#community ideas

during the current quarantine and business closure, let this be a time to reflect, meditate, and go deeply within to feel whatever emotions, fears, or other feelings may be lingering. sitting quietly with whatever it is you’re feeling is one of the most healing things you can do, both for yourself and for the collective consciousness of humanity. internally experience and let go of any old hurts, resistances, judgments, blaming, worries, anger, self-righteousness, the mind’s need for control, and anything else that is no longer serving you or anyone else. by releasing the past and any conditioning or emotional charges (that you are constantly creating the present and future with), you open the door for miracles to unfold in your life and in this reality.

also, let this be a time where we can see a glimpse of vision of our future, as some things happening now will be a part of the new world that is unfolding before us (though don’t worry, the whole fear and worry (and anything to be afraid of) will cease as we collectively awaken).

with less need for humans to work (as more things are automated and/or more people awakening to realize our connection to each other), we’ll all start to see funds being dispersed like most of us in this country will soon be receiving (but on a consistent + regular basis in the future). eventually all need for money (or trade) will cease to exist.

with this consistent universal basic income, people will be less stressed (and more healthy) in not needing to worry about survival.

with self-driving automation and/or less people commuting to a job, there will be no traffic delays on the roads like we currently see.

with more free time, people will be more relaxed and able to spend time quietly meditating or with those that they love (or doing what they feel called to).

as people awaken and realize what really matters in life and/or find themselves more relaxed & at ease, unnecessary consumerism & materialism will disappear.

with more people at ease and having their basic needs met, human suffering will be at its lowest point ever and all violence will cease.

with humanity awakened, relaxed, and living with a compassionate & open heart, all forms of competition and conflict will cease to exist.

with less traffic on the road & less consumption and/or a continued shift toward cleaner energy technologies, we’ll all be able to walk outside and breathe in fresh, clean, healthy air wherever we are on the planet.

with less pollution from less internal combustion engine vehicles on the road (and the upcoming complete transition to all electric vehicles), less pollution from reduction (and soon removal) of all fossil fuel energy production, and less pollution than the excessive goods production & human consumption we’ve known, balance will be restored to the planet, and earth itself along with all its inhabitants (humans, plants, and animals) will thrive and live in perfect peace & harmony with each other.

with a complete transition to renewable energy, simplified & reduced manufacturing, and environmentally-friendly agriculture & permaculture, the land, sky, and water will all be clearer & more beautiful, and we’ll see a significant reduction in natural disasters/reactions of any kind.

as all people & nations come together (letting go of any previous differences) and live in harmony with each other and the planet, we’ll see governments, corporations, banks, military, and all other systems of control (that were created by the fearful mind) fall away & completely dissolve, creating space for a much more brilliant new global society to emerge, one where all beings may equally thrive as co-inhabitants of an abundant earth.

with the awakening and enlightenment of the entire collective consciousness of humanity, we will see all of these and so many more beautiful changes that many cannot even yet imagine. new possibilities to improve all of life will continue to naturally evolve and unfold before us. it will truly be a magnificent time to be alive and experience all the beauty that we can collectively create when living from a divinely inspired place.

here’s an exploration looking at what i really desire in a new home..

what i most desire is somewhere peaceful, sacred.

[it’s interesting to see how this exploration unfolded.. this morning i awoke excited with some ideas of visioning what i wanted in a home here in florida since i’ve been looking and looking and not finding anything totally ideal. i began writing about what/where i was looking for a home, and as i continued to elaborate on the details and what all it could have, it started to flow into a grander vision of what could be created for a community, a vision i’ve been meaning to re-visit, explore, and write for quite some time.. it’s funny how the divine can work like that and how one thing can lead to another unexpectedly, especially when following inspiration..]

(scroll down to the very long paragraph at the end for the community ideas)

to me this means natural, quiet, safe, away from disturbances of traffic, not near big power-lines with emf/emr pollution/radiation nor any other industrial/commercial source of pollution or noise, not near any areas of crime or parts of town that are run down or unpleasant to look at. it’d be nice if its somewhere not overly developed, or if its developed, its planned out nicely or kept up.

i’d like somewhere that is right by a nice trail (or small roads) to bike on, where i can bike to a local nature park or preserve without taking or crossing any major roads (or seeing any stores, gas stations, stoplights, etc). (this is why the lansbrook area is nice, as i can get to both the local park and john chesnut park without going on or to east lake road, and some of the trails/sidewalk to the local park are wider and have nice landscaping, where you don’t really see the homes, and the homes you do see are newer/nicely kept. both parks are also quite nice being right on the lake, and john chesnut itself being large enough to provide plenty of space for bicycling within it and exploring on a couple trails)

i’d like a good size lot for the privacy and space it offers. when i look out my windows or doors, i’d like to see nature and not other houses, streets, or signs of anything manmade. i’d like something without any deed restrictions nor hoa or any other special rules so i have as much flexibility to build and do what i want. (however, as above, i’d like it to be in a nice area where everyone keeps everything looking nice/clean but just doesn’t need the rules telling/limiting them what to do) i’d like to have plenty of room on my land for various projects, such as growing food, building a greenhouse, making a meditation garden, building a treehouse or lookout tower, etc. i’d like somewhere where i can first start off parking a tiny home, large travel trailer, airstream, or other rv so i can live in that before i build my home to make sure i like the lot and area (and to have somewhere to stay in the interim). i’d likely still keep the rv/home somewhere on the land to be able to travel with up to the flowering heart center in illinois in the summer months (which hopefully the new center has a spot where i can park and have at least a couple hookups for water and electric, unless there’s enough of us in the community there that want to have community living space soon that we build residential options on-site or nearby).

