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one can learn so much from nature.  take some time from your day to explore in nature and see what you might find.  each day that we spend quietly in nature (or in silence or meditation) is a gift, a healing step forward, for ourselves, for others, and for the planet.  may this be the first of many earth days where humanity really grows more in tune with nature, and begins to live more harmoniously with each other and the planet.

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the most important thing anyone can do right now is to step out of any fear and panic, and step into a place of peace and calm.  meditation or a quiet walk in nature can be quite healing.  if there are any strong emotional feelings arising, learn to love them, embrace them, and let go of any resistance towards them (as you quietly sit with them and feel them), so that they may be fully experienced and permanently dissolved.  when you are able to return to a natural state of silence and peace, spend some time to sit quietly and envision the beautiful new world you want to see.  do this regularly, at least once a day.  give much more attention, energy, and time to imagining and feeling what you want to see unfold in the world, rather than constantly looking for media updates of (the often negative news of) what's happening.

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with seemingly so much going on in the #world, #remember to take a #break from each day to #meditate or to go for a #walk in the #park. simply surrounding yourself with #trees in #nature is #healing, and the beautiful #goldenhour #light reminds us how magnificent this planet is.

also remember to practice #gratitude. some times it’s easier than others, though if we take a moment to look at our lives, there is so much to be #grateful for [like, for those of here in #florida, we can be grateful these couple days of #winter aren't nearly as cold as in many other places. if in a cold place you don’t like, find what you can enjoy about the experience, like sitting by the fire or the magical feeling of the first snowfall of the season]. by shifting our energy to one of gratitude and appreciation, we'll begin to see more positive experiences show up in our lives.
do not judge, criticize, or condemn anyone whom might have a different belief than you, regardless of how bad it may seem.  others' views, beliefs, and actions are merely a product of where one is in consciousness, and one can only do as good as they can given their level of consciousness.  if any given level of consciousness appears to not be helpful to others or the world, rather than use your energy blaming those whom don't know any better, direct your focus, attention, and energy towards helping more & more people (including yourself) heal, awaken, and continue to raise the overall level of consciousness. through our collective growth we will transform human consciousness and create a beautiful new earth where we all live as one, in peace & perfect harmony with each other and the planet. (also remember that the reflection they played, regardless of how bad or wrong it was, may have been exactly what you or another needed in order to grow to higher levels of consciousness)

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stop, be still, and feel what is happening within.  surrender, go deep enough, and beneath any struggles you will discover the infinite source of peace, bliss, and love.

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remember, the outer world is a reflection of what's happening inside.  the more of us that dive deep within and face and feel the fears or emotions we've been resisting, the sooner we'll see a change of what's being projected onto the movie screen of reality.  if we don't like what's playing, all we need to do is change the channel by shifting how we're feeling internally, in consciousness.

while we still ought to stay somewhat aware of the world around us, the more energy or attention we continue to give any given thing or circumstance we're seeing, the more of it will continue to show up.  instead of feeding something we may not want, take that time to sit quietly, meditate, and deeply feel what's going on within.  fully embrace whatever feelings or emotions may arise, even if they're ones you may not want. [by doing so, you are loving and accepting all aspects yourself (and the world) as they are.  it is only through this unconditional love that we can truly grow.]

by letting go of the resistance and completely surrendering into whatever it is you're feeling, you'll allow yourself to fully experience it within.  upon doing so, you will be free of it, and through its release it will cease projection onto the outer world.  this inner healing work can be quite miraculously, both individually and for the collective consciousness of humanity.  as enough of us continue to awaken and heal, we'll see big miracles and shifts in our life experience here on earth.

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together let us call forth the complete healing, permanent awakening, and flowering of the heart of all of humanity.  from this place, a new earth will naturally unfold to reflect the beauty we all radiate from within, and we'll all be able to live in perfect harmony with each other & the planet. -
as the collective consciousness awakens and we live from a more heart-centered place, we will naturally create a beautiful world where all will live with good health, well-being, happiness, peace, love, joy, abundance, clean air, organic food, sustainability, renewable & free energy, zero emissions transportation, resilient shelter, a healed climate, many natural spaces, etc, etc.  in this new earth we will see the end of war, violence, greed, control, fear, domination, oppression, hate, and anything else created by the mind that no longer serves us.

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on a very short walk today, i noticed a tree that i didn't think was there before.  perhaps being more relaxed (after a nice long, quiet drive by the closed beaches) and in the present moment, it simply felt differently.  or perhaps as i had felt a shift earlier today, i had stepped into an alternate timeline or reality where the tree now existed.  as we learn to work through and shift what is happening in consciousness, things will shift in this physical reality.  in actuality, reality is much more fluid than it is solid, and both big and small things can change effortlessly when we surrender into the presence.  if we let go of our attachment to things being a certain way, the more dream-like our experience of life can become.  it is only in holding onto certain viewpoints or emotional charges that we solidify reality.

the more we live in the present moment, the more profound (or simply calm) experiences we will have (and as these integrate, they will become a part of our natural everyday experience). remember to take time each day to relax and simply sit in the present moment.  doing this as the first thing in the morning (and just before bed) can be very helpful.  if any feeling arises that prevents you from feeling completely calm or present, then sit with that feeling.  by not running from it (and not looking for some distraction), the unpleasant feeling can be fully experienced and dissolve (and then you'll discover a natural peace and bliss that arises). the more you stay in the stillness, the deeper this natural calm becomes.  soon you'll see that this peace fills you much more fully than any external distraction could ever do, and as you learn to live your life from this place, you will find that the underlying peace becomes permanent or easily accessible (and circumstances that may have previously been chaotic or difficult no longer bother you, and you're able to navigate through life with grace and ease).

now is our time to collectively awaken, to remember and realize our true nature as the dreamer of this dream. use any free time you have to spend quietly in meditation or feeling whatever is there internally. the more of us that do this inner work, the more quickly all of humanity will awaken (and the sooner a more beautiful new world will unfold in this dream of life).

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remember, whenever any unpleasant feeling arises, simply choose to be with it long enough, and "this too shall pass”. [there is always a peaceful bliss on the other side, after we fully feel through whatever is there without resistance] #feeling #healing #beach #nature #walk #clouds #city #bay #palmtrees #park #water #sand #afternoon .. shot on #iphone, edited in #instagram app. #iphonese #hdr