2020 April
in challenging times some may wish to simply go back to what used to be normal.. though why limit yourself to the past, when there’s always the option to choose to create something far better in the present and future? take some time to sit quietly right now, and feel in your heart what the highest vision of the future looks like.

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let us take some time each day to sit quietly and see the new earth we wish to create.  visualize a peaceful world, one where all of humanity lives in perfect harmony with the earth, and where everyone experiences perfect health, divine love, peace, abundance, and joy.

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remember, that when reading, hearing, or watching anything, to listen carefully to your own heart to see what aspects resonate with you.  even if you do believe a lot or most of what someone is saying, don't just accept everything else they say if those parts aren't true to you.  at the same time, don't completely disregard someone if a part of what they are saying isn't something you believe or like.  take whatever resonates with you (or what you feel you need to hear) and leave the rest.  sometimes the divine speaks to us through others, but the message may not always be in the exact words they are saying.  listen from your heart, and you'll know what is real and what is meant for you.  and if you feel triggered or upset (or something else) when listening from the heart, the message may have simply been what you needed to hear in order to experience and release an emotion that was trapped within.  a greater part of the truth happens through feeling, rather than through thinking or understanding with the mind.

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if you’d like to see changes in the world and aren’t able to directly work on them, spend your time quietly in meditation visualizing the beautiful new world you’d like to see unfold. feel how you and others will feel when we are all living peacefully, in perfect harmony with each other and the planet. see and feel how the world will look when everyone has perfect health, abundance, and peace. see this current time as one of transition, where we collectively move away from old ways that no longer serve us, so we may create the space in which we can step into the new age that will unfold before us. the more time we collectively spend in meditation and visualizing the new world, the more quickly and gentler the transition will be.

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if you're struggling with how to spend all the free time you have, learn to sit quietly and embrace the silence.

[from the inner stillness inspiration arises.  and once you're able to face yourself and become comfortable with doing nothing, you'll discover a great joy and deep sense of peace in the quiet solitude]

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in silence and stillness, one can discover the source of unconditional, divine love.

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stop listening to and looking for what's going on 'out there'. meditate, quiet your mind, seek & find the inner stillness.  the only true message you need to hear lies deep within your heart.

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i redid these shots that i had previously posted (using the low res preview images) on instagram. this was the second time i intentionally took the dji mavic mini out to shoot video clips [during the first few weeks i had it, other than a couple of test videos clips, i only shot photos]. it was windy and they’re not perfect, but a good example of how i’d like some of my work to look.

if its uncomfortable to sit in silence, learn to embrace whatever it is you're feeling and you'll soon discover you no longer need the distractions you once sought.  it can help to go for a quiet walk in nature or begin practicing a form of meditation where you continually bring your focus back to your breathe (or a mantra) whenever your attention wanders.

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when one learns to fully surrender into the present moment, one realizes there is a divine perfection beneath all of the chaos.  from this place, a deep sense of gratitude for being alive to experience it all may arise.

[it seems that the more one (or humanity as a whole) chooses to constantly be living from the mind (and its need to constantly be doing something), the stronger the divine call to relax, just be, and live from the heart becomes.  take this time, right now, to stop any activity (or distractions) and to simply be still & fully embrace anything you are feeling in this very moment.]

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one whom is awakened with a compassionate heart must sometimes be careful not to get caught up in negativity when helping another with lower energies.  just as one can be uplifted by sitting in the presence of a being with higher energy, one can also be influenced negatively by one with lower energy.  remember to regularly tune focus & attention to a positive, higher energy, preferably directly from the highest divine source.  especially when there is a lot of fear in the collective, keep returning to the unconditional love & peace that one finds deep within one's heart when connected to the divine.

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remember, the world we see and experience is a reflection of ourselves.  some parts we may like and some parts we may not, though we must embrace them all, for some part of ourself created them.  some parts of the world we may see and some parts we may not.. as we learn to integrate all parts of ourselves and surrender any resistances or desires, we dissolve the filters that prevent us from clearly seeing the world as it is.  when we return to this empty, silent space from which we came, we can re-create a new reality, how-so-ever we choose. we can create a beautiful new world filled with peace, love, health, and abundance for all beings.