i’d like my home and land to be very peaceful, natural, and enjoyable as i’d likely spend a lot of time there. daily i’d wander out for a bike ride on the beautiful local trails to the nearby park, or go for a drive to a local park. other than going to parks or nature preserves, i’d mostly just go out to the grocery or health food store, local spiritual communities, or on occasion some local restaurants with good vegetarian options. when i meet a nice, beautiful spiritual/conscious/awakened girl with a good/flowered heart who desires a committed relationship, i’d also often spend time going to visit (until we live together) or going out exploring with her. my home shouldn’t be far from health food stores nor from the flowering heart center in clearwater. my home need not be right by the water though it’d be nice to be close to the gulf, or at least a nice lake or wide open field, as i often like to go see the sunset regularly.

my home would be my own little private ashram, a sacred space where i can be present, relax, or work undisturbed.

the air will be very clean as i like to keep my windows open most of the year when temperatures permit. it will be quiet in the sense of sound, quality of air, etc on the physical plane, and it will also be quiet in the spiritual/mental/emotional planes where i wouldn’t feel any disturbances of lower consciousness anywhere on my land or in the surrounding area. my home will be a very peaceful place where it will be just me and the divine, and i can dissolve into the divine presence daily. everyone and everything nearby will feel and live from a deep sense of peace. it will be more of a mountain cabin or vacation home that one might seek, except it will be my primary residence during the cooler/moderate months in florida where i can easily live and enjoy a simple life. when i feel like going on adventure or interacting with the world, i’ll get in my van (or other exploration vehicle) and go for a ride, wandering as i feel called to. when i get tired of being on the road and just want to rest, i’ll come back home and relax and can feel very refreshed/renewed.

the home itself will be constructed of something very strong and resilient, such as a disaster-proof monolithic dome, so i can leave it for as long as i like and regardless of weather or anything, i know it will still be there safe when i return. it will be energy-efficient and have eco-friendly healthy materials. the styling will be modern, simple, clean, and elegant, either bright or rich in tone, and perhaps with wood or other natural materials in the inside. it’ll be constructed for longevity and to require little to no maintenance. it’d be nice to have off-grid capability in terms of rain collection and solar/wind power, with perhaps the water re-usage capabilities/treatment of an earthship. it’ll have a nice deck/balcony with portions enclosed by screen and portions open, both with magnificent views of trees and nature as far as one can see. it’d be nice to have a jacuzzi and/or sauna to relax in. my home will be a bit of a retreat center where i live simple, relaxed life for as long as i feel called to, between adventures, explorations, and gatherings with beautiful communities. all components will be made of quality, built with care and love, feel solid, and work very well without need for any repair nor maintenance visits.

if my acreage is quite large or huge, it need not necessarily be right by a park as it will essentially become its own park that i can make trails on to explore and bike around. the views from my home will be quite stunning as i see, feel, and sense that i am surrounded by nature. wherever i walk in the home, as i’m going to the kitchen, through the living room, sitting at my desk, lounging in a chair, etc, i will experience glimpses and sights of the natural beauty through the windows or glass doors, as i feel the fresh breeze lightly flowing through my home bringing in quiet natural sounds of birds, the air, water, etc.

the lighting, both inside and outside of my home, will be quite nice. there will be different options for mood, such as dim intimate lighting for romance or sacred space, dimmable lights that light the entire ceiling of the dome for a nice glow, candlelight throughout, more typical modern lights, including under cabinets, etc. there will be nice rope or christmas lighting (perhaps inside and outside), and torch and/or sidewalk lights outside (perhaps lighting various paths on the acreage to be able to wander in the meditation garden).

i will experience much financial abundance and easily be able to pay for the land and home (and continue to add new aspects later, such as the gardens and outdoor areas or structures), as well as easily purchase quality food, travel/adventure, health/wellness experiences, pay for taxes/utilities/ongoing expenses, etc, and be able to generously contribute to spiritual communities and causes that resonate with me. i’ll also be able to start intentional/spiritual community living centers.

some may see aspects of what i wrote above as unnecessary or a bit excessive.. while it’d be nice, i wouldn’t necessarily need dozens or hundreds of acres all for myself, and…

