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ricoh theta 360
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#sunset #trees #screen to chicagoland a couple days ago. will be here for most of june before heading to maine and then down the east coast. drop me a line if ya want to meet up.

[a 1732.6 mile journey]

There was once a man who became unstuck in the world – he realized that he was not his car, he realized that he was not his job, he was not his phone, his desk or his shoes. Like a boat cut from its anchor, he’d begin to drift.

There was once a man who became unstuck in the world – he took the wind for a map, he took the sky for a clock, and he set off with no destination. He was never lost.

There once was a man who became unstuck in the world – instead of hooks or a net, he threw himself into the sea. He was never thirsty.

There was once a man who became unstuck in the world – with a polaroid camera he made pictures of all the people he met, and then he gave all the pictures away. He would never forget their faces.

There was once a man who became unstuck in the world – and each person he met became a little less stuck themselves. He traveled only with himself and he was never alone.

There was once a man who’d become unstuck in the world – and he traveled around like a leaf in the wind until he reached the place where he started out. His car, his job, his phone, his shoes – everything was right where he’d left it. Nothing had changed, and yet he felt excited to have arrived here – as if this were the place he’d been going all along.

- Castles in the Sky

Enjoy the progress [we’re all making]. Yes, it may be slow at times [or seem to be, if that makes any sense at all? (or perhaps i’m just repeating myself)]…..

but we’re all getting there. and the world is changing, day by day, for the better. if you don’t see it, you’re just not looking [in the right places!].

it’s quite fascinating to see the messages from god. and how it all unfolds. it really is in every moment, if we allow it to be.

[i had a beautiful experience of unexpected awareness earlier.]

It seems like life is a constant expansion of one’s comfort zone — where true life occurs. If one sits around for too long becoming comfortable, life tends to get boring. Or one becomes afraid of trying new things, and really living life to its fullest. Yet, I wonder, do I get bored too quickly with certain types of things or projects? Is that why I try so many new things with my photography and art.

It’s funny.. I seem to go through life getting lost along the way, but somehow still getting there. interesting feeling.

[clarification: there being the place i decided to go in the beginning, or so i do suppose]

Consciousness is a crazy thing.

All sorts of possibilities.. and what is it that is chosen?

Turning and yearning and burning but not learning? where does one go when all one does is say no? to life not as a strife shall one open the heart to expression and art? or close the door and lie on the floor? trying to figure it out will only leave you with more doubt.

True beauty can only be found in experiencing life as it is.

Life is funny. We do create all of it (the worries and challenges included)! I’d been caught up (for quite a while) in wondering if I’d have enough money to pay off my truck loan and then be able to spend a little on having fun while saving up for some land.. A couple or few weeks back, I told myself I’d have enough by the time summer came around. Earlier last week, I got enough to be able to […]

to reflect or to illuminate?

Life is awesome! I love feeling alive and excited to be here!

Steve Jobs narrates the first Think different commercial “Here’s to the Crazy Ones”. It never aired. Richard Dreyfuss did the voiceover for the original spot that aired. However Steve’s is much better 1997

my truck nice and clean, still dripping a little water after Jay had the guys wash it for me!
Jason Hopkins was very helpful throughout the entire process of getting my truck!

The Awakened One sees everything as perfect. The unawakened one sees everything as imperfect.

- Sri Amma Bhagavan

I'm gonna make a trip to Chicago this Sunday before leaving Illinois in a week or so. I'll be heading over to the Bodhi Spiritual Center in the morning then seeing Doug from the Oneness Community speak. Afterwards I may bike around the city.. Let me know if you want to join me or hang out for a bit.

I found this beautiful video on Gwen Bell’s site last night. I’ve only briefly skimmed through a few pages on her site, though from what I’ve seen, Gwen’s perspective resonates a lot with how I see the world. Check out her place at

What you’re feeling is what you attract (and the lens you see the world through). Yesterday afternoon, a couple hours before sunset, I felt connected to the trees, plants, and nature in the park I discovered when I went for a drive a little north of here [photos will be added later and found under yesterday’s date]. I am grateful for the opportunity to go explore in nature and spend lots of time there growing my awareness, especially when I get my truck camper in the next couple weeks. Do whatever it takes to continue to live your dream and experience your passion.

i thought of driving to lake geneva on the weekend though the forecast called for rain, so i decided to take a break from work and go for a ride while it was still partly sunny..