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this is a good time to forgive anyone whom may have ever hurt you.  not because you are okay with any past hurts occurring, but because holding on to any negative emotion or lower vibration only continues to feed it (and perpetuates the pain for both you and others, even if only subconciously). after forgiveness, use the newly found energy to focus on the positive vision and light you now call forth into the world.

(to forgive another, you don't need to say anything to the other person(s). and you don't need anyone else to say anything to you in order for you to forgive yourself for any hurts you may have caused others.  you simply let go of the story or burden you've been carrying within.  if you can't just let it go, sit quietly in meditation and ask for divine grace to help you fully feel and experience the hurt from both sides.. once it is felt in the heart, it dissolves, and you will no longer be carrying the negative energy, nor will it be projected out towards others)
one can learn so much from nature.  take some time from your day to explore in nature and see what you might find.  each day that we spend quietly in nature (or in silence or meditation) is a gift, a healing step forward, for ourselves, for others, and for the planet.  may this be the first of many earth days where humanity really grows more in tune with nature, and begins to live more harmoniously with each other and the planet.

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rather than feeling stuck or afraid of uncertainty, learn to meditate to quiet your mind, and spend time visualizing and feeling what you want to see unfold in the world.

[and don't be afraid to dream up the most beautiful human experience on earth you can imagine, regardless of whether or not you believe its possible.  remember, all is possible through the eyes of the divine source.  may all of humanity live in peace and harmony with each other and the planet.  and may we all experience well-being, inner peace, abundance, and unconditional love, as we step into a new age, a new earth.]

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whenever frustration, uncertainty, or any kind of fear (or resistance) arises: stop, breathe, feel, and remember: this too shall pass.

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i went for another long-ish drive with the raspberry pi noir camera v2 a couple days ago. instead of west to the beach (like the day before), i went east to the country (and through the city). this drive wasn’t as relaxing, perhaps as there were more people on the road and as i was paying more attention to driving a particular route (with a number of specific turns) slowly so i could make it back home (with the small battery) without stopping at a public charger (and without running the battery too low). i’m not sure if i went any faster than 45 mph the whole way, and most of the time was slower than that (as i tried to take roads with slower speed limits, multiple lanes, or rural roads with little to no traffic). i was able to average 6.8 mi/kWh the whole 102.3 miles (the equivalent of 147 Wh/mi or 229 MPGe, about twice as good as my car’s EPA rating).. looking quickly at my notes (which are missing lots of data), that appears to be the highest efficiency i’ve gotten on a long drive. when i made it to some of the rural parts that i had never been to before, i discovered a very nice, quiet, peaceful area, which was a pleasant surprise.

this was shot with the same settings as the one the day before: 1/128 shutter speed @ iso 60 with custom white balance (and lee 87c visible light blocking / infrared pass filter), at an interval of one shot every 3 seconds (and the video rendered at 10 fps). to try to compensate for the strange glare i was getting from the filter, i added a long extension rod to the suction cup mount that was on the windshield.. the camera was able to sit further back into the car to reduce its direct exposure to sunlight. this helped some, though it still had some sun hitting it (depending on the direction the car was going) and the whole camera was bouncing up and down the whole time (due to the additional leverage of the long rod it was mounted on). i was wondering if i was going to get anything useful out of it or if the suction cup was going to fall off during the drive.. fortunately the camera movement isn’t too noticeable in the time-lapse (perhaps the rate of movement was somewhat aligned with the interval the shots were taken, and/or the time-lapse playing back at a slow stop-motion-like frame rate of 10 fps effectively helps reduce the visibility of the constant bouncing of the camera), and it held the whole time (just under 4 hours). i was also wondering if there would be motion blur as the shutter speed wasn’t super fast.. looking closely at the individual images, they aren’t as sharp as they could be, but again, being played back in a time-lapse video like this hides the imperfections.

again, this is by no means a perfect video.. i think next time i’m going to see if i can mount the camera behind the tint at the top of the windshield (to see if that works to block the glare from sunlight hitting the filter directly). i’ll also be doing a future time-lapse with an interval of 1 second (and more jpeg compression or lower resolution so the (non high speed) sd card can keep up) to make the time-lapse video appear more smooth. i forgot to mention in the previous video notes that there is a part of the image area that is not in focus like the majority of the image (seemingly due to imperfect alignment of the lens to the sensor), and i’ve attempted to hide this by placing the camera upside down (so the lower + left area(s) of the image are the ones that are less sharp).

stop, be still, and feel what is happening within.  surrender, go deep enough, and beneath any struggles you will discover the infinite source of peace, bliss, and love.