i’d be happy to have all of the above as part a spiritual retreat center or ashram, with a smaller home nearby on a quiet section of the land for myself. then i could spend quiet time in my home as i felt called to, and easily go for a short walk over to the common community areas where we’d have beautiful gardens and shared spaces to meditate and explore together. we’d have plenty of community events: dinners, gatherings, fires, crystal + tibetan bowls, performances, etc. the main community center/temple could be quite large to hold many people for bigger events and would be a nice gathering place for community members to sit quietly, meditate, or meet with friends. i see the main center being one large room in a white dome building. there’d also be smaller buildings, adjoining or nearby, with restrooms, classrooms, a community kitchen, meditative spaces, etc. community members would help with keeping everything neat and clean, growing/harvesting food, gathering/preparing supplies, cooking, gardening, maintaining, etc. we would all live and function as one, in harmony with each other, the space, and the divine. it will be a beautiful space with everyone living at high levels of consciousness and anyone who steps on the grounds or anywhere nearby will be awakened and have their hearts flower. the community will grow to have multiple locations throughout the country or world. i see myself traveling between the locations, at first between the flowering heart centers in florida and illinois as i do now, and then to wherever the centers may grow. my adventures will be the journey between the communities, stopping in nature and other beautiful places, and while at the community centers, i’ll have my own homes and feel at home surrounded by the community family. it will be an extraordinary experience and many beautiful souls will feel called to join, participate, and help elevate consciousness. the communities will experience much abundance in all aspects, and be able to be completely self-sustainable. no longer will any of us have to do anything we feel forced to do just to survive. the divine will provide effortlessly, and the communities can help be a model, inspirational centers, for others looking for alternative ways of life than what currently exists in most of the world. there’d be various living options, exploring sustainable and alternative ways of building, such as building with natural materials, earthships, monolithic domes, yurts, tiny homes, treehouses, etc. some homes would be closer together for those who desire the neighborly small town feel, and some further apart with more natural space between for those who prefer the most monk-like silence. there could also be larger buildings with suites/dormitory/hotel style living for anyone who prefers those, and there would be both temporary and permanent spaces for living. the community could be a retreat center where one could come and stay for a few moments, hours, days, weeks, months, years, or a lifetime. the daily activities and gatherings would be there for those who like or need a schedule or routine, though the atmosphere would be very relaxed and if one missed a class or activity, one could easily pick up where one left off whenever one returns. if anyone is in need of any guidance, spiritual or otherwise, there would always be someone there who could be present or help, though the divine presence itself would so abundant that there likely wouldn’t be the need to specifically hold space for whatever someone may be going through. one would heal simply by being there. there could be a dome room/building where solfeggio frequencies and other sacred sounds are continuously being played where one could sit or lie down in and heal or relax. in other spaces, community members could share various modalities, such as yoga, tai chi, kai chi do, qi gong, reiki, sound healing, oneness processes, exercises from the avatar course, etc, etc. besides cooking community dinners, some members could teach and share how to cook, prepare, and eat healthy vegetarian, raw, or plant-based foods, how to use essential oils, breathing techniques/meditations, and other wellness-related perspectives. there’d also be teaching and workshops of how to apply sustainable principles to create new communities. visiting or living at the center would be an incredible learning and growing experience.. it could almost become a resort or theme park for spiritual wellbeing (but without any consumeristic or detrimental aspects that may be found in those typical sort of facilities). it would be a place for very clean, pure, divine living.. a heaven manifested on earth. there could be group adventures on a regular basis, to take a bus out to a local beach, natural park, local festival/event, healthy restaurant, or to simply wander about public places and radiate blessings and joy to whomever is there. the spiritual retreat center could be like a small town with beautiful walkways, trails, and common areas between the various unique homes and community buildings. divine love and peace would be felt and seen all throughout and within. there could be spaces where community members would regularly exhibit their divinely inspired creative talents, art, writing, speaking, etc. in places that are cold for extended portions of the year, such as the midwest, the center would have indoor facilities to grow food throughout the year, and there could be long heated hallways or tunnels between buildings so one could access most, if not all, of the structures without needing to step out into the cold. in temperate but rainy places, such as parts of hawaii or somewhere else tropical, there could be covered walkways made of bamboo or other natural materials that are open and airy between the buildings. wherever the location is, there would be many beautiful tree-lined trails, walkways, and streets (though motorized vehicles, particularly ones that create noise or pollution, would be kept and driven outside most of the walkable or bikeable areas). the grounds of the center/ashram/town would span hundreds of acres or more, and be surrounded be undeveloped nature, farm, or preserve in a rural area (but not necessarily far from a town, city, or suburban area). as the community and presence grows, the energy emanating from the space would be felt throughout the entire region, causing other beautiful divine manifestations to unfold in their own unique ways nearby (which would help elevate consciousness and flower the heart of those not necessarily interested in a spiritual retreat center or any of the modalities or perspectives offered). there would be a number of unique, beautiful, and serene places to just hang out, sit, walk, or meditate throughout the grounds. there could be a nice observation deck or lookout tower where one could look out into the horizon over the trees, a beautiful pond or lake where one could go for a swim or canoe/kayak ride, and many places to see and experience the natural beauty of the sun setting and rising. there’d be dark open fields to gaze up at the star-filled sky at night. the gardens would be beautifully kept, a meditation just in walking through them, and could become a single reason some come to visit the grounds. there could be a labyrinth, rock gardens, meditation circles, and many places to get lost exploring (with perhaps even a garden/hedge maze for fun). on some parts of the grounds, there could be some subtle ethereal music playing as well as nice lighting and water features or fountains. as one awakens there will be many joys and much beauty to explore and discover, both natural and human-made. there could be large open house events where many come to the center for workshops or a visiting spiritual teacher. during these events, naturally some new visitors may decide to stay for a while, and there’d be plenty of rooms available for whomever feels called to. one may feel drawn or guided toward certain modalities, workshops, or activities offered, or one’s process may simply be to take in the energy, embrace nature, or relax in the community jacuzzi, sauna, or other amenities. whatever path one may be on, one will discover exactly what one needs. there could be a community library of donated books, or little libraries throughout where one might just happen upon the perfect book having the exact answer or question one needed next. if there are families and children residing on the grounds, the education will come from a higher level of awareness, teaching spiritual principles and how to live and interact in the body as a spirit/consciousness, rather than most typical education/memorizing currently taught in society that focuses on programming the mind. one wouldn’t be forced to learn anything, and learning would be more of a discovery process where one could explore and learn whatever anyone felt called to. naturally and organically, some would feel inspired to explore creative aspects of life, some would learn technology, some would learn sustainability, growing food, building, connection, spiritual or healing modalities, teaching, etc, etc. everything that is needed will be divinely inspired and unfold. the spiritual center community will be a place where miracles will unfold on a regular basis. one will feel lighter and more peaceful simply by stepping on the grounds. it will be a safe place where one can be vulnerable and truly embark upon one’s personal/spiritual growth process, whether it be by healing through a process in the loving presence of the divine and other community members, or by simply having a place to dissolve into the void and slip into samadhi to explore higher planes of existence. the boundaries of separation would dissolve and we would all live from our highest divine nature, letting our light shine forth to the world and universe.


