#nature #water #landscape #river #land #park #lookingdown #fromabove #flying #dji #mavic #mini #quadcopter #drone #aerialphotography #aerial #florida .. i filled up and downloaded the micro-sd card for the first time since i got #mavicmini, and quickly edited these in #adobe #lightroom instead of on my iphone like i had been doing with all the previous shots i took with it.  since the beginning of the month/year/decade, i’ve been photographing and posting something at least once per day, editing all on my phone except for these and the infrared ones (as that memory card also filled up while shooting those), though think i’m not going to keep forcing myself to take and post something daily.  the workflow and interface is so much nicer on a computer compared to going through hundreds of shots on a tiny phone screen, and, although i’ve been able to get good images (despite bad light and weather some days), creativity (like anything else in life) flows so much better when one is inspired and relaxed (rather than trying to force oneself to do something, especially at or within a limited time period). i think soon i'll start to experiment with shooting video clips on the mavic mini as, other than two video clips i didn't post (one of which i think i shot by accident), i've only been shooting photos in the timed interval shot mode (which also makes sorting through photos difficult as there are so many (and composition may not be ideal on many of them), though it will allow me to later put everything into a time-lapse video of all my flights). it'll also be good to play around with not always flying so high and using the mavic mini more for its smooth camera movements via gimbal stabilization rather than for its aerial perspectives.  its great how much one can do with a flying camera.  i remember many years ago wanting to be able to just set a camera out in front of me and have it stay there without a tripod.. its nice to see this idea have manifested into radio-controlled quadcopters with stabilized cameras (and now pocket-sized too!)
on april 6 this year i purchased my first electric vehicle, a 2016 Fiat 500e.  previously leased with very low mileage, it had a hint of new car smell to it.  it's fully electric with a smaller battery, making it a low range EV, though, by driving efficiently, one can get significantly more range between charges than the EPA rating.

in the first month of owning it, i drove a total of 1523.7 miles, averaging 5.7 mi/kWh.  at the nationwide average cost per kWh, that’s just over 2 cents per mile. even if the trip computer is optimistic and there are efficiency losses when charging the battery, it’s still under 3 cents per mile.  i did drive slowly + conservatively (and with windows down rather than air conditioning) in order to maximize efficiency to be able to go far without draining the battery too low, though even driving a bit faster or with A/C, the cost will still be far less than what it’d cost with a gas car.

with electricity being so inexpensive it opens one up to be able to explore more (and without any emissions that an internal combustion engine vehicle would have). if i would've driven all those same miles in the van i had, it would have cost me $200 more for the gas than the electricity costs.  saving a couple hundred dollars a month surely adds up.. looking at this number alone, the car will pay for itself in less than 5 years and will effectively be free. (some electric vehicles can be purchased used at a much lower price than new)

besides the financial savings, electric cars perform much better, are much quieter, have practically no maintenance, and have much less of an environmental impact than a car that burns gas or diesel.  we’re just starting the global transition to electric vehicles.. it’s exciting to be driving the future.

if you're in need of a car, i would strongly encourage you to get an electric vehicle.  besides helping prevent climate change, you'll have a much better driving experience.  some new models have bigger battery packs that can go as far as gas cars and can charge very quickly.  even with a higher initial price, a new electric car will cost less to own than a gasoline car with the savings in maintenance and gas.

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all images shot on an #iphone6 with the basic #iphone camera app, and the jpeg files were edited in an old copy of #lightroom that was released 6 years ago.. there's often no need to have the latest photo technology or gear if you know how to work with what you do have.