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together let us call forth the complete healing, permanent awakening, and flowering of the heart of all of humanity.  from this place, a new earth will naturally unfold to reflect the beauty we all radiate from within, and we'll all be able to live in perfect harmony with each other & the planet. -
as the collective consciousness awakens and we live from a more heart-centered place, we will naturally create a beautiful world where all will live with good health, well-being, happiness, peace, love, joy, abundance, clean air, organic food, sustainability, renewable & free energy, zero emissions transportation, resilient shelter, a healed climate, many natural spaces, etc, etc.  in this new earth we will see the end of war, violence, greed, control, fear, domination, oppression, hate, and anything else created by the mind that no longer serves us.

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at times we must learn to embrace both sides, or all views, and simultaneously expand in all directions.  through this expansion we step outside of any one limited view or persona, and into a greater, infinite perspective of who we really are.

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remember, the choice is ours.  each of us individually have the power to choose to buy the reality that is being sold by the media, governments, corporations, etc, or to use that power to create the reality we truly desire to see.  now is the time for us to collectively choose to envision a new earth filled with peace, love, health, and abundance for all.. one where all of humanity lives in harmony with each other and the planet.  with the collective power of our light, we can easily overcome all of the darkness.  do not allow yourself to be programmed by the manipulative tactics of the negative forces that have been in power.  this is their last stand.  their game ends as we collectively come together in meditating, visualizing, and creating a new way of living.  let this be the end of the old story, and the beginning of a very beautiful new volume in the history of the human experience.  step out of your mind and into your heart, and feel the new truth emerging from within.

#meditate #feel #visualize #heart #love #earth #light #sunset #sky #dusk #nature #brilliant #vibrant #colors .. it’s funny that as i typed up most of the message above i was thinking that i didn’t take any photos today (as it was raining and gray all day) and thought i would need to wait until tomorrow to post the writing with a photo.. and then just minutes later i started to notice a little hint of color out the window, and was greeted with some brilliant colors (which i couldn’t capture entirely from where i was) when i decided to go have a look.

earth day is one of the most important holidays we can celebrate. without the earth none of us would be here. so many have taken the earth for granted, completely unaware of how human actions have impacted her. as our home, that provides all of us with food, water, shelter, and life, the earth should be celebrated and remembered at all times. every day have a look at what you can do to help reduce your footprint and impact on the planet. collectively we can all live in harmony with the earth (and with each other). the more of us that make changes to our consumption and stop using fossil fuels, the cleaner the air we breathe will be for all of us. right now if all of us stopped using internal combustion engine vehicles, most of the clean air that has been seen around the world recently would become permanent. if humanity ended its addiction to needing to constantly consume more, newer, faster, lighter, better, etc, etc things, the lower demand for manufacturing would have a positive impact on the air and environment. if we ended or significantly reduced animal agriculture, we’d see a positive impact on the health of the planet. right now, as many are at home during the social distancing / quarantine / self-isolation, many of us are realizing how much of an impact humanity has on earth in daily life. with simple changes (both societal and in personal habits) we can collectively make a difference. all of the technology we need for sustainability is already here. clean energy has already become cheaper than fossil fuels. we can choose not to purchase products that have a big carbon footprint or that require burning of fossil fuels to operate. a variety of zero emissions electric vehicles are already available, and as manufacturers see more people demanding them, they will be ramping up more production and releasing new models. we can simply choose not to constantly upgrade to the latest gadget and not to participate in the latest trends of consumerism that can be found in so many aspects of what most consider a ‘normal’ life. much more fulfillment can be found by simply going for a walk in nature and embracing the experience of being immersed in this beautiful world. as many more of us are awakening and learning to find a deep sense of inner peace through meditation (and other modalities), many more of us are realizing we don’t need to constantly chase after all these external things or experiences for fulfillment. many will see that just the financial benefits of minimalism can give one a sense of peace as one won’t have to work more or struggle to pay for all the unnecessary expenditures. with more free time from spending less, wasting less, working less, hurrying less, worrying less, etc, etc, the sense of peace, relaxation, and being happy right here and now will be greater. from this place we can effortlessly share our inner joy with others, and in our free time we can spend more time living simply and enjoying being outdoors, further helping ourselves and mother earth. there are so many other things i could write and explore that one can do to live more harmonious with the planet. start by simply spending time in nature, either go for a walk or find somewhere quiet to sit and take it all in. the more time you spend quietly in nature (or in silence), the more easily you’ll receive insights and inspiration of what you can do to improve your life and that of the planet.