[below is an email i sent to my friends Yolanda, Susan, and Fili to explore some ideas related to creating a sustainable spiritual community/center near chicagoland]


here are a number of aspects about the community and some ideas for each of them. please let me know how all of you [or y’all, down heres in the south] feel about them. if something is totally off from what you’re envisioning or wanting, please let me/us know. if some parts really resonate, please say which ones so we can focus more on defining those. there are a lot of potentials, and a lot of the details i wrote will be more long-term based.. to start, a solution for housing and growing some food would work (which could be as simple as building a self-sustaining earthship home and sharing the space, or getting a lot of land to park a few tiny homes and grow food around them).

alignment / intention — we’ll have to collectively decide + determine what the overall intention is for the community and base our creation of it on how well each aspect is aligned with the intention/purpose. [i don’t want to have too many rules or limitations, though it’d be good to find a way to make sure what we’re all doing is energetically aligned with the community intentions and flows smoothly]

overall — the community/center could be a blend of some or all of the following: a self-sustaining off-grid community, a spiritual retreat center, a holistic health / wellness center, an organic farm, a tiny home / alternate / experimental housing development or resort, a natural park/garden, an ashram

sustainability — all aspects of the community should consider sustainability (and self-sustainability) as an important criteria in making decisions.

farming — both fields + greenhouse(s) to grow a variety of edible plants. fruit-producing trees would great too. i’d highly prefer not to have animals on site (especially any that cause strong odors), though possibly free-range chickens could be considered for egg production. food production would go to provide food to those living on the community grounds, for community meals, and could be sold at events to anyone visiting the community (and we could possibly have a farm stand on the main road / community entrance or have pickup/delivery of produce for local restaurants).

off-grid — depending on location, could consider water collection, re-use/recycling, waste treatment (earthship homes have a good approach using the water 4 times). on-site renewable solar + wind energy would be good. for heating + cooling of permanent buildings, an earth-bermed approach (like earthships or bermed monolithic domes, with windows facing south) would be good to eliminate the need for usage of most/any energy to heat/cool.

nature — ideally the surrounding area would be very natural, such as a preserve or park, or possibly agricultural (plant-based, preferably organic or non-spray). if we have an abundance of land with a large acreage, we can keep a natural area around the edge of the community as a preserve (with nature trails). a pond, creek, or other water area would be nice if possible.

location — quiet, peaceful, safe, natural, away from pollution sources (including air, noise, emf/emr, main roads, industrial/commercial areas, etc). i would describe the ideal setting as what one would find in a quiet national park/forest, followed by a rural or semi-rural area. ideally the land will be quiet + private, yet not too far from health food stores, flowering heart center, etc

meditation gardens — a nicely kept garden for meditation or nature walks would be beautiful. depending on how we want to run/design the community, this could be something that we could charge admission to (or request donations from) for the public. a labyrinth or other meditation circle would be neat to have too.

nature trails (walking + biking) — nice quiet trails around the community would be great for exploration, walking meditation, exercise, etc. depending on landscape, potentially a boardwalk like found in nature parks. a lookout tower or elevated walkway would be great where one can see the surrounding nature, sunset, and parts of the farm or community. treehouses could be neat to have as a space for meditation, gatherings, or camping.

landscaping — ideally landscaping will be kept natural or with minimal impact to the environment. landscaping should not require use of any gas-powered lawn care equipment that causes noise + air pollution.

housing — i see multiple potentials.. parking spots for movable tiny houses, small permament housing, shared housing in larger homes or dorms. anything built on site should consider sustainable building methods + energy-efficiency, such as passive house standards, monolithic domes, earthships, etc. ideally, the feel of any buildings (and the entire community) should invoke peacefulness, relaxation, sacredness, serenity, etc. minimalism in design would be good. a feeling closer to a nice resort would much be preferred rather than an art colony (though perhaps both kinds can exist on different parts of the land). this resort feeling doesn’t necessarily mean high-end expensive materials/finishes, but rather a clean, minimalistic, calm, flowing experience. this part is a little trickier – i don’t want too many rules or for everything to conform (as i don’t like the limitations of things like HOA’s), though good design considerations will help the overall feel of the community. i think a part of this will depend upon the density and placement of the homes. if homes are further apart in the woods / fields / nature, then there’d be more room for differences in home types / looks [though at the same time, a row of closely-spaced + brightly colored tiny homes could be neat too]. ideally the buildings should blend in or work well with the natural landscaping and be able to keep as much of the surrounding trees, plants, etc as possible, and there would be natural areas between each building / home. [some of these ideas are starting to go in different directions, exploring other possibilities i’ve imagined, such as master-planned residential developments/communities done with tiny homes or alternative housing types.. if these aspects aren’t aligned with what we are all looking for, i’m open to excluding them]

community areas — an outdoor gazebo or field for gathering would be nice, as well as a place for a fire pit/circle for social events or spiritual rituals.

