here’s everywhere i’ve driven during the first half year of owning my first electric vehicle, a low range fiat 500e with small 24 kWh battery (this is actually only 5 months worth of driving as i didn’t drive it for 30 days straight). with a small battery, the car is officially rated by the EPA for only 84 miles of range per charge (though i’ve gotten more than that). i was able to go most places on the map on a single charge and have averaged 5.58 mi/kWh in efficiency the whole time (that’s 188 MPGe, a good bit higher than the 112 MPGe the car is rated for, and way higher than the 28 to 33 MPG the gasoline version of the fiat 500 is rated for). other than the very furthest trips (the 2 furthest south, the 2 furthest northeast, and the 2 furthest east) and the times i combined routes to take the very long out-of-the-way route home, i could drive the whole way without stopping to charge. i did use public chargers a few times, which were nice to give me the ability to go further. only one of the public chargers i used was a paid charger (and the cost was a little less per kWh there than at home).

overall, paying for electricity as fuel is much less than paying for gas or diesel. including the paid and free public charging, my average electric “fuel” cost has been 2.28 cents per mile to drive my car everywhere. for comparison, my car that averaged just under 40 mpg cost an average of 5.5 cents per mile the whole time i had it, and my van that averaged 18 mpg had an average cost of 13 cents per mile (both of these were when gas prices averaged a little lower per gallon than they are today). when gas prices were a bit higher, my truck (most of the time carrying my pop-up camper on the bed) averaged a little over 17 mpg with an average cost of 21 cents per mile. and these are just the figures for the electric or gas cost. the maintenance cost an internal combustion engine will be significantly higher than an electric car (which barely needs any maintenance with a much simpler design to the motor + systems).

it’s a bit crazy to think about how much more efficient electric vehicles are compared to gas or diesel internal combustion engines — even a full size electric bus would have a per-mile “fuel” cost similar to what i paid per mile for gas in my van or truck, and the true per-mile cost including maintenance and repairs would likely make a full size electric bus a good bit cheaper to drive than a pickup truck or van with gas or diesel engine! (which will be great news for full time travel when RV’s, trucks, and vans with electric drivetrains are readily available for purchase)

the furthest i drove in a single day was just under 250 miles on the trip furthest east (to bok tower gardens, and through some rural parts and around the bay before heading home). i did stop multiple times to charge, however if one had an electric vehicle with a larger battery (as most new models sold have), one would be able to make the whole round trip on a single charge. or one could add some charge conveniently wherever one might be already going (as the bok tower gardens happened to have chargers in the parking lot), and after one is done exploring, eating, etc, one’s car will have additional range without ever needing to make a stop at a gas station [which, at least for me, always seemed to have a dirty feel to them.. whether it was the ground being dirty from spilled gas or leaked oil, the pollution and smell of engines running or people smoking, the addictions of people going to grab quick fixes of tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets, or unhealthy food at the convenience shop, the ads or news playing on a screen at some pumps to program people, or knowing the environmental + societal impacts of using gasoline or diesel.. it just wasn’t a pleasant experience. i’m very grateful for an electric vehicle future, and for how much nicer it will be to drive, sit, or walk by the road without noises of loud engines].

sometimes it seems that the divine is telling us to slow down, let go, relax, and surrender, rather than continuing to go forward, push the limits, or see how far one can go. the day before yesterday, i went on a drive the furthest north i’ve been in my electric car, to some parts i hadn’t been to ever or in a while. shortly into my journey, the car displayed a service needed message. gratefully the car drove and performed normally the rest of the trip, and i took it to the dealer early yesterday morning. while waiting almost all day to hear back from them (so i could plan on getting a ride down there to get the car and go to satsang in the evening), i felt myself being triggered a little, feeling things related to patience and waiting (and perhaps letting go and control).

[it’s funny to think about all this.. i remember how i felt in recent months, or longer, how simple things (or beneficial change) can seem to take so long in the physical world to manifest, and a lot of it is due to resistance and control in the collective consciousness.. and this is part of what i was feeling come up in my experience]

