be okay.

#nature #walk #sunset #dusk #clouds #water #sky #reflection #meditate #calm #peace
sometimes the best things in life are the simplest.  relax, and allow yourself to take it all in.

#sunset #yesterday [2020.03.09] #bikeride #park #lake #water #clouds #nature #beauty #florida #dusk #sky #reflection .. #rokinon12mm #wideangle #lens on #sony #a5000 #mirrorless camera
#nature #aerial #lookingdown #fromabove #water #mangroves #bayou #park #preserve #blackandwhite #bw #flying #mavicmini #birdseyeview #afternoon #goldenhour
today i flew my mavic mini for the first time to intentionally shoot video. here’s one of the clips, unedited (and shot on auto-exposure, without exposure lock).

#flying #dji #mavic #mini #aerial #lookingdown #fromabove #water #lake #nature #windy #nofilter #mavicmini
#nature #park #lake #aerial #trees #dock #fromabove #goldenhour
it was very cloudy this afternoon, and i almost didn’t go here this evening, though i knew there’d be a chance we’d have a spectacular sunset (as well as a chance of having no sunset if the clouds stayed thick). gratefully i decided to go, as those of us on the roof of the clearwater library were blessed with a beautiful sky, a great view, and a slight breeze. i overheard someone whose been there every week saying it was the best sunset of the season.

#sunset #clouds #sky #nature #intracoastal #water #dusk #rooftop #terrace #fromabove #bridge #skyline
this past monday [2020.02.10] .. #nature #water #island #preserve #sand #gulf #earth #fromabove #aerial #flying #birdseyeview #natural #florida #beauty #clouds #beach #key
i was unexpectedly greeted by a spectacular sky after the sun went down as i waited for my #electriccar to charge. #sunset #sky #nature #clouds #vibrant #colors #dusk #lookingup #powerlines #lights
#nature #fromabove #trees #park #trail #goldenhour #light #canal #water #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #lookingdown #aerialphotography #mavicmini #aerial #dronephotography .. in the sixth photo you can see the tampa skyline 15.5 miles away on the horizon
often the most beautiful moments in life are the simplest, like sitting with a few friends by the water as the sun goes down

#nature #sunset #sky #clouds #intracoastal #water #sand #dunedin #causeway #florida
with such an overcast sky and a little bit of drizzle, i didn’t expect to get too much when heading over to the park, though was blessed with a little bit of nice light and some color in the sky, and a nice quiet feel by the lake in the park. #nature #park #overcast #sky #cloudy #sunset #water #reflection #plants #trees #lake .. raw images shot on #iphonese and edited in #snapseed #ios app. #iphone
it’s amazing what one can discover with good light, a higher perspective, and the beauty of nature.

after reviewing shots from my last flight on the beach and walking back towards my car, i saw the sun beginning to break through the clouds and had a feeling it’d be worth sticking around the area for another flight. i drove up the road to a public access spot that was taken by another car when i first got to the beach and saw they were gone. i parked and walked to the water to have a look, and the islands were dark at the time. i decided to go back to the car and get the mavic mini to see what i could capture. shortly after taking off and flying toward the closest island, the sunlight broke through the clouds and i got these magical images. after some days with bad light or too much wind, i was blessed with being at the right spot to get perfect golden hour light. it’s beautiful when the divine plan unfolds quite brilliantly (and unexpectedly).