community hall — a large hall would be great for various community gatherings and events. this could be rented out to (or profits split with) other conscious/spiritual teachers/groups to help cover the community expenses. a shared kitchen in the hall would be great so we could prepare meals for events and regularly as a community [we could also invite others whom don’t live on site and request donations for the meals].

business model — the ideal classification may be a non-profit church to avoid both property taxes and taxes on donations/revenue. regarding ownership of the grounds + buildings, it may be best to have everything owned by the community non-profit organization with rooms/homes or parking spaces for tiny homes rented out to those staying (one idea to explore would be classifying the stay as a spiritual retreat, as this may give us more flexibility compared to a more typical apartment/land lease, and potentially may be required if the organization is a non-profit or church). we could work something out where those of us starting/running the community or working the farm can live on site for free or at a reduced rate. another potential business model to consider would be that of a campground where spots are rented either short term or monthly/annually, and there can be park/destination models that are more permanent, as well as lodges/cabins or tiny homes / rv’s that can be rented from the campground for anyone who doesn’t have their own to park. or, if we are more farm-based, we could model after (or be part of) WWOOF where individuals volunteer on the farm in exchange for accomodation and meals. in the future if there are events that will bring in people from out of town and if we are to have a housing building with multiple rooms, we could run part of it like a bed and breakfast, dorm/hostel, or resort. regarding housing, we may be able to partner with a tiny house company to get free homes to rent out and split the proceeds (i know of one company currently distributing homes for this purpose).

income sources — rental of rooms, homes, or parking spaces for tiny homes. selling meals + extra produce. renting space in community hall for events/workshops. donations from those visiting the gardens. hosting our own workshops, classes, and other events. potentially a shop selling artwork, cds, books, crystals, etc. other donations, investments, etc.

roads — internal roads should be carefully considered (and minimized) so traffic does not become a hinderance to the quiet natural space of the community. to avoid air + noise pollution, it’d be good to consider only allowing zero emission vehicles on the internal roads, and having a parking lot/area near the main road / community entrance for internal combustion engine vehicles and visitors. during winter months when temperatures are below freezing, we could consider allowing any vehicle to use the internal roads if the grounds are large.

activities — community members could lead various activities such as meditation/blessing circles, community dinners, drum circles, sound healing, nature walks, yoga, qi gong, kai chi do, movie night, chanting, reiki share, etc. conscious celebration, singing, dancing, theatre, comedy, performances, and other fun activities would be great too (as long as they are aligned with the overall intention of the community). it’d be good to have both planned events and spontaneous activities that are inspired in the moment or that day. one idea might be to alternate between days of planned activities and quiet days, so anyone who wants to embrace silence and simply be has the quiet space to do so regularly. silent community meals would be a neat practice [it doesn’t have to be for all of them]. we could get a bus and go on community field trips to go explore local places. [the bus could also serve as a way to pick up a group who’s traveling to our community from the city or elsewhere via train]

education — the community could have regular classes for anyone whom lives on site or nearby (or online). the classes could be in the areas related to what we are doing, such as sustainability, spirituality, wellness, healing, etc

density — i see different levels of density available. there could be a row of closely-spaced tiny homes or buildings for a main street type feel, as well as larger buildings with individual rooms/units rented out. these would be near the community hall. there would also be buildings or tiny homes spaced out on larger pieces of land. these would have room for one’s own yard if one desires and natural or farm areas surrounding the units. some could be spaced much further apart with plenty of natural area around for the feeling of being completely immmersed in nature yet be walking or biking distance to the other homes + hall [this is ideally what i would like for my spot].

inspiration — the center/community can serve as a model for others to follow to create their own sustainable communities elsewhere. [in the future, we could also expand our community and create our own additional locations] we could host workshops or tours to show and teach others what we’ve done and how well its worked, and potentially offer consulting to anyone who wants to start their own community up.

here’s something i wrote earlier this year (scroll down to the very long paragraph) that has some additional ideas in it:
markmarano.com/2018/01/29/17928/ (Fili, i already sent this one to you back when i wrote it)

Once again, I find myself desiring to create some sort of inspirational center. There is such great energy at the Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago, and lots of fun activities happening. Though, will I find this community in other places as I travel? I yearn to have such a connection wherever I may go. Especially as I travel to nature, and experience the beauty of the land. Perhaps what I must create is an escape, a place where one may experience a retreat for their own growth and creativity. Those who live in urban places can still explore what remains there, though when they need to take a break, and escape from the chaos found in the city, they may go visit the inspirational center I desire to create. Whether it be a long or short visit, friends and exploration will await at the inspirational center. Some may choose to live there for extended lengths of time or permanently. Everyone can share their talents and inspire others, while absorbing the high energy of a beautiful, natural setting. This is the place I seek. The place I will create. The center will also grow its own food and be completely self-sustainable so those who visit will have an abundance of fresh food to live off of and not have to worry about the basic necessities as they take a moment or two to visit during their journey of life. And a part of the entire experience will be learning to live in a unique setting, very much an alternate to the conventional city life. This unique experience of disconnecting from the ordinary, everyday life may be the catalyst in inspiring someone to follow their path, their passion.