remember to practice gratitude for all you have, especially in times when you may not be feeling too well. if you’re reading this, there are most likely many others whom are worse off than you, and regardless of any struggles you may be facing, you still have much to be grateful for in this experience of life.

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while its often easy to just keep on going, constantly looking for the next thing to do, filling your day or distracting yourself from feeling what is here now, you'll eventually discover that simply pausing to take some deep breathes and relax into the present moment is quite healing.  from this place of eternal stillness, you'll see how much beauty and grace already exist around you (and within you), and realize you no longer need to chase after any external things or experiences (and you'll find yourself free from the chaos of the world).

remember, one must use discernment on the spiritual path (and in life). any higher being of the light whom truly wants to help you will only guide you toward your own growth, so you may realize who you truly are within.  any being whom requires you to do anything for their own agenda (or whom manipulates you by catering to your ego's desires) is false light and should not be trusted.

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one way to remain calm and unafraid is to realize this life is but a dream, and as the dreamer of this strange dream, you can not die, but rather, simply wake up.

[took my #electriccar on a #drive through the #country and averaged 6.0 mi/kWh.. the whole drive, 41.7 miles over 74 minutes, cost less than $1 in electricity and added zero emissions to the areas i drove through.  the still images were shot using a #raspberrypi noir camera board v2 with lee 87c #infrared filter .. #timelapse #video #driving #ir #bw #blackandwhite #monochrome #grayscale #greyscale #rural #trees #clouds #sky #light #driveelectric #florida]

a year ago today i bought my first electric vehicle, a 2016 Fiat 500e that a local dealer had imported from the west coast when it came off of lease. it only had 4710 miles on it when i got it, and still had a hint of new car smell, despite being ~2.5 years old at the time i bought it. this is a map of everywhere i went in the first year of all electric driving. it’s a total of 275 actual days of driving (counting times i got back home after midnight as part of the same day i left).