[for anyone whom doesn’t realize it, most of the time when i’ve written “it’s funny”, it’s because that’s how this experience of reality works, and it’s funny to see it happening (yet once again) after one temporarily stops paying attention to such sorts of things for a while (and then later comes back (again) to the point of realization that it’s a bit ridiculous to think that it’s not like this, and it’s quite funny, in a sense, to shift viewpoints to one where one can understand more clearly again, until one chooses to forget again for a while)…]

yesterday afternoon i heard from the dealer that the service indicator came on as the coolant pump needs to be replaced and its going to be a few days to get the part (i’m guessing as the car was a compliance car only sold on the west coast and they need to ship it from over there). i’m grateful it’s under warranty so there won’t be a charge for the work, though i was a bit disappointed not having my car for a week. [they offered a free rental car for the week, though i think i’m gonna skip on it and spend the time here, possibly starting to work on making videos from my trip to maine six years ago] i was planning a trip this weekend down to sarasota for a free museum day and then to siesta key before heading back up. i’ll have to postpone it until the beginning of next month.. i wanted to go this weekend to add some lines to the map of everywhere i’ve been in the car in the first half year of owning it. drawing the lines on the map has been fun to see where else i can wander to (at very little cost per mile), and also to demonstrate to others how far one can go in a short range electric car (as the technology is still quite new to most people). sometimes pushing the limits to see how much i can squeeze out of a route without draining the battery too low has taken a good bit of planning / calculating to make sure i have a backup plan in case one of the public chargers isn’t working.. and sometimes i wonder if all the effort is really worth it, and if anyone else sees any value in it. i very much look forward to the continued expansion of public charger locations. it’ll be quite nice when they are as prevalent as gas stations, and it’ll be a lot easier when i get a car with a bigger battery. i know my car wasn’t designed to be taken on longer trips, is really considered a city car with the small battery, and i never thought of driving it as far as i have when i decided to buy it, though it has been good to see how far of a round trip i can drive it in a day either in a single charge or using public chargers to go further. sometimes though i wonder about the various projects i find myself in and if any of them are really worth it or if they are simply distractions to being present, relaxing, and enjoying the moment. i look forward to when i have a fully electric van or truck with solar charging capability, where i can go explore and not have to plan so much.. if i need to charge somewhere for a while, i can just relax or take a nap in the back, and i could have the option to go anywhere even where there are no public chargers, and if my battery charge gets too low, i simply just park and hang out or live inside my tiny home on wheels while i wait for the sun to add back enough range to keep going. i can see a couple things going on internally.. like how i think sometimes we do need to push the limits of what we can do to know what is possible, though it can certainly be exhausting at times if it requires too much mental (or physical) effort, and how i can move very quickly through things in my experience of them by doing this.. i see how i’m already ready for the next step forward, an electric van that i can set up as a tiny home (and there are no major manufacturers in the united states offering electric vans or trucks for sale yet), and i’m even ready for the next step after that, to add solar charging capability (which manufacturers may not offer as an option, or at least right away). it’s easy for this visioning (and seeing what the future will bring) to take one out of the present moment and leave one feeling tired while waiting for the world to catch up. [and it seems that i’ve been doing this my whole life!] i suppose sometimes we do need to embark on a new frontier ourselves and create what does not yet exist [though i’ve also seen how when i’ve done this or how when i’ve envisioned something and waited years for someone else to make it, i haven’t really cared whether or not it existed by the time it showed up.. perhaps that’s the element of surrender and letting go of attachment to outcome, though if so, what’s the whole point of putting forth effort into see anything for the future if it no longer matters by the time it comes out? though i can see through what i just wrote there and see there’s other aspects at play.. and that there is inherit value in envisioning and creating a future, for someone will enjoy it, and at some level i can still enjoy the new technology (even if its in just knowing its available) even if i no longer need it like i felt i once did]. i woke up pretty tired and it was difficult to start to type all of this (and i almost didn’t, feeling that there’s not really much of a point in sharing this.. though now by typing this far, i’m starting to feel better, as i explore the feelings i had about it all. and perhaps that’s merely what all this was about, a means to explore the feelings within rather than hang on to them.. for that is what truly matters in life, to feel what one is feeling and to feel life. feeling is healing. we experience the world through feeling what is in the heart.. and when we try to understand or perceive too much through the mind, we end up feeling exhausted and blocked, and can not function properly). anyhow, i’m not sure if anyone is gonna read this all (or understand it) or if i ever will read this, but it no longer matters. i feel better simply by typing it and feeling it. the story and the details are not important. only the experience matters. [and regarding what i’m looking for, i may consider converting a van or box truck or something into an electric vehicle rather than waiting for their availability.. or i may just build a tiny home instead so i can have a home that i can move between florida and chicagoland to see my friends both places and have nicer weather the whole year.. that was my original thought before getting my electric car, though as i wasn’t seeing good options i liked for land where to park the tiny home here and i started