#nature #goldenhour #magical #light #natural #beauty #island #intracoastal #water #clouds #lookingdown #fromabove #aerial #mangroves #houses #sunset #clearwater #beach #florida #clearwaterbeach #flying #dji #mavic #mini #quadcopter #drone #mavicmini #dronephotography #aerialphotography #landscape
#sunset #clouds #sky #nature #lake #water #trees #park #fromabove #flying #dji #mavic #mini #quadcopter #drone #aerialphotography #mavicmini #aerial
#clouds #nature #sky #trees #lookingup #walk
#sunset #causeway #beach #intracoastal #water #dunedin #florida #littleplanet #stereographicprojection #tinyplanet #littleworld #clouds #sky #dusk #palmtrees #nature #cars #poleaerialphotography #talltripod #lookingdown #fromabove #lookingup #hdr #360x180 .. shot on #ricoh #thetas #360 camera, edited in #rollworld and #instagram apps
#sunset #sky #clouds #nature #trees #lookingup #dusk .. shot with #rokinon #12mm #wideangle lens on #sony #a5100 camera. images are low res versions (that the camera wifi only seems to transfer to the phone). #rokinon12mm
#sunset #sky #clouds #nature. part of a timelapse. #dji #mavic #mini hovering in air. #mavicmini
looking up at the sky we are all connected, regardless of where we are. #nature #sky #outdoors #clouds #lookingup #earth
#rooftop #terrace #sunset #overlook #view #fromabove #water #sky #clouds #dusk #bridge #boats #park #harbor #marina #buildings #skyline #trees #roof .. shot with #vintage #pentax-110 lens on 7.5+ year old #sony #nex5n camera [sometimes you don’t need the latest gear to create nice images.. and the qualities of an old lens give a nice feel to the photos]
explored this park while waiting for my #electriccar to charge. this was one of the nicest #electricvehicle chargers i’ve been to, right in the #park, next to the #lake. #goldenhour #tree #trees #sunset #light #sky #clouds #grass #nature #dock #water #walk #florida #winter #windy #breeze .. all images shot on #iphone and edited in #snapseed #ios app, most either #hdr or #raw. #shotoniphone #iphonese
often all we need to do to feel better and become more present is go on a short #walk in (or by) #nature.  #goldenhour #trees

i’m selling my Ford Transit with Premium Van Package, many/most options, and lightweight Camper Conversion build. to see a full tour video and read lots of details on why i custom ordered + chose this van (after having a truck camper), visit:




please share with anyone who may be interested. it’s located in Florida, though i’m willing to drive it to you if you can’t come down here to get it. to purchase the van, please write me at:

see all photos, videos, and writing / details about van here: markmarano.com/what/van/

UPDATE: i sold the empty van. the whole build structure is available for sale, or i can sell parts separately like the water pump, water tank, rv-type filling hatch, sink + countertop, shelf, storage cabinet, bath tub with slats (that can hold compost toilet), curtains, hanging closet, etc. i’ve already sold the refrigerator and compost toilet.

i spent last friday night and saturday morning on the blue ridge parkway south of asheville. it was nice and clear with plenty of stars above, and besides some cars occasionally passing by, very quiet. i remembered one of the reasons i got the van and how i really enjoyed exploring. the couple long days of driving no longer mattered when i found myself in the beautiful midst of nature.
#nature #park #stars #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlife #campervan #ford #transit #van #fordtransit #tinyhome #lifeontheroad #homeonwheels #travel #journey #roadtrip #blackandwhite #infrared #ir #night #lookingdown #poleaerialphotography #elevatedphotography #mastphotography #aerial #fromabove #parkway #trees #mountains #autumn
went to the arboretum this past sunday after installing the roof vent on my van. gratefully the dark clouds not too far in the distance stayed away and it didn't rain when i had an open hole on the roof for a while.
#nature #park #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlife #campervan #ford #transit #van #fordtransit #tinyhome #lifeontheroad #homeonwheels #travel #journey #360x180 #stereographicprojection #littleplanet #fisheye #lookingup #lookingdown #360degree #littleworld #tinyplanet #poleaerialphotography #elevatedphotography #mastphotography #aerial #fromabove #sunset #miracle
... and the next adventure begins

this van will be my tiny home on wheels during my journeys, wherever they may take me

after a quick bite to eat and a little traffic, the first stop was one of my favorite local parks for some photos

special thanks to everyone at Ferman Ford in Clearwater, especially Nick and Rudy, for all the time they spent helping me as i decided what to order

thank you to @idletheorybus, @wheresmyofficenow, @exploringalternatives, @funforlouis, and many others, for sharing your stories and adventures

