[a.k.a. life on the road]

take two, a little quicker:

[a 1732.6 mile journey]

shortly after a successful launch of the camera, the line got stuck in the winder [as it was loose] on the way out … and i almost couldn’t pull the line down enough to untangle it as it was pulling pretty hard!

this took a little longer to launch and after the first flight i saw the camera was off when it landed, so had to relaunch to create the time-lapse movie, though I had another successful flight with 1000 feet of line.. I estimate the maximum altitude was close to 900 feet above ground a few times when the winds lifted the kite higher.. you can see Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island in the distance, and hints of the Bayside Bridge […]

a view from the camera 25 feet in the air.. funny the attention it draws.. looks like I’ll have to arrive early so I can level the stand better next time! [it was a little windy hence the jerkiness in the rotation, though it does give an interesting effect.. note the camera strap near the beginning!]  


a success! looks like little to no real damage was sustained last week.. saw lightning developing in that big cloud.. here’s my first use of the gopro suction cup mount on the ride back trying to catch some bolts in the shot [though only getting a little intra-cloud lightning]

Perseverance. If at first you don’t succeed, you try again. [and again, and again, and again, and as many times as you must -- if need be] Challenges, lessons, doubts, secondaries can arise. Embrace them, for they are merely a part of the journey. Sometimes they make for a much more intersting story! :) Keep on going, and you will get to where you want to be.

Here’s my first successful flight in kite aerial photography. Yes, the camera angle is a little off as the picavet wasn’t hanging properly, yet I consider it a success. I like the shot below [one random one out of the 2400+ as I was looking for a few samples to edit the colors with] — and I didn’t expect the truck/camper to be in the shot at all! Expect the unexpected, and embrace what you do discover! Life is brilliant that way! It truly is amazing! Let life shine brightly and you’ll enjoy it that much more!

It’s funny, sometimes you [almost] have to forget where you’re going in order to get there! My friend Saren called last night [I type this the morning after the flight as the time-lapse files are still processing] unexpectedly and we both [seem to have] had experiences of that happening recently! It becomes part of your every day experience and it’s fun to watch!

[a.k.a. life on the road]

take two:

[a.k.a. life on the road]

take one: take two:

my sister and I went to Fort De Soto for my birthday..

the forecasted 11 mph winds helped the kite lift (with a little bit of help) as I let out the full 1000 feet of line.. I estimate the maximum camera altitude to be near 800 feet above ground. Looking closely at the still shots, I can make out a little bit of the Gulf of Mexico! (most likely the Sutherland Bayou and Smith Bayou – a good 6 or 7 miles by air from the kite)

hmm, looks like winds approaching 20 mph are too much to have the extension pole on the tall stand fully extended to 25 feet (without additional support from bracing, sand bags, or stakes)… [the part after it fell over is from 15 feet high]

my sister and I went to John Chestnut Park to fly kites.. the old kite we found sitting in the garage didn’t work too well, though I was able to get some nice shots over the trees with my levitation delta kite.. it’s amazing to look at the world from new perspectives. from above, the trees coming out of the earth start to look like they are all one large living organism. [the tops of the trees look like like […]

looks like either the timer needs a little work or i’ll have to shoot more frames so it rotates a little smoother

[note to self: bring paper towels and clean the window next time as the suction cup mount holding the camera kept falling down every 3 minutes!]

[a.k.a. life on the road]

first take: take two:

almost gave up trying to launch the kite and decided to try one more time.. it got up fairly quickly after that and then was pulling pretty hard and a little work to get back down!

was going to fly high with the 1000 feet of line I just got, though the forecasted 7 mph winds were barely lifting the kite..

trying out the gopro chest mount on a bike ride..

a second successful flight with the camera.. [battery wasn't charged so this one's short, and the wind was pulling really hard so i only let out somewhere around half the line i'd guess -- on the time-lapse yesterday, i let out the whole 500 feet of line minus what i needed to anchor it down]