2012 May

To my friends in Chicagoland: I just arrived in Elgin last night and will be around here for a little bit. Lemme know if ya want to get together.. I'm going to the city tonight for a meditation and the Oneness Blessing at the Bodhi Spiritual Center if anyone wants to join me.

You have to every day of your lives be ready to hear what whispers in your ear

- Steven Spielberg

i didn’t think too much about these (or at all) when i shot them, and just threw all of the clips on a timeline with the same basic filter settings.. though this does have a nice, peaceful feel to it.. this could be my best work yet :)


Goodbye Florida... not sure when I'll see ya again

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

- Marcus Aurelius

To my friends in Florida: I'm gonna be leaving town in a week.. lemme know if ya want to meet up. You're also welcome to join me at a free paddleboard lesson and demo tomorrow morning if you're interested.


I’ve been wondering how can I step out of the game, and help others do the same. So many people are trapped by the constraints of society. The control put on from the few who think they’re above that set the rules and create elaborate systems to win at their own game while others lose. Perhaps the solution is to step outside of the whole money game, and to create a society where everything is traded, or better yet, shared. […]

perhaps the art is about the battle between the ego and the soul. perhaps that’s why man and nature have been there all along in the work. the underlying message was a documentation of my own journey between the mind and the heart. i can choose one, then the other after i get bored with the first, then back again as i grow bored again. maybe it’s about being out of balance. bouncing from one extreme to the other, as a means to satisfy some sort of missing component. as a mean to satisfy a loss. a loss of balance. perhaps? perhaps not? perhaps a bit? who is to know? we can only observe life as it unfolds.