#nature #aerial #landscape #earth #fromabove #lookingdown #water #canal #park #oldsmar #trail #goldenhour #light #flying #mavicmini #rc #quadcopter #drone #windy #breeze #aerialphotography #aerialvideo #dronephotography #dronevideo #birdseyeview .. these shots were done quickly, with no practice (other than redoing the first one (as i ended up in it at the end), and restarting the second shot as it wasn’t lined up as nicely as i wanted). there was no editing other than trimming the clips down to a minute long each and picking the slumber filter in the instagram app.  the video clips aren’t perfect though i kept them all at a minute long, and the quality could be better (as these were just the low resolution files that were saved onto the phone during the flight, rather than the original high resolution files that are saved to the memory card. downloading those to the phone would’ve taken a long time (and i think my fingers were a bit cold from the cooler temperature and the strong breeze) and it would’ve wasted battery power on the #dji #mavic #mini, the remote control, and the iphone.. and instagram compresses videos to a very tiny size, losing most of the original quality anyhow). it was pretty windy the whole time, until shortly after i landed (it was interesting as i think just a couple minutes after landing the sun dipped behind the trees across the way and the wind pretty much stopped there). looking at these low res preview files on the phone, the shots look nice and smooth (other than the minor corrections i had to make when it wasn’t flying perfectly lined up with the landscape), despite the wind (and getting strong wind warnings at low altitudes). its funny these ideas just came to me when i got there and started flying.. i recall envisioning these types of shots a long time ago, and had forgotten about them until now.  in the future i’ll post much higher resolution versions on my website (via youtube).. not sure yet if i’ll post the individual trimmed clips similar to each of these, or if i’ll make it all as part of a longer video (which i’ll likely do anyhow, regardless of whether i post the individual shots).