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ricoh theta 360
7th heaven playing at Elgin Ribfest #people #fromabove
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what an adventure life is, when you surrender to the moment. some moments up, some down. sometimes both all at once! it’s a great experience. just learning not to resist it, nor get too caught up in it. as that occasionally happens. but it’s all perfect as it is. learn to see the beauty as it is. the perfection in all of it. the suffering only occurs in the mind, in its desire to see things a certain way and not seeing that particular way in a particular time. learn to shift that perspective. know that there is no good or bad. everything merely is. it is simple. yet difficult all at the same time. if one allows it to be. it need not be anything. that is the key to awareness. it doesn’t have to be anything. don’t look for it to be anything in particular. allow it to be what it is, and embrace what it is fully. yes, you may have preferences and goals. though don’t get caught up in them. they will manifest when you surrender to what is now. a goal does take you away from the here and now if it is something that is not here and now. think of it more of as a future plan. yes that is what it is, you may say. a desire to experience something in the future. but let it go. feel what it’d be like to experience that in the future and then let it go. forget about it. and when you arrive in the future, you will have that experience. if you surrender to the here and now. if you don’t surrender to the here and now you are not living fully in the moment. and these experiences can only be created in the moment, in the feeling, the divine connection to all that is. its all out there, everywhere, yet nowhere, all at once. it is all one. you are merely shifting perception from one part of the whole to another. you are already connected to it. just need to access that connection. and its not something you can think about. it can only be done. like these words coming out. i can see where they’re going sometimes, just a few words ahead. sometimes a bit further, sometimes not at all. i tend to look slightly ahead so i can have an idea of where its going. so i’m not fully 100% in the moment, but i’m allowing them to flow through. there is still the filter of the mind watching it. i can see the mind watching what’s happening here. i didn’t intend to write any of what i just wrote. i thought it’d go in a different direction but i would have had to think to make it come out. i rather just let it flow out naturally and effortlessly. [that’s how it all should be. there really is no effort needed. everything is all connected in flow when you’re in tune with it] so i just let these words flow out as these were the words that were coming to me at the time. so even this has an element of surrender. all great works are probably done as such. surrender and let the divine take over. it is far greater and more powerful than the mind.

a simple thought for today: go out to nature and drink it all in.. appreciate its beauty and perfection.

Sri Amma Bhagavan’s Message on December 21st, 2012

Sri Bhagavan’s Message on December 21st, 2012


Sri Bhagavan on God

Sri Bhagavan, co-founder of Oneness University, speaks on the topic of God


Sri Bhagavan on death #3

Sri Bhagavan of Oneness University on the Death process.


Why relationships at all?


Bhagavan Who is GOD ?


Sri Bhagavan on God


I. Avatars – Sri Bhagavan

An originally profound interview with Sri Bhagavan.


Experiencing Alone Remains – Sri Bhagavan

“Therefore, what is there is merely the experience, the experiencer is gone. There is merely seeing, the seer is gone. There is merely the thought, the thinker is gone. There is merely what is there, we are gone. And with that existential suffering goes away. Even if this should happens only for 5 minutes, you have such a powerful insight that you do not exist.”

~ Sri Bhagavan’s about learning to walk between worlds

Whatever you’re thinking in life, you’re crazy if you don’t think what you do makes a difference.

We’re all taking part in the change. Do what you love, what your heart tells you to (do), and you’ll find your bliss.

That’s how we all wake up folks, or so it seems. Its part of it really, but its all happening as it is.

Life really is mysterious, when you look at it.

I write it from on voice, and then the other, so those who understand get the one message, and those who don’t, become confused (or curious).

Do you create your perceptions of reality, or choose to react to what is there ?

[a relaxed alertness] awaits you

all you must do is choose to […]

wow, how fun to realize what i was doing. and get the realization well who else would be doing it when asking was i doing that.

but part of me fears what if the world doesn’t awaken? i know it’s gonna happen but…. it’s a risk but that’s all part of how it unfolds.

or is it a trick sir? an attempt to take my freedom?

beyond expectation,
beyond belief.

a far cry from normal,
i create my own path.