when i bought the car i never imagined i’d go this far with it. when i was calculating how far i’d likely want to go with it (when determining if the small 24 kWh battery would work for me), i looked at my typical driving and saw i’d be able to go everywhere i regularly went without any issue. i never intended to use any public chargers, and figured i could do all of my regular driving by charging from home (and saw i’d have enough range to be able to take multiple round trips in a day, like go to a park in nature and/or grocery store, and also go to a local community event). in the beginning i mostly drove anywhere i could go on a single charge, and got a good feel for how much i could squeeze out of a single charge without running the battery too low (i typically plan not to go below 20% or 30% charge so i have a margin of safety, and can extend battery longevity by not regularly draining it all the way). after starting to use public chargers to be able to go a little further on a couple drives, i then started to plan out longer trips with multiple charger stops and was able to explore even further. there was a nice sense of freedom in being able to drive so far without needing gas (and with electricity costing so little per mile, and being free at most public chargers). in the first year of owning my car i drove 17300 miles, nearly as far as i drove the whole time i owned my previous two vehicles (18678 miles in the 30 months i owned my Honda Fit, and 18271 miles in the 22 months i owned my Ford Transit). when i owned gas vehicles i didn’t feel as compelled to go as far, as there was always a cost associated with filling up gas, and larger vehicles, like my van (which averaged 18.43 mpg) and the truck i had a few years earlier (which averaged 17.36 mpg), were not very efficient. although i averaged 39.57 mpg on my Fit, i still didn’t end up taking it too far. with my electric car, i can ignore the prices at gas stations (which multiple times in my truck (and maybe in the van) i spent so much that i had to run the credit card twice, since it hit the $75+ limit when filling up.. at times when filling up the truck it was well over $100 for a full tank). now with the electric car, i just pay $20-30 a month for electricity and i’m able to drive much further without thinking of how inefficient it is (and with barely needing any maintenance either, as electric vehicles are much simpler with many less moving parts compared to an internal combustion engine where it seems there’s always something needing some kind of service or repair.. the most one will spend for maintenance and repair of an electric vehicle is when replacing the tires). even though gas prices are currently low due to supply & demand, its still less expensive to drive an electric vehicle.. if i had the gas version of the Fiat 500, i imagine i’d get around 40 mpg like i did in my Honda.. at the current national average gas price of $1.89/gallon (which is also what the local station here is charging), it’d be about 4.73 cents per mile to drive (not including all the oil changes and maintenance needed). my total cost for electricity in the whole first year was just over $318, making my average overall cost per mile to drive it only 1.84 cents. during this past year, gas price averages were 30-50%+ higher than they currently are (while electricity prices remained about the same the whole year), so the actual cost if one had a gas Fiat 500 would’ve been 6 to 7+ cents per mile, about 3.5 to 4 times more for fuel alone than electricity in the 500e. my overall average cost could potentially be a little higher than it actually costs, as i added an extra 10% to allow for any potential inefficiencies during charging (on top of the total number of kWh that the car actually used during driving). had i paid for the electricity i got at free public chargers (at the same rate i pay at home, which is slightly higher than some paid public chargers cost), my average cost for electricity would’ve been 2.66 cents per mile, still much less than the cost of gas. in the future we may see the prices of gas drop as demand drops and gas stations close, though the costs of purchasing electric vehicles will continue to drop as well (as the cost of batteries and other technologies continue to improve with time, especially as more and more electric vehicles will be produced every year until internal combustion engine vehicles are no longer made at all). i almost forgot to mention, my average efficiency the whole first year has been 5.517 mi/kWh or 186 MPGe (about 57-66% better than the EPA rating indicates), or a consumption of 181.2565 Wh/mi.. yes, i typically drive slower and more efficiently than most drivers to extend how far i can make it on a single charge, though even under the EPA rating or conditions more typical of the average driver, one would still have much better energy efficiency in an electric vehicle than a gas or diesel vehicle.

a lot of the posts i’ve written about my electric car experience have been about the costs, as many still might think that electric cars are more expensive than gas vehicles, when in fact they end up costing a lot less over time [and especially so if one buys a used electric car.. my total cost for electricity, maintenance (just tire rotation as multi-point inspection was free), insurance, registration (just renewed for two years), and to purchase it has been 79.7 cents per mile. i estimate that later this year (if i continue to have the same monthly average amount of driving as the first year) that my total cost per mile for the car will be around 60 cents per mile, the same that the total average cost of my last couple vehicles was after i sold them (and i’ll still have my electric car at that equivalent total average cost per mile!). looking at the total i’ve spent to buy and use my electric car, its already 20%+ less per mile compared to what it cost me to buy, use, and sell the truck i had several years ago. buying it pre-owned certainly did help achieve this low total cost per mile so quickly, though even when buying a new electric car, one will see that the total cost to own it will end up less than when buying a new gas or diesel vehicle.] fleets have already started to make the shift into electric vehicles, and soon too will most consumers. if one has never driven an electric vehicle before, one will immediately notice the vastly better performance upon test driving one. after getting used to driving an electric vehicle, it makes internal combustion engine vehicles feel like very old technology. i recall once when i drove my parents’ car after having my electric car that it felt very sluggish (and when previously using it before buying my electric car, i recall thinking it had pretty good performance). the smoothness of acceleration due to the instantly available torque in an electric motor (and no unneeded shifting or transmission) make even a basic electric car feel like a well refined expensive luxury vehicle. there is no unnecessary noise or motion from idling when stopped like in most gas or diesel vehicles. and even when accelerating at maximum power (which is much quicker than comparable (and even higher segment) gas/diesel vehicles), there isn’t lots of noise nor the feeling that the car is really working hard [sometimes it seems that some gas or diesel vehicles are making a ridiculous amount of noise and using/wasting lots of energy just to barely get up to a regular cruising speed]. overall, electric vehicles are really much more of an enlightened or peaceful experience. besides the lack of unnecessary noise, there are zero emissions when driving an electric vehicle. imagine how clean the air will be on (and near) roads when most vehicles are electric. we’ll be able to drive with the windows open, bicycle, or walk or sit alongside the road, and still have beautiful, fresh, healthy air to breathe. globally we’re now seeing big reductions in pollution with less people currently driving. this is a good glimpse at how clean the air will be when we make the full transition to electric vehicles and renewable energy. the experience of being able to wake up each morning with a full charge (and potentially never need to go to a public charger) is nice, and saves most people time. instead of getting to your car, seeing your gas gauge is low, and then needing to rush to stop for gas during your commute, you simply plug in your car at night or when you get home, like you plug in your smartphone at night to charge, and its ready for you when you need it.