#nature #park #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlife #campervan #ford #transit #van #fordtransit #tinyhome #lifeontheroad #homeonwheels #goldenhour #trees
four years ago today [2012.11.14]

i woke up in the guest room at my friend's home in houston.  it was nice to have more space than the camper and to have a real shower in the morning.  and it was good to see them as i hadn't seen them much after they had moved to houston.  i headed east to continue on the drive to florida.  i drove most of the day and stopped to meet a friend for dinner who was living in lousiana.  we ate at a local place in her town.. it had a nice feel to it and we chatted for a couple hours.  it was good to see her and catch up.  afterwards, i got on the road and continued east to mississippi, where i spent the night at a rest area.

on this day, i had driven to and through all of the contiguous states in the country that were west of the mississippi river.  it had been a ten week long journey by myself, and it was really great to get to see a number of familiar faces on the way home from the west coast.  i was almost back to florida and was looking forward to taking a break from driving so much.
four years ago today [2012.11.11]

i woke up in the rain just west of the missouri border and headed in to explore a green spot on the map before heading south to the ozarks in arkansas on the not so direct route to oklahoma where i would spend the night.  i stopped briefly at a park in the green area in missouri where it was really windy before continuing along the drive.  i was surprised with steep hills in arkansas where i also encountered a lot of rain again.  south of the ozarks, i hopped on the interstate west toward oklahoma and took a road down to a couple of green spots on the map.  i found a wide area to the side of the road at one of the green spots where i decided to stop and spend the night.  just after i got settled into the camper, i saw flashing lights behind my truck.  i didn't really want to deal with being told i couldn't stay there or anything.. luckily they must've been pulling over another car as they left after a little while and didn't bother me.  this is one of the times where i would've preferred to be in a large white van as it'd be less obvious than a camper (and i wouldn't have had to go out in the wet or cold morning either), though i'm grateful for being able to sleep in so many places undisturbed on my journey.
four years ago today [2012.11.08]

i awoke overlooking the grand canyon.  i recall it being a windy night as i photographed the stars over the moonlit canyon.  as dawn broke, i explored the overlooks and saw the park in the morning light.. i hadn't had much time to see it when i arrived the afternoon before.

i then headed south a bit to sedona, and drove down the very bumpy and winding schnebly hill road.  this rock road was the worst one on my trip.. i had driven it years before in a car (that was bottoming out) and an suv.  i went back to visit as it was such a beautiful area.. though it felt different this time, and was not as exciting as my earlier times there.  i had thought of photographing the stars off the rock road, though there were signs saying no camping and it was forecast to rain, so i headed to town for a meal with cactus fries and then kept going.  i had photographed the stars there on previous trips (while sleeping uncomfortably in a car) so it wasn't too bad to skip it this trip.  i drove north on arizona state route 89a and stopped at the oak creek vista to see the views of the canyon and winding roads below.  it was pretty windy up there and rained when i was back on the road.  i got on the interstate and made my way east to new mexico.  rather than look for a spot on the side of the small road somewhere, i spent the night in a parking lot at a walmart i'd seen right off the interstate.. if this is the time i'm thinking, it was loud with the sounds of noisy diesel truck engines running all night not too far off in the distance.  in the morning, i'd make my way over to taos to check out the earthships.
four years ago today [2012.11.05]

i slept in zion canyon under the stars spinning overhead.  i explored more of the park as i hadn't had much time after arriving the afternoon before.  it was a really amazing and beautiful place.  i went on a couple of short hikes in the canyon area and saw trees with brilliant yellow, orange, and red leaves before taking the tunnel east out of the park.  past the tunnel, i was surrounded by nice rock formations on the road toward the east entrance.