as humanity continues to collectively awaken and our hearts flower, we will see a new world unfold that is very different than the one in which we currently live. our reality will shift to one that is full of peace, love, and harmony. as we realize that all conflict originates in the mind and we become free from the mind, we will no longer feel the urge to live from any lower vibrations of consciousness. anything that was previously arising in the lower self, the ego/mind, will no longer serve us and control us. we’ll be free of any inner conflict, discovering a deep inner peace, and will begin to live from that place. our inner peace will radiate outward to the world and reflect back to us as a beautiful, loving, harmonious place.

with our freedom from the mind, our level of consciousness will increase and we will become more aware of what is occurring in both the inner and outer world.  we will be able to clearly see what is happening, and realize that when something arises all we need to do is fully experience it and it will dissolve, freeing us from the suffering that occurs with resisting it and preventing it from being projected onto the outer world.  the more of us that do this inner work, the quicker we’ll reach a point where the lower frequencies of consciousness no longer arise in the collective consciousness of humanity.  as we become liberated from these feelings, emotions, thoughts, and charges that no longer serve us, we naturally are able to see reality as it is and can experience it in its full beauty, realizing that everything is perfect as it is.

being free from the mind, we will see the dissolution of many aspects of society that have existed solely due to the power and control games of the ego and its fear-based reality.  all conflict, war, greed, and need to control others, oneself, or the world will disappear.  we will no longer need any military forces, police, government, or controlling authorities of any kind as humanity will naturally be kind and loving towards each other. if any emotions or conflicting thoughts were to arise, we’d naturally be able to experience them and release them internally, or share from a loving place with each other through conscious communication and help each other feel and fully experience whatever is there rather than fighting, condemning, judging, criticizing, or resisting each other or any feelings. any emotions or charges will naturally pass through very quickly. no longer will one be able to hold a grudge or let something affect one’s life for days, weeks, months, years.

we will see drastic shifts in how the socio-economic systems of today operate. resources that have been controlled by the few will become available to the many. no longer will anyone feel the need to control or hold onto more than they need. the greed or fear of not having enough will simply no longer exist. those who have excess will realize what they’ve been holding onto unnecessarily and will begin to give away and share what they are no longer feeling they need to control. any games the mind plays of control, manipulation, or domination of others in any way will no longer exist. when free of the ego/mind, one will realize that trying to control something outside of oneself is not going to make one feel any better or take away any pain or fear one may be resisting. one will be able to face and fully experience and release any pains, fears, or thoughts that were being resisted and will no longer feel the urge nor desire to harm another in any way.

with the dissolution of the collective ego, we will see drastic changes in money, barter, and other forms of trade. all corruption that had existed in socio-economic systems, politics, governments, the financial world, etc will completely dissolve and cease to exist. over time, money and the whole idea of profit will completely dissolve as neither will be needed any longer. everyone will simply do what they feel called to and all of our needs and desires will be met from the universe, or a higher source, (and in alignment with the benefit of all of humanity) rather than relying on previous systems of needing to work, buy, or trade. one will feel fulfilled as one’s needs are met and as one has the opportunity to selflessly serve and help others.

technology will continue to improve but it will arise from a place of cooperation and love for what one can do to serve humanity, rather than from a place competition and wanting to out-do the other or be the first or only to make something. new technological innovations will be inspired, from the divine creative source, to help humanity in one way or another, whether it be to make life simpler or better for others, or to inspire others and celebrate the beauty of our human experience and the experience of earth. with all the great shifts we’ll see, people won’t ever feel they are forced to do anything they don’t want to do simply to survive. we will live from an inspired place of doing what we love or feel called to, rather than from a place of struggle, resistance, and just trying to survive or make ends meet. if anyone is ever hurting in any way and unable to work through whatever one is facing, others (or the divine source) would naturally appear to help and one would never have to suffer unnecessarily. there will never be any judgmentalism, criticism, or punishment over what one might be facing. others would simply see what is occurring and allow the loving presence to shine through to help uplift and heal whomever may need it.

as the ego dissolves and the consciousness of humanity increases, our sense of connection to each other will increase and we’ll begin to experience our oneness with each other. everywhere we go, we’ll simply be meeting other parts of ourself. even if its the first time meeting a physical being, we’ll feel a deep sense of already knowing them. we’ll naturally be in tune with each other and feel what the other is feeling. we’ll reach a point where physical communication through actual speaking or by means of technology is no longer necessary, as we’ll be able to communicate telepathically. we still may choose to use some form of physical or technological communication for fun, though it won’t be necessary. when someone is in need of help, another will be able to feel it immediately and provide assistance. this may begin by one feeling inspired or called to go somewhere and not knowing why, and then discovering that one was divinely inspired by the need or call of another. although it may seem like a need, there will never truly be any need or lack, as the divine will provide abundance to all and there will be more resources than humanity and earth need.

these changes arising out of our collective awakening will lead to the end of poverty, homelessness, starvation, disease, and any other kind of physical or mental suffering that has existed on earth. as we sense our connection to one another, we’ll naturally want to help each other and create a reality where everyone is taken care of. the conflicted mind/ego will no longer need to be controlling resources nor indoctrinating others to continuously chase after more, bigger, better, faster, etc. one will know what one needs and live from a place of inspiration of what to do in one’s life, rather than from forces of manipulation, consumerism, control from the media, etc that had previously existed. religion that has exhibited control, power, or authority over the people will either transform or cease to exist. humanity will become god-realized and be in tune with the divine source within, and be guided from that place, rather than relying on external sources that may not be fully accurate or are coming from a place of serving their own agenda. as more and more of us live from a place of inspiration, the world will transform and evolve very quickly. we’ll naturally sense our connection to everyone and everything, including the planet itself, and all of our actions will be ones that are aligned with the health of mother earth.

