2009 March

Here’s another look at this image..

my life purpose

to inspire others:
to realize beauty in the world & beauty of life
to express themselves creatively
to live a meaningful life
to live happily + peacefully
to understand at a deeper level
to discover their life purpose
to live life to its fullest, achieving their dreams & desires

through sharing my own exploration & discovery of beauty of the world, life, and beyond


(inspired 3/28 on Oahu just after sunrise)

Mark is currently in a state of transformation – a transitional process of redefining his life’s purpose. He has recently experienced multiple awakenings, and is learning to perceive the world from a higher level of awareness. Mark’s primary aim is to live a life of freedom and peace. His quest is to share this understanding with others, and assist in the global shift of consciousness. Mark loves the sense of adventure found in travel, and the serenity of nature. He […]


After landing in Hawaii for the first time and running around shooting little planet stills around the island while testing/tweaking my technique (as I had just begun experimenting with the little planet stereographic projection look a week before my trip), I thought the next thing to do would be to create a time-lapse video as it’d look pretty amazing (and it had never been done before). Here’s my first attempt at manually creating it.. This is raw, unedited and unfinished.. […]

ideas Mark’s passion is to understand and experience life, authentically, and to share his profound awareness with others. In his quest for meaning, his perception of the world has transformed, and grown to one much different than he had ever known. Mark has come to learn that even the things that he thought were the answers were to be mere stepping stones to the greater journey. It has been a continual process of growth to discover what truly is life’s […]

Mark Marano is currently in a state of transformation - a transitional process of redefining his life's purpose, after multiple recent awakenings...

expression of energy

we only know the expression of energy… we create the reality around this expression that we think… what we think we’re experiencing…………….


after shooting, tweaking, and learning the little planet technique while wandering about oahu, i knew the next thing to do would be create a time-lapse in the little planet look.. here’s a sample stereographic projection little planet video.. i had to manually fire this as my interval timer broke!

purpose, desires, expressions

to explore the world – travel to all the beautiful spots in nature – understand through experience this world we live in
to explore what humans have created: art, architecture, technology
to see the big picture – understand the interaction of the natural and the manmade
to see/understand from unique perspectives – in terms of awareness and physical vantage points, such as from the air
to connect with my higher self daily
to share these levels of awareness with all others I interact with, whether subtly or in depth with someone who desires to understand
to express this awareness through art, architecture or other creative form such as writing or speaking
to experience inner peace daily
to live an inspired life, and inspire others to do the same
to experience joy and happiness most of the time, and bring joy & happiness into others’ lives
to always experience freedom and feel free
to live on purpose, freely
to live a meaningful life
to observe the observer