i drove back to arizona to check out the north rim of the grand canyon and got there with not much daylight left.  i made it to cape royal and angel's window as the sun was going down.  when i walked out to the first overlook, i remember being struck in awe.  it was so inspiring and magnificent to be there.  it was really silent, the light was beautiful, and there was no one else there.  it was a breathtaking experience.  i took it all in quickly and ran to the next spot before the sun went down.  after i was at the first spot for a little bit, a park ranger came by to say they were closing the main road out in a little while due to the recent fires.

i remember reading one of the signs that really opened my eyes up to how enormous the canyon actually was.  i don't remember the exact numbers it said, though when i read how many miles away some of the features or other side of the canyon was and that the large rock formation that looked like it was right there was also a couple miles away, i was struck in awe just as much as i was (if not more than) by the beauty when i first got out to the angel's window overlook.  it was really amazing how i perceived the sense of scale before and after knowing how far it really was.  i knew the grand canyon was big but wasn't thinking of it when i was memorized by its beauty.  when what looked like was right there was really far away, it meant the canyon and formations were really much deeper and grander than it had first appeared from where i stood.

after it was getting dark, i drove up a little to a nearby overlook where the parking lot was right by the edge, and i set up a time-lapse shot of the stars over the canyon below.
four years ago today [2012.11.02]

i woke up at a very crowded campground this morning and got on the road heading toward the desert.  i saw countless windmills along both sides of the interstate.. it was great to see renewable energy becoming more prevalent.  i went to palm desert and ended up in the el paseo shopping district where i stopped for a little bit.  it was nice to step outside and feel the high energy of the desert heat.  the upscale shops in the desert reminded me of when i had visited scottsdale years back.  i loved the warm desert colors of all the architecture in palm desert.  i looked back at what i wrote this day and it looks like it felt really amazing being in the desert.. some of what i wrote was "even at 89 or 90 degrees i wasn’t sweating! the energy here felt really high! it’s like a celebration of the love of the sun!” i think it felt good to relax in the warmth.. i think i was finally pretty much done with the work project that had dragged on for most of the trip too.  after walking around the outdoor shops, i went over to the nearby campground i was staying at and checked in.  the campground was filled with palm trees, lined down all the rows of rv spots, though it was a bit loud being right next to the interstate.  i'd continue my desert exploration in the morning.
four years ago today [2012.10.30]

i woke up early parked on the streets of carmel-by-the-sea.. i think there was some noise at night or in the morning from a truck nearby, and i had wanted to leave before anyone noticed i was sleeping in the camper on the street.  i got a sub for breakfast and explored a small beach before going to point lobos.  when i got there, they said there was no entrance fee for walking or biking in but one for driving in.  i parked on the side of california route 1 near other cars a few hundred feet up, grabbed my folding bike and camera, and went in to explore.  it was pretty large and i spent a good while there before heading south.

it was a long day of driving and exploring.  i stopped at some spots in big sur.. it was quite beautiful there with many overlooks of the coast.  i saw a number of antique cars drive by when i was at one of them before heading to hearst castle.  the first friend i met in san francisco had told me it was a neat place to check out though the last tour of the day had already started when i got to the visitor center.  something told me to have a closer look at the photos and postcards in the gift shop when i was about to leave.  as i walked around there, my awareness was all of a sudden drawn to the girl at the cash register.  i felt her energy from where i stood and felt like i could feel what she was really communicating when i heard her speaking.  almost the instant i was drawn to her, she ran her hand through her hair to adjust it, and a split second later i decided i wouldn't talk to her and would get going to cambria.  although i didn't see it, something told me she did that to show me her ring.. i walked around for a few seconds before leaving and noticed she indeed did have something shiny on her left hand.  it was amazing to feel the connection and experience how quickly we can communicate at a higher level through feeling.

it was foggy in cambria.. i explored a spot by the water and checked out a couple empty lots of land that were for sale.  i thought perhaps i could get one to stay between my journeys though i wouldn't have been able to stay long term due to a water shortage in town.