Its like the whole thing, all of life, was a big conversation between variations of the same inner person??

after tasting some of the juice joe made, and recently watching fat, sick, and nearly dead, i decided to try juicing. i went to whole foods last night and picked up a refrigerator-full of food that’ll last about 6 days of juicing 3 times a day.

joe’s juice is a slight variation of the mean green juice joe cross and phil used in the movie for the reboot program. the recipe is:

1/2 cucumber
1 carrot
5 leafs of kale
1 red apple
1 green apple (i substituted a fuji apple as i didn’t see any organic green apples at the whole foods i went to)
1 lemon
6 leaves of spinach
1 thumb-size of ginger
4 sticks of celery

the finished product:

i got a little more than two 16-oz glasses from the juice. i had both glasses as one serving, and plan on having three total servings per day. for ten days i’ll eat nothing else, and other than the juice, i’ll only drink water. here’s the second glass:

both glasses went down pretty smoothly, almost as smooth as drinking water!

if you need a juicer, here’s the one joe has: Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juicing Machine (if you’re purchasing one, even a different model, please click this special link to amazon as it helps support this site. thanks!)

Update: I added a salad the last 3 days to help re-train my stomach to process solid food, and tweaked the recipe a bit, adding beets and switching the types of apples. I also ate some strawberries and blackberries as an early celebration on the last day. I had juice the two mornings after the 10 days as I transitioned back to eating solid food.

Every child is born with innocent irreverence, but it's canceled by the osmosis of cultural repression. It’s retrieved by those of us fortunate enough to break through society's brainwashing.

- Paul Krassner

Dance with your own brilliance

- William Linville

Goodbye Chicagoland.. the time has come for us to part as I embark on my journey to pick up my camper..

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes.

The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.

About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They invent. They imagine. They heal. They explore. They create. They inspire. They push the human race forward.

Maybe they have to be crazy.

How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art? Or sit in silence and hear a song that’s never been written? Or gaze at a red planet and see a laboratory on wheels?

We make tools for these kinds of people.

While some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

- Steve Jobs

Louie Schwartzberg is an award-winning cinematographer, director, and producer whose notable career spans more than three decades providing breathtaking imagery for feature films, television shows, documentaries and commercials.

As a visual artist, Louie has created some of the most iconic and memorable film moments of our time. He is an innovator in the world of time-lapse, nature, aerial and “slice-of-life” photography – the only cinematographer in the world who has literally been shooting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week continuously for more than 30 years.

Louie was recognized as one of the top 70 Cinematographers for the On Film Kodak Salute Series. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Louie is credited by many with pioneering the contemporary stock footage industry by founding Energy Film Library, a global company with a network of 12 foreign offices, which was acquired by Getty Images in 1997. Motion picture clients of his cinematic artistry include Sex in the City, The Bourne Ultimatum, Die Hard 4, Syriana, Crash, Men in Black and classics such as American Beauty, Koyaanisqatsi and E.T. among others.

Louie went on to found BlackLight Films, a creative production company specializing in producing original theatrical feature, large format films, HD and TV programming.

In 2004, BlackLight Films completed production of the theatrical feature film, America’s Heart &Soul, distributed theatrically by Walt Disney Pictures. In 2006, BlackLight Films completed a series of HD shorts, Louie Films, for the launch of Buena Vista Home Entertainment’s Blu-Ray DVD releases. In 2007, the company produced a 1-hour special, Chasing the Light, which aired nationally on PBS.

Past projects include the 35mm film Seasons of the Vine for Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park and a 26-half hour series, America!, for The Hallmark Channel.

Louie has won two Clio Awards for Best Environmental Broadcast Spot, an Emmy nomination for Best Cinematography for the Discovery Channel Special, Oceans of Air, and the Heartland Film Festival’s Truly Moving Picture Award for Walt Disney Pictures’ feature film release America’s Heart & Soul.

Louie completed production on a feature length nature documentary, Wings of Life, to be theatrically released worldwide, under Walt Disney Pictures’ new production banner, Disneynature. The film was released in France (March 2011) under the title Pollen and won the Roscar Award for Best Cinematography at the 2011 Wild Talk Africa Film Festival.

Louie spoke at the TED 2011 conference in Long Beach, CA and has been a regular presenter at the annual Bioneers Conference in San Francisco. Currently, Louie is in production with National Geographic to produce Hidden Worlds, a 3D Imax film.