we’ll see great changes in systems of education that have been focused on programming the mind and people to think, act, and conform to certain ways. there still will be education available for certain aspects of the mind for those who want to study science, technology, etc, though nothing will be forced, and there will be emphasis on much more heart-based education where, from an early age, one will learn how to flow effortlessly with life, others, and the divine. education itself will become something that arises out of inspiration rather than a very rigid, scheduled, and controlled system. if one becomes interested in a certain area, whomever is teaching will naturally be there to guide the child or student to explore that area at the time of inspiration, rather than put it off until later because its not part of a previously determined systematic approach. everything will flow naturally and effortless as the divine and universe inspire and provide. humanity will start to see more mystical, magical, and miraculous experiences on a regular basis. we’ll regularly be opening ourselves up to more of what is truly possible in this beautiful reality.

living in a world where continuous economic growth is no longer a priority, and one where new technological innovations can perform most of the tasks that previously required a person, we’ll discover that most of us will no longer be required to work and we will be free to live life as we feel inspired to do so. at the same time, everything we could possibly need will be provided for as resources will no longer be controlled by aspects of the ego/mind that no longer exist. being free from having to struggle just to survive or exist on the physical plane, humanity will have much more energy available to connect with the divine creative source, and naturally flow with life and serve others and the divine. some of us will feel called to explore and develop new technologies. some of us will be inspired to meditate or deepen our spiritual connection with the divine and each other. some of us will play, create art, music, write, or other things to celebrate life and inspire others. regardless what each of us do (or don’t do) in the physical world, it will all flow perfectly, as we all will do what we love or what resonates with us the most (even if that changes often), and it will be divinely aligned with humanity and the world. we will all shine our divine light and experience the presence in each other and wherever we go. with open hearts, the world will look and feel very different than it did in the past when so many of us were closed off from each other. we will all be healed on all levels, and be free to flow through life. those of us that still do what one might think of as regular tasks, such as to oversee the technology or perform tasks that technology cannot yet perform for us, will naturally do so out of a place of selfless service for the collective benefit of humanity, and will enjoy doing so. anything that must be done will be done by those called to do so, and the ways of doing it will easily be passed on from those currently doing so or directly from the divine, without excessive complexity that previously had been found in many systems or ways of doing things. one choosing to perform any task or interested in a new activity will do so from a place of inspiration directly from the divine or higher self, and won’t need to rely upon external sources dictating or demanding what to do (though at times, one may feel inspired to ask someone else for help, and the other will naturally be able to be of service).

many changes will be seen in the various forms of entertainment that humanity partakes upon. free from inner conflict and no longer feeling the urge for any kind of competition to make one feel better by putting another down or making another lose, we’ll see the dissolution of various aspects of sports, fashion, consumerism, etc. sports will be played merely for the fun of the game and there won’t be complex systems in place to determine one big winner upon regular intervals as there have been in the past, and there never will be any shaming or putting another down or thinking one athlete or team is superior to another simply for having performed better in any game. any kind of game or performance will be seen as a playful expression of the divine, and not indicative of any particular human(s) being better or worse than others. fashion, in clothing, luxury products, jewelry, cars, technology, and any other form, will no longer be in place for one to make oneself look better than another (nor to think one is better because one has something that is newer, more expensive, etc, etc), but rather it will exist as a celebration of the humanity and for one to be able to have more diverse experiences and feelings simply as an exploration (such as using colors, elements, crystals, or stones that have different healing or spiritual properties). we’ll no longer see any kind of violence in the media or any form of entertainment, as no one will have any interest nor desire in seeing any one of us harmed in reality or entertainment, and no harming will occur. what humanity will be interested in and experience will be entertainment and celebrations that are uplifting. if anyone ever does feel down or stuck, it will be honored and one will be encompassed in love and will heal quickly. everyone will learn and know how to handle whatever might show up. one will no longer need to turn to or rely upon external substances such as alcohol or tobacco or prescription drugs to make one feel better. the entire medical industry will transform and evolve into one of wellness and natural or divine healing, and the pharmaceutical industry will no longer be needed and will cease to exist. the news will no longer spread fear nor control others, and will shift to come from a place of sharing the good of humanity and celebrating life. eventually the news will no longer exist as something one needs to watch regularly as humanity will be completely engulfed in living in the present moment that one doesn’t need any external source to tell what is happening in the world. advertisements and promotional messages of any kind will no longer exist as part of our daily experience. there will be a place or resource, such as on the internet, where one can discover new innovations and explore products or services one might be interested in, but the messages there will be simply technical and informative, and not coming from a place of persuasion, competition, nor of overly creating need or desire or fear or any other approach that does not help others. the resource will simply exist as a means to serve humanity. as no one will be living from the lower self and the fear, competition, greed, etc that can come from the ego/mind, any product, service, entertainment, or otherwise that is created will arise out of a place of love and selfless service, and not as one’s means to an end or other self-serving purpose. the news and celebrations of humanity, and media or notices of what else has happened or will be happening in the world, will also be found at a similar resource where one can go if one wants to explore or learn, and will arise from a place of neutrality and selfless service to humanity. most of what one needs to learn or know will arise out of intuition and divine calling, and any information needed will already be there or will be spontaneously created or provided as one needs it. in every moment, one will realize one’s connection to everything and clearly see how one is co-creating reality with the divine/universe. reality will be an amazing high yet grounding experience. the divine presence will be fully realized on earth, and humanity will shine more brilliantly than ever.