as i and so many others have written, electric vehicles are the future for so many reasons (and that future is here today). one of the nicest aspects is that i haven’t had to go to a gas station in over a year.. i think regularly going to a gas station, which had a very dirty feel to it, was one of the worst parts of driving an internal combustion car. i remember feeling i would need to go right home and wash my hands really well every time after filling up the gas tank. besides the overall dirty feeling when going there and potentially lots of germs at the pumps, the gas stations also seemed to often be filled with unhealthy pollution and odors from cars or trucks (that are sometimes really bad when in they’re in poor running condition), unwanted loud music, spills or stains of gas, oil, or other leaking fluids on the ground, people quickly feeding addictions of tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy food or drinks, etc at the convenience store located at most gas stations, and other aspects that contribute to the overall unpleasant feeling or unhealthy environment everyone driving a gas or diesel vehicle needs to regularly be in. with an electric vehicle, the majority of one’s charging can typically be done from the comfort of one’s home. if one is traveling (or parks somewhere without access to a regular A/C power outlet), there are a rapidly growing number of public chargers for electric cars (that are often free, and some of the paid ones charge a little less for electricity than one pays at home). public car chargers are located in variety of places, most in locations that are much nicer than dirty gas stations. locations can vary from places one goes to regularly like a grocery store, shopping plaza, business, or restaurant, to travel destinations like hotels, resorts, or attractions. many local municipalities already have chargers installed in city parking lots, garages, or on streets. one can easily park and charge while doing what one was already going to do: get a bite to eat, run errands, go for a walk, etc. in the future, the number of public electric vehicle chargers will be much higher and one will find them in greater numbers than gas stations. to help find chargers, there are a number of apps and websites that list the locations. there are also apps and websites that help one plan long trips, which will include all the charger locations one needs to stop at along one’s route when driving far. today, with currently existing public chargers, one can already drive across the whole country in an electric vehicle. even with a car that has a small battery and slow charging like mine, one could currently make it from Florida north to Chicago or New York (though going from the east coast to the west coast might not be possible yet with a small battery (as, when i looked into this last year, there are some far distances between chargers in very remote places in the middle of the country, though this will likely be changing soon).. however, cars with small batteries were never intended to go that far to begin with, and most electric vehicles have much larger batteries anyhow). i mapped a couple of test scenarios using cars with 200+ mile range, and one can make it from the east coast to west coast using existing public chargers.

i could go on writing about the many benefits of electric vehicles, though have already shared some of these before with my personal experiences.. here’s a link to other maps and writings about my electric car experiences: markmarano.com/what/EV/

as part of my technical and creative services, i offer advice/consulting/education on newer technologies like electric vehicles, and custom data solutions such as gps logging and making maps like this. below is a video i made drawing out all the gps data points in the order i drove (to make the video much shorter, you’ll notice that i only drew out the route to new spots on the map rather than having the line go back over roads i’d previously driven on). feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to hire me, whether for a short consulting session or larger project.

it was a very nice, relaxing drive, especially once i got to the beach, which had little traffic. the cooler temperature, mostly empty beach islands, and peaceful feeling in the air were quite beautiful and serene. the drive through the beach islands felt like i was in another part of florida (or the country) with quiet, remote, empty beach towns. there was also less pollution which was very nice to be able to breathe in the fresh air more easily (when i wasn’t by gas or diesel vehicles).. when going over the bayside bridge, i looked out the left window, and the tampa skyline (15 miles away) appeared more clear & crisp than i had ever seen it before.