I am grateful as we continue our journey from the age of information to the age of inspiration.

yes, photography, and time-lapse photography, and some videography/cinematography.. my lens-based art is really about perception and perspective, and exploring these methods of seeing through the lens as a metaphor for ways of seeing the world. it’s become clearer lately, though a part of me has known all along what it has been about. when i have more time, i really want to sit and explore it some more, and allow the feelings to come through into words that can describe […]

Inspiring someone is awakening a viewpoint that realizes that something that seemed impossible can actually be done.

- Harry Palmer

if you stare at something long enough, you become it. wow, that’s feeling!
2014.09.09 22:48:22
funny how the #s aligned there too.
it’s spirit speaking to you when that happens
you just relax into it [to feel it]
its quite simple when you’re high and not resisting it

the future is now
its great to see things once envisioned ‘for the future’ manifest into reality in the now
its like this is really happening, and this really works

its so awesome to see it happen
that seeing it happen builds confidence in knowing that it works

having faith and patience for so long when things are manifesting can become difficult at times..

seeing it work even on smaller things that arent as important, really helps
its a tremendous help and i am grateful for it

i will have greater faith and trust in it
from now on, i know this is real
and the reality i am choosing
and it will be amazing
because i love life
an awesome life
is my life
ha, what
else, now?
it’s so weird
like what should
i do with it? go
or try to figure it out
why do i do that
thats when the flow stops
see how that is happening
even in the shapre of these words
this happens
when you step into the mind
it becomes all messed up
when you trust the feeling and the flow
it will continue

the greatest insights are those not [yet] spoken

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#trees #park #nature #green #grass #clouds #hill

it’s funny. as one awakens, so does the world around them

ricoh theta 360
#trees #road
#nature #field #prairie #goldenhour #clouds’s about tuning in to the core essence of an idea

Process of Dying and Moksha (liberation upon death) – Sri Bhagavan

If you ask for liberation (moksha), the beauty is that no matter what has happened in your life, the Light cannot say “no”!

~ Sri Bhagavan

View also The Phases of Life:

Here are a few more voices on the same subject:

Dying is easy,
believe me, it is like
blissful dreaming.
Vast becomes the space . . .
in shorelessly drifting felicity
you give yourself back
to the Primal Ocean.

~ Ephides

Nobody dies, death means finished; for example, a drop of water when it evaporates has become infinite. There is no death for anything, everything finishes to become infinite.

~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

At death there is only liberation. It’s just more chic to see liberation while you’re alive.

~ Max Furlaud

Everything that comes from birth undoes itself in liberation.

~ Jen Smith

Here. You are there already. You are in Nirvana. You are like a fish claiming it is thirsty. You are right in the middle of it. Here. Here.

~ Janwillem van de Wetering

Die before you die and be completely dead; then do whatever you want, it’s all good.

~ Wu Men

Empty yourself of everything. Let the mind rest at peace.
The ten thousand things rise and fall while the Self watches their return. They grow and flourish and then return to the source. Returning to the source is stillness, which is the way of nature.

~ Lao Tzu

All things emerge from that silence, and return to that silence. You, too, would eventually merge into that silence from which you emerged in the first instance.

~ Sri Bhagavan

Everything ends in mystery . . .

~ Heraclitus


Sri Bhagwan:- Learn to experience people rather than understanding people

Sri Bhagavan :- You are joy and your experience is Joy and your nature of you is Joy…


Sri Bhagavan – How to become aware of inner world

Oneness is Peace is Love is God


Who are you Bhagavan


Best Gift a Teacher Can Give a Child – Sri Bhagavan

More about Oneness at


Ultimately No Difference Between Spiritual and Material Life – Sri Bhagavan


Omniscient State (audio 10)

Oneness Vol.1 Audio CD – A Guide asks and Sri Bhagavan gives profound answers.


Meaning of “Oneness” (audio 7)

i will go to sleep, knowing life is amazing [if we choose to allow it to be]. i showed up here for an amazing experience, and i know it’s only beginning! :) i love life; it is awesome! change how you look at the world……. the world really does change! crazy, or so it seems!?

Your inner guidance is all you need. Your heart is telling you exactly what you want to do. Just listen closely, quietly (silencing the mind), and you will feel exactly what needs to be done (to get to where you want to go). That’s the message back. The communication in return. It doesn’t come the same way that you think it. Get it?? It’s funny. Life is fun, and funny!

