...got to chicagoland a couple days ago. will be here for most of june before heading to maine and then down the east coast. drop me a line if ya want to meet up.

Just left for the Wizard Course in Daytona Beach!

I am grateful for this life and the experiences it brings! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Made it back to Florida last night / this morning.. It's amazing how much different a feeling there is in the air here!

Last night when I cracked open the windows on my truck, there was such a beautiful familiar feeling of the cool breeze as I left the interstate and got onto a smaller road (U.S. Highway 301).. I'm not sure if it was the beauty of an old familiar feeling or the beauty of nature here.....probably a little of both. I could practically taste the ocean breeze while driving south in Georgia..

I've made some changes to my home page gallery grid to speed it up if it was running slow for any of ya.. www.markmarano.com

to my friends in Tampa Bay: I'm in town for a few days, let me know if you want to get together..

What a great energy in the air on the drive from the airport.. nice sky and storm clouds around sunset, and a refreshing coolness hanging out the window with a camera.. All the plant life felt so alive and vibrant as it must have rained shortly before I landed.. I've missed that feeling.

I made the decision I was leaving for Chicagoland today at noon whether the check I've been waiting days for arrived or not. About 15-20 minutes before I was gonna leave, the mail arrived and there it was. Today's lesson: surrender your identification/attachment with/to outcome, and the universe flows effortlessly with your intended outcome/purpose.

Mark Marano welcomes Spring with an updated website with a new journal/blog.. it's not quite perfect yet, though check it out!

Mark Marano is grateful for being part of the sangha, and for increased awareness

Mark Marano just experienced realizing Avatar is exactly what I've been looking for my whole life and feeling is what I've attempted to convey photographically!

Mark Marano has just released a new, experimental version of MarkMarano.com

Mark Marano is grateful for life

Mark Marano is excited to be attending The Avatar Course tomorrow!

Mark Marano has uploaded a time-lapse 'little planet' 360 degree motion picture to MarkMarano.com over a year after the first prototype!

Mark Marano is grateful for the first warm day this year in FL ! Was great to ride my new used Sedona bike down the world's longest continuous sidewalk!

Mark Marano had some healthy food at the state fair: a donut burger and fried butter !!

Mark Marano saw the Redwood Log House at the largest RV show in the country today in Tampa!

Mark Marano thanks everyone who has joined his new artist page in the first few days! The new url is now:

Mark Marano is cold in Florida! - it's 57 :)

Mark Marano will be participating in the World's Largest Photography Project Ever undertaken Friday @ 6pm EDT:

Mark Marano is leaving Chicago by the end of the month! Come to a going away party this Saturday at 8pm! Write me for address at

Mark Marano is selling misc nikon/canon cameras/lenses/etc, and real estate investment cds/dvds/books. contact me at www.markmarano.com if interested..

Mark Marano is accepting donations from those generous and philanthropic who wish to support starving artists (and the future creation of art centers)

Mark Marano just created the logo for foto-op : a lens-based artists' collective ... stay tuned for upcoming exhibitions!

UPDATE: looks like Nikki (or Lily) changed the one on the foto-op site back to the old one..

Mark Marano has just returned from a trip to Maui where he experienced the world's finest training in the arena of acquisitions, finance, negotiations, and life!

Mark Marano is taking a survey: What is the one thing you truly desire in this experience we call life?

Mark Marano has much camera gear for sale - digital slr's, lenses, point & shoots, collectible & rare lenses and cameras, etc


I love how the world look brighter and feels calmer when attention is freed up!

Happy New Year Everyone! May it be filled with love and peace!

‎..woke up on the beach this morning, now on my way to Atlanta

Goodbye Chicagoland.. the time has come for us to part as I embark on my journey to pick up my camper..

I just updated the landing page of my web site to a new grid gallery preview - check it out: markmarano.com [the images may load a little slow at first, depending on your connection/computer/device, though give it a minute and it'll catch up]

I just saw Food, Inc. and King Corn.. I recommend everyone watch both films to better understand where most food in our country comes from today.

Mark just saw the documentary I AM last night and highly recommends everyone see it.. click here to watch the trailer

Mark Marano enjoys creating something beautiful

Mark Marano just read this quote for the first time today twice in 2 unrelated books:

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away."


Mark Marano is excited to be on his way to the Avatar Master Course!

Mark Marano highly recommends The Eye of the I (by David R. Hawkins)! I experienced the sensation of being more present while reading the first chapter..