also, knowing that the camera was running automatically let me relax and just focus on the present moment, rather than needing to also concentrate on photographing what i saw during the drive (and i wasn’t able to connect back to it via wifi for some reason a little bit into the drive, so just forgot about double checking that it was still running and the images were looking good). i recall a similar thought or feeling over a decade ago, when i set up long term time-lapses / webcams to photograph the nice view from a high rise apartment i lived in for a year. it was nice to know that the photography was happening automatically and i could spend my time and energy just being present. some automation is nice so one can relax into the presence and be more in the awe & beauty of the moment, fully embracing the experience. i recall this dilemma even further back, 15+ years ago, when i was feeling that one could either live in the present moment or photograph/document the experience, but couldn’t really do both. anyhow, i look forward to when all vehicles are electric so there will be no pollution in the air and one can fully enjoy the fresh, natural air when driving with the windows open. it’s nice that we can now have a glimpse of what our future will look like with less pollution. i hope this time inspires many more people to realize what changes we need to make to improve our experience here on earth. i also look forward to when autonomous full self driving technology is complete and legal to use, so one can have a deeper sense of relaxation and more fully embrace the beauty of the surrounding landscape when going for a ride, without the need to concentrate at all on operating the vehicle.

all still images were shot at iso 60, 1/128 shutter speed, and a custom white balance, at an interval of one shot every 3 seconds, and the video is rendered at 10 fps. it looks like the very thin filter i used is quite reflective and/or perhaps slightly bent.. i’ll need to work on a solution for the strange glare its producing when the sunlight is on it for better results. seeing this issue, i rather quickly adjusted a couple images in lightroom and copy/pasted all the same basic settings to every image, and then gave the beginning images (when driving south) slightly different settings to compensate a bit for the glare that showed up in most frames in that direction. it’s by no means perfect, as the light shifted depending on which direction i was going and when i drove in & out of the shade (and as the sun started to dip toward the horizon later in the drive), though i didn’t want to go through all 4552 frames to tweak them (as originally i was going to post this on instagram which has very high compression and it would’ve been sped up to a minute to be able to post it there).. it looks like youtube’s re-compression lost a bit of the contrast and detail too, as it looks noticeably worse (softer, with muddy contrast) playing it back on youtube compared to the original file (picking the 4k setting on youtube helps, but still loses some of the fine detail of the original). anyhow, enough of the technical details.. i shot another the day after this one that i’ll be uploading next.

on a very short walk today, i noticed a tree that i didn't think was there before.  perhaps being more relaxed (after a nice long, quiet drive by the closed beaches) and in the present moment, it simply felt differently.  or perhaps as i had felt a shift earlier today, i had stepped into an alternate timeline or reality where the tree now existed.  as we learn to work through and shift what is happening in consciousness, things will shift in this physical reality.  in actuality, reality is much more fluid than it is solid, and both big and small things can change effortlessly when we surrender into the presence.  if we let go of our attachment to things being a certain way, the more dream-like our experience of life can become.  it is only in holding onto certain viewpoints or emotional charges that we solidify reality.

the more we live in the present moment, the more profound (or simply calm) experiences we will have (and as these integrate, they will become a part of our natural everyday experience). remember to take time each day to relax and simply sit in the present moment.  doing this as the first thing in the morning (and just before bed) can be very helpful.  if any feeling arises that prevents you from feeling completely calm or present, then sit with that feeling.  by not running from it (and not looking for some distraction), the unpleasant feeling can be fully experienced and dissolve (and then you'll discover a natural peace and bliss that arises). the more you stay in the stillness, the deeper this natural calm becomes.  soon you'll see that this peace fills you much more fully than any external distraction could ever do, and as you learn to live your life from this place, you will find that the underlying peace becomes permanent or easily accessible (and circumstances that may have previously been chaotic or difficult no longer bother you, and you're able to navigate through life with grace and ease).

now is our time to collectively awaken, to remember and realize our true nature as the dreamer of this dream. use any free time you have to spend quietly in meditation or feeling whatever is there internally. the more of us that do this inner work, the more quickly all of humanity will awaken (and the sooner a more beautiful new world will unfold in this dream of life).

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