remember, that when reading, hearing, or watching anything, to listen carefully to your own heart to see what aspects resonate with you.  even if you do believe a lot or most of what someone is saying, don't just accept everything else they say if those parts aren't true to you.  at the same time, don't completely disregard someone if a part of what they are saying isn't something you believe or like.  take whatever resonates with you (or what you feel you need to hear) and leave the rest.  sometimes the divine speaks to us through others, but the message may not always be in the exact words they are saying.  listen from your heart, and you'll know what is real and what is meant for you.  and if you feel triggered or upset (or something else) when listening from the heart, the message may have simply been what you needed to hear in order to experience and release an emotion that was trapped within.  a greater part of the truth happens through feeling, rather than through thinking or understanding with the mind.

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