to think more about being able to wander both locally and further more easily in an electric vehicle tiny home, i started to shift my focus more in that direction.. one thing to notice is how one might shift desires from one thing to another, and to see if it’s truly because the latest option is really a better solution for what wants, or if its because one is stuck and not seeing a way for the original option to unfold.. i can see how there are elements of both in what i just mentioned, and also how when i bought my van a couple years ago that it was out of resistance of living in my condo and feeling stuck there (though that’s another tangent).. what i’ve felt what would be best for me would be to have my own land that could be my home base between journeys, preferably with an efficient + disaster-proof monolithic dome home with sustainable aspects (or completely off-grid) in an area i like near friends or spiritual communities, and to have a fully electric adventure/expedition vehicle that i can live out of on extended journeys.. though as i’ve been waiting for the pieces to come together for this to unfold, and as i had multiple health issues the past couple years, i began to wonder if maybe i’m not going in the right direction. i also see in my local wanderings to more rural areas that i remember how much i really love wide open natural landscapes and feel most alive in quiet + natural places. and i’ve seen how even some of these areas that once were more rural are now becoming so developed, making it more difficult to find (or ridiculously expensive to purchase) good land near the communities i want to be by. i know some options still do exist and i welcome the divine to bless me with the gift of a nice acreage somewhere quiet + safe + natural + beautiful around here, though i’ve been waiting for this for quiet a while.. i remember looking for land back when i was on my truck camper trip out west in 2012. perhaps i do need to make some compromise (for now) like getting land in the middle of nowhere (though not too far away from good grocery stores or places i’d enjoy exploring) or just living life on the road exploring and finding places in nature (in a functional + livable tiny home on wheels) until an option for land i like does unfold.. though it would mean seeing friends at local communities less often until a good permanent place to park shows up. it seems like this tangent is starting to go off in circles or get lost.. i wanted to get back to the whole idea of things being substitutions for what i really want as i’ve been waiting for what i want but it hasn’t showed up.. i think what i really want is a nice, sweet, pretty girl with a good heart to join me on the adventures in nature. i know when i’ve been in a relationship in the past i haven’t felt the need to be pursing so many technical or creative things, and i would just enjoy being in the moment with her. and i do recall one of the reasons for ending my trip out west was the lack of having another around.. i saw some beautiful places though it didn’t seem as fulfilling or something just going by myself.. i had missed the community gatherings at the flowering heart center in illinois the summer before.. i remember it was nice when i met up with some friends along the journey, and having a girlfriend / best friend with me on the adventure would be wonderful. part of me has almost forgotten or given up on meeting someone, partly feeling i don’t need anyone, and also seeing i’ve gone years waiting or looking to connect with someone whom had similar perspectives and desires. i think part of when i bought my condo was so i could have my own place with my own energy and be able to open that space to a girl, though there were some things less than ideal about living inside a shared building, as i felt the space was still limited with others’ permanent and distractions right there, and didn’t end up meeting + connecting with someone who wanted to co-create a relationship. anyhow, i’m getting tired writing all this, i think it’s working its way two hours since i got up and started exploring this.. if anyone knows of a nice girl whom has similar (or compatible) perspectives on life to me, please feel free to introduce her (or yourself) to me :) for now, i suppose, i’ll continue to follow my heart as best i can and do what i feel called to.. i think some sort of all-wheel-drive dual-motor electric van or truck with more livable room inside than my van or truck camper would be great for exploration and to be able to see friends different places and visit different spiritual communities/centers. in the future, after i have good permanent parking options, i could see a larger electric bus or truck or tiny home as a permanent home to move around throughout the year and keep parked for a while.. with plenty of solar panels, rainwater collection, and a greenhouse or area to grow plants, it could be a completely off-grid movable tiny home.. i’ll try not to leap too quickly to this one, until more technological advances occur, unless the divine wishes to bless me with lots of financial prosperity and abundance where i could hire whomever needed to research and develop and build all aspects of this into a manner that would work really well for me. anyhow, i think i keep looking for an ending, not wanting to leave this or stop writing without some sort of conclusion or good thought, like that which was before this whole long section in brackets began.. but sometimes we just gotta start and stop wherever we’re at. there doesn’t need to be a perfect ending, it’s all about the experience. sometimes i wonder why i even share any of this, and have thought about deleting my website and all online presence.. i have deleted a lot of social media postings which has been nice. it’s good to let go of these attachments or external definitions.. especially when things can shift in the world/life so quickly and so much/often. i remember noticing this many years ago when i was actively showing art in galleries/museums and then running into someone i talked to at an exhibition whom asked me about some aspect of a project i mentioned back then that i had long forgotten about.. it was all in the moment and what i saw coming in the moment.. and things didn’t always unfold in the way that i saw at that moment, and it was intriguing to see someone inquire about those things that i had long passed by… anyhow, we’ll see which of these potential futures we choose to experience in the continual unfolding of consciousness]