2019 February

** my Van is currently For Sale, with or without the build **

to purchase it, please contact me at:


UPDATE 2019.03.12: i sold the empty van today. the whole build structure is available for sale, or i can sell parts separately like the water pump, water tank, rv-type filling hatch, sink + countertop, shelf, storage cabinet, bath tub with slats (that can hold compost toilet), curtains, hanging closet, etc. i’ve already sold the refrigerator and compost toilet.

this is a very long + detailed video about the adventure of building a simple camper conversion in my new Ford Transit-150 van. while speaking about the build, i show a slideshow of photos of the build process starting with the empty van and going into some details of getting all the pieces and components installed. i may have left out some details (it was the summer before last when i built it, so don’t quite remember everything at this point).

to read a very long + detailed article about why i chose this van with all the custom options and some considerations about how to build it, please visit this link:


to see a full video tour of the finished van, see here:


see more photos, video, details, and writing on the van here:


(the spoken audio (and slideshow of photos) was all recorded in one take without any editing. sorry for the occasional noise from the microphone on my iphone headset. i had tested this before and didn’t hear any noise, and it sounded better than the built-in mic on my macbook that would pick up the sounds of me pressing the keyboard to arrow forward to the next photo)