Mark Marano just uploaded a new little planet stereographic time-lapse film to MarkMarano.com before heading off to the International Avatar Course...

Mark Marano just got back up in Chicagoland to work on some exciting new projects this summer!

Mark Marano has uploaded photos from Sedona and Chicago to the gallery at MarkMarano.com

Mark Marano has uploaded more images to www.MarkMarano.com

Mark Marano has finished reading The Voice of Knowledge by don Miguel Ruiz, and recommends it to all

Mark Marano is glad that Florida's finally made it to spring after the long, cruel 2-week winter!

Mark Marano has added photo-related links to his new artist page:

Mark Marano wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Please help the artist: go to to buy your holiday gifts at 900+ stores

Mark Marano & foto-op were awarded Curator's Choice at the Around the Coyote Fall Festival! See our work this weekend in Chicago! details @ foto-op.org

Mark Marano is leaving Chicago with only a car-load by the end of the month! Contact him at if you want anything that won't fit!

Mark Marano will be going to the Map Room for Nicole's birthday on Wednesday the 22nd - come join us at the corner of Hoyne & Armitage

Mark Marano will be revealing new work at an exhibition on the 28th! Come check it out & join us for a potluck! RSVP: http://meetfoto-op.eventbrite.com

Mark Marano feels alive, and re-discovering his purpose!

Mark Marano is currently in a state of transformation - a transitional process of redefining his life's purpose, after multiple recent awakenings...

Mark Marano will be in Florida for a couple days - contact me to meet up!


Wow, my awareness is increasing! I could see God in someone I just met, and felt at peace as my perception increased (and mind relaxed)! And it's only day 3! (I didn't really do much the first couple days either..)

Anyone want to join me camping at Lake Okeechobee this weekend?

‎..heading to Orlando to deliver the first part of the Avatar Course to my sister this weekend

I'm gonna make a trip to Chicago this Sunday before leaving Illinois in a week or so. I'll be heading over to the Bodhi Spiritual Center in the morning then seeing Doug from the Oneness Community speak. Afterwards I may bike around the city.. Let me know if you want to join me or hang out for a bit.

I just implemented the gallery grid I designed almost a year ago with the current blog theme on my site - check it out: markmarano.com/site2010

I made it to Chicagoland earlier today after a few stops to look at truck campers / custom rv's. I'll be out in Elgin for most of the summer..

just posted new content to my new blog. I've also added a Facebook Like button - scroll all the way down to the footer + click it

Mark Marano is embarking on the most amazing and enlighting journey of his life (so far)

Mark Marano has uploaded two new time-lapse stereographic projection 'little planet' videos to MarkMarano.com

Mark Marano is grateful for this experience of life he has chosen, for learning the Avatar tools, and for all those who have been teachers in his life! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Mark Marano is recoding MarkMarano.com (removing Wordpress) + wants Your Opinion: Do you use the menus to search by city/state, date, or type of photo?

Mark Marano has uploaded new time-lapse videos to www.MarkMarano.com (and has a new phone number - contact me via my website if you don't have it yet)

Mark Marano has a new phone number.. Rather than post it here on the web, email me and I'll give it to you - write me through the form at MarkMarano.com

Mark Marano has just uploaded some photos from California and Great Smoky National Park to MarkMarano.com

Mark Marano again realized today the message being sent from a higher level of awareness and has chosen to accept the path of living his life purpose with a new, perpetual understanding.

Mark Marano has uploaded some of the old 'select images from untitled road series' to the new gallery on www.MarkMarano.com

Mark Marano is glad to begin to clear his head of all the unnecessary chaotic stuff!

Mark Marano has uploaded new photos to www.MarkMarano.com

Mark Marano is going to stay in Florida for a while..

Mark Marano made it out of Chicago alive! ...will be in Florida for a few weeks.. let me know if you want to meet up!

Mark Marano is selling his land in Texas, real estate cds/dvds, and photo gear to raise money to pay for rent! Email him at

Mark Marano is selling misc Nikon & Canon cameras/lenses, and real estate investment cds/dvds/books. Contact me at www.markmarano.com if interested..

Mark Marano has returned from Power Players Alumni in Aruba where he learned communication from Dr. Michael Shadow (who has coached Presidents & Popes!)

Mark Marano is looking for someone to accompany him to Great Chicago Places & Spaces next Saturday:

Mark Marano is taking a survey: What is the one thing you truly desire in life?

Mark Marano recently updated his web site: markmarano.com