Wow, silence. A low hum from the air conditioning vents, or so it sounds like.. i’m sure it is. though sounds a little different than i would have imagined. feeling is interesting. it’s like you have to let go of yourself. put all your attention into what you’re feeling to really, truly experience it. but part of me can’t go all the way there. i’m afraid i won’t come back! so i only feel so much into it. not fully. […]

wow, so many realizations come to you as you become more aware..

Life is wierd. Looking at it from a higher perspective, it really is quite absurd. These little things we do, who would have imagined? It is quite crazy to see it all! And they think we’re the crazy ones! truly absurd!! and just watching myself type these ideas into words on the screen is quite odd as well. why am i even doing this? is it a message to those on the other side who do not quite understand? cody […]

if you think too fast
the feeling won’t last

It’s like I’m seeing what’s going on in my mind in the “real” world.

Relax and enjoy the process. You don’t have to handle everything all at once. The journey is one step at a time (and it is there where you will find true perfection).

Once again, I find myself desiring to create some sort of inspirational center. There is such great energy at the Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago, and lots of fun activities happening. Though, will I find this community in other places as I travel? I yearn to have such a connection wherever I may go. Especially as I travel to nature, and experience the beauty of the land. Perhaps what I must create is an escape, a place where one may experience a retreat for their own growth and creativity. Those who live in urban places can still explore what remains there, though when they need to take a break, and escape from the chaos found in the city, they may go visit the inspirational center I desire to create. Whether it be a long or short visit, friends and exploration will await at the inspirational center. Some may choose to live there for extended lengths of time or permanently. Everyone can share their talents and inspire others, while absorbing the high energy of a beautiful, natural setting. This is the place I seek. The place I will create. The center will also grow its own food and be completely self-sustainable so those who visit will have an abundance of fresh food to live off of and not have to worry about the basic necessities as they take a moment or two to visit during their journey of life. And a part of the entire experience will be learning to live in a unique setting, very much an alternate to the conventional city life. This unique experience of disconnecting from the ordinary, everyday life may be the catalyst in inspiring someone to follow their path, their passion.

an interesting interview, and an interesting look at one’s own perspectives (and how one is perhaps either quite engaged right away or stops watching before getting into the heart of it)

part 1/2 : Conversation with a ‘walk-in’ – William Linville

A conversation with a walk-in; in a body on a planet. . .

Lilou’s Juicy Living Tour

Part 2/2 : Positive outcomes of disasters & Dimensions / Realities / Portals – William Linville

Positive outcomes of disasters; the amplification of life, purification of the planetary matrix. . .

William Linville

More inspiring videos on Lilou’s Juicy Living Tour website

Lilou Mace Web TV has swept You Tube viewers with ongoing Reality Web TV for 6 years. During this time, nearly 1500 videos and over 8 Million people’s hearts and minds have been touched and made to realize their potential and that dreams can come true. This has been freely gifted to everyone with passion and love. As the Juicy Living Tour embarks upon a new chapter in reality web TV, it is necessary to ask viewers how they can be part of the ‘bigger’ team and partner with Lilou to carry out the Juicy Living Tour.

Support Lilou’s Juicy Living Tour by donating today!

To my friends in Chicagoland: I just arrived in Elgin last night and will be around here for a little bit. Lemme know if ya want to get together.. I'm going to the city tonight for a meditation and the Oneness Blessing at the Bodhi Spiritual Center if anyone wants to join me.

Jami Lula performed his original composition “Perfect” at Agape on 8-1-2010, and is joined by Michael Bernard Beckwith towards the end of the song.

It is truly beautiful to see the world as it is. Today, just a bit earlier, I had a moment of clarity. I felt more present in the moment, and was able to see details of the world around me more clearly. It’s funny, it occurred just as I was finishing dinner with Linda. We were discussing ideas for an upcoming project we’re starting with Joe, and at the end, I was telling her about the time I felt so […]

Really rare awakening movie now available in English.

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

part 5:

part 6:

part 7:

part 8:

part 9:

the trailer:

went for a drive north, ended up in Buffalo Park Forest Preserve.. at first it seemed just like an ordinary park, though after relaxing a bit, I began to feel connected to nature and the energy there. I spent a good little bit of time photographing and exploring [will process and upload these images sometime soon].. then decided to drive up to the top of one of the garages in Elgin afterwards [which was a little nerve-racking as despite the […]