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(some of these weren’t flown to be used in a video, but here they are anyway)

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#nature #preserve #clouds
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I was ready early so took a drive through the country on the way to St. Petersburg / Clearwater airport.. I was gonna go to a park right near Rockford airport after I arrived back though didn’t find it easily so decided to take the country roads back to Elgin.. the land is nice and open just a couple miles west of Elgin.. (yes, the camera battery died in the middle of this shot)


(some of these weren’t shot to be used in a video, though they fit in nicely) locations include: A.L. Anderson Park Bicenntennial Park Brooker Creek Buffer Preserve Clearwater Memorial Causeway Countryside Community Park Courtney Campbell Causeway Crystal Beach Ed Radice Park Fred Howard Park Harbor Palms Nature Park Honeymoon Island James E. Grey Preserve John Chestnut Park Kapok Park Lake Chautauqua Park Lake Dan and Lake Frances Preserve Lake Tarpon Lake Tarpon Canal Lansbrook Park Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve North […]

[note to self: bring paper towels and clean the window next time as the suction cup mount holding the camera kept falling down every 3 minutes!]

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#nature #path #preserve

i didn’t think too much about these (or at all) when i shot them, and just threw all of the clips on a timeline with the same basic filter settings.. though this does have a nice, peaceful feel to it.. this could be my best work yet :)

Going to Rockford Airport.. I love the feel of a small airport that you can easily park and get to to terminal in practically no time.. Also being in a more rural area is so nice to feel nature around you.. this was much more relaxing than going to O’Hare or Midway.. Here’s the ride back from St. Peterburg / Clearwater Airport.. there was such a great energy in the air.. it felt like it had just rained and all […]


(some of these weren’t flown to be used in a video, but i’ve included them anyway) locations include: Anderson Park Aripeka Sandhills Preserve Bayside Bridge Belleview Biltmore Golf Club Brooker Creek Preserve Clearwater Beach Clearwater Memorial Causeway Courtney Campbell Causeway Bridge Crystal Beach Dunedin Causeway Florida State Fairgrounds Joe DiMaggio Sports Complex John Chestnut Senior Park Lake Maggiore Lake Tarpon Canal Marsh Pointe Mobbly Beach Park Philippe Park Pine Island Beach Park Pop Stansell Park R.E. Olds Park Sand Key […]

#nature #preserve #fromabove #clouds
#path #preserve #nature
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my sister and I went to Fort De Soto for my birthday..

[this one’s at a different spot as the night before i tried to help pull a guy’s truck out of the sand/water – his back end was in the bay! i got to try 4 low on my truck, though the rope we found wasn’t strong enough so he had a tow truck pull him out with a cable]

wow, what an adventure life is. When I let it all out, it’s super-exciting! Just had a bit of a conversation with myself in the shower! I could attempt to re-create it here, though it wouldn’t be nearly the same. It all occurred in the moment, the many moments. Life happens in the moment. Open your heart and follow your feelings – true magic will present itself!

Now, to begin to let that same magic out to others! I can’t keep holding it in and keeping it to myself. I must allow it flow out and shine brightly! As Wayne Dyer says, “Don’t die with your music still inside you.”

Life is exciting, and the adventure has only begun! Get excited every day! This is your life we’re talking about here! If you can’t feel excited or like you’re enjoying life, then ask yourself: why are you here? what are you doing that’s preventing you from being happy and joyful?

Back on the road today – off to Fort Myers to see a friend / business partner who’s flying in. It’ll be fun to discuss new opportunities and where we want to go in this adventure of life!


Some nice clouds on the way out of the neighborhood.. followed by a few shots driving over the Sunshine Skyway while trying not to drop my phone out the moonroof into Tampa Bay!