the air we breathe will be clean. the water we drink will be pure. and all of the food that is grown and produced will be natural, organic, and without genetic modification or any manipulation that adversely affects our health. overly processed foods will cease to exist as no one will desire them any longer. we’ll live in a world full of an abundant variety of healthy food. any technology needed to produce healthy and clean food, water, air, and any and all other conditions for our greatest health and the health of the planet will naturally unfold. unhealthy food addictions, and addictions of any other kind, will cease to exist. humanity will naturally feel called to eat what is best for the body, and we’ll all live in perfect health. any new technologies and developments of any kind will all be aligned with that of our collective health and wellbeing. patents, corporations, companies, and any and all other mechanisms or forms of control, power, or manipulation that do not serve the benefit of humanity as a whole will dissolve. humanity will work together as a collective for the benefit of all and will no longer need any such forms of control or regulation. everything will work more in the form of open-source, and as a community creating and sharing together. all of this will happen naturally and effortlessly, from the guidance and inspiration of the divine creative source, without need for excessive regulation or rules created by the mind. rules, regulations, laws, etc will cease to exist in all areas as humanity will no longer need any external moral compass nor control in order to thrive and exist in harmony with each other and all beings on earth, including earth itself. and as the power/control games of the ego/mind cease to exist, we’ll realize how many rules were really unnecessary. any differences any of us may have had with or against another will be completely dissolved and no longer arise. when creating or resolving anything, we’ll come from an open place of sharing perspectives, and will naturally understand and appreciate each other’s viewpoints, and we’ll be divinely guided as to which direction to take.

as newer technologies are developed, we will see high-tech advances that have never been done before, though we’ll also see an interest in low-tech solutions, as some of these may be simpler and more efficient, effective, or reliable than the high-tech options. as our collective goal will be that which serves humanity and the planet, rather than competing to make the best new gadget, we’ll be open to what actually works best and simplest for our intended purpose. further into the future, as our capabilities as divinely-realized human beings evolve more greatly, we’ll need less and less technology to achieve and experience than we previously did.

we will live in perfect harmony with nature, and we will see many more parks and green spaces throughout urban and suburban areas. many more large nature preserves, parks, and open land will be found in rural areas, and any new development will be carefully planned around preserving the natural environment. new cities will be much more in tune with nature, and will have more preserve and natural areas than developed areas, created with a very organic and natural feel, yet in a sustainable manner. local communities and technologies will become more self-sustainable without the need to run infrastructure long distances to non-renewable sources. with many previous systems and structures no longer serving the new humanity, old buildings will be re-purposed, transformed, or recycled into something new. we will see many more local community centers with regular events and gatherings, both spontaneous and planned, throughout new and old cities and towns. more people will become interested in gathering regularly for a greater purpose, to selflessly serve the community and earth, such as by planting a garden or trees for food or natural restoration, or by working together to build homes for new community members, or by coming together to meditate, celebrate life, or raise the vibration and consciousness of the local and global community in some other way.

as awakened, transformed, and evolved human beings on earth, we’ll experience more joy, happiness, peace, and love on a daily basis, and it will be without cause and without the need of any external circumstance to produce it. we’ll simply be living naturally from a place of unconditional love that will arise from the divine in our heart. we’ll experience, feel, and live from a place of gratitude, grace, and connection, and feel deeply fulfilled regardless of what we do or don’t do in the physical, mental, or virtual world. while we’re able to live from a place without desires and without resistance, we’ll still be inspired to play, create, experience, and explore the beautiful world around us. everywhere we turn, we’ll see the unconditional divine love within us manifesting as a magnificent world around us, filled with beautiful experiences and radiating love.

in essence, humanity will transform to become a celebration of love and life itself.

I envision a Positive Life / Spiritual / Creative / Inspirational Community / Center, where those of us on a similar path can gather and reunite to help each other along our journey, and where we can share our talents with others. The Positive Life Community will be a place and community where we can teach and inspire others to explore and enjoy the possibilities of life, and to choose to create the life they desire. We will explore and share a variety of creative/expressive areas, including art, photography, writing, singing, dancing, yoga, athletics, cooking, design, speaking, etc, etc. We will teach others to live life as a work of art, be it in some form of creative expression, or in the manner one lives life, such as a unique form of living (like living a life of endless travel, adventure, and inspiration from an RV or otherwise). We will also share and teach spiritual awareness, personal growth, success coaching, healing, and deliver the Avatar Course at the Center.

I see the Positive Life Community starting off as one ‘Center’ and then easily expanding out to many locations worldwide. One of the first locations will be in a high energy, natural place such as Sedona, AZ, or the islands of Hawaii. It will be a place where people come year round and we all come at various times as we desire; some of us may choose to stay at the Center or reside nearby for extended periods of time. As the Community grows, we will have on-site accommodations for our visitors (and those of us teaching and running the Center). Imagine what it will be like for those visiting to wake up in awe and inspired, being surrounded by the energy of everyone sharing and exploring their talents! Every day will be a celebration of life in an amazing atmosphere we create, with dancing, performances, art and film exhibitions, and large dinners for the entire group (during some of the dinners, everyone will get to explore a given topic or idea with the person sitting next to them and then share their discoveries with the table or entire group)!

Feel free to contact me if you desire to participate in the creation of the Positive Life Community.