do not judge, criticize, or condemn anyone whom might have a different belief than you, regardless of how bad it may seem.  others' views, beliefs, and actions are merely a product of where one is in consciousness, and one can only do as good as they can given their level of consciousness.  if any given level of consciousness appears to not be helpful to others or the world, rather than use your energy blaming those whom don't know any better, direct your focus, attention, and energy towards helping more & more people (including yourself) heal, awaken, and continue to raise the overall level of consciousness. through our collective growth we will transform human consciousness and create a beautiful new earth where we all live as one, in peace & perfect harmony with each other and the planet. (also remember that the reflection they played, regardless of how bad or wrong it was, may have been exactly what you or another needed in order to grow to higher levels of consciousness)

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