2012 February

nanoholdings.com – Justin Hall-Tipping CEO of “Nanoholdings” Explains how nanotechnology is set to change the future of energy and replace fossil and nuclear fuels:

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Below is an excerpt from:

Nanoholdings is a team of scientists, investors and innovators working at the cutting-edge of nanotechnology to develop solutions to the world’s growing energy problems. Working in partnership with the world’s best universities we develop products and companies that will revolutionize the way we use and generate energy.

Two things stand out about us — we focus exclusively on nanotechnology-based energy solutions and we work at the very cutting-edge of nano-energy research.

Our extensive network of leading scientists in the nanotechnology field are central to our work – scientists based at eminent universities around the world, who are working at the coal-face of nano-energy research to seek out alternative solutions for how we generate, transmit, store and use energy. We support and guide their research, transforming breakthroughs into viable solutions — products to revolutionize the way we use and generate energy.

just got the camera and kite today, excited to attempt kite aerial photography! i came across some videos and the idea of putting the gopro camera on a kite just last week.. did a bunch of research, placed some orders, and now i’ve got all the pieces to make it happen! i did get the kite pretty decently high in the air in the beginning, though unfortunately the wind started to die down when i was placing the camera on […]

What inspires you to do what you do?

i once felt the possibility of escape, though now, knowing it is possible, i know not what to do

inspiration • creativity • design • logic • programming • process design • putting together the pieces • seeing the entire picture [and how individual components relate to the whole] • photography • technique creation • research and development • writing • driving • exploring • inspiring • listening • appreciating • solitude / being quiet • being expressive • cinematography • idea implementation • web site + web app design/development • business startup • minimalism • expanding perspectives • invention • perseverance

So what exactly are creative and technical services, one might ask? I assist others in implementing their ideas. I also assist others in defining their concepts. I work in all aspects of creativity, from drawing out schematics/diagrams/charts/etc to better visualize the various components, to doing the research and development to ensure the technique or concept being explored will function as desired. I can do either the preliminary layout and construction, or work through the whole project until the end. I […]

Why do I do what I do? It’s for those who desire to understand. Yes, quite limiting to live up to the expectations of others, isn’t it? Then why? I suppose I created that as something that was important. I wanted others to understand. Part of me probably still desires that. [just as I attempt to write this.. the feeling I had has faded away, yet I still try to capture it and write it down / type it.. must […]

Rather than looking for what’s out there, define and create what you desire (and you’ll find it ‘out there’).


at times the dilemma becomes knowing which voice to listen to [and they both/all sound fun!]

i went to the park to try kite aerial photography again as there was more wind than when i first attempted to fly the kite, though the spreader spar on my kite snapped before I could mount the picavet and camera on it.. so I decided to throw the gopro camera on the head mount and go for a walk with it to test out the hd video recording

Jon Cancelino is putting together a photo/creative studio.. here are my responses to some of the background info questions for the team bio pages on the upcoming website.. [may need some revision, wasn’t quite feeling the answers]

Background history on your work/services (3-4 paragraphs are fine)

mark marano explores all aspects of creativity and technicality. as a lens-based artist, he has extensive experience in researching and developing many photographic techniques. he also is highly skilled in designing and developing logical and technical procedures for custom processes, applications, and web sites. in project planning, he puts together the pieces and creates models to make everything run as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

he has created a feature-length documentary, designed and built cameras, and has displayed and sold photographic work in juried, group, and solo exhibitions. he knows no limits and is willing to persevere to pursue a project and manifest an idea/goal. when he sets his mind to it, he can make almost anything happen. mark is often ahead of his time and foresees what the future will bring in techniques and concepts. he is capable of starting with a blank canvas and putting together all aspects of a project in its entirety.

mark pushes the limits in what he does. he has explored all aspects of photography. in the past, he has put together a video with 192 clips running simultaneously on the screen. he has developed unique techniques that no one else has reproduced. he can invent a way to make a photography project work smoothly on any budget. planning out the sequence of what needs to happen in what order is but one of his many specialties.

mark is capable of seeing almost anything from any given perspective and understanding its relation to the whole. he can see what someone [a client] wants and communicate in their language, while translating what needs to be done into the technical terminology necessary for the team. being as driven as he is to present work professionally, mark is capable of excellent quality control/assurance.

Specific information on the type of projects you would/can specialize in

anywhere my skills may be best used:

advising • adventuring • analysis • appreciating • archiving • art • atmosphere design • being expressive • budgeting • building • business startup/development • cinematography • coaching • communication • comparing options • conceptualization • consultation • contemplation • cooking • creating beautiful experiences • creating excitement • creation • creativity • data modeling/structuring • debugging • design • determination • discovering • doing the opposite of practically everything on this list • driving • effectively portraying an idea / conveying a message • efficiency • elegance • embracing life • examining everything • exhibition design and installation • expanding perspectives • exploring • expressing uniqueness • flowing with life/spirit • foreseeing • function/procedure design • getting things done • guiding • helping others see the way • idea implementation • inspiration • inspiring • interior/exterior light design • invention • invoking the divine • knowing what needs to be done • learning • leaving no stone unturned • lens-based art • lighting [photographic] • listening • living deliberately • location scouting • logic • making things happen • math • management • mentoring • minimalism • motivating • noticing where improvement is possible • orchestration of ideas • organizing/categorizing • overseeing project implementation [and providing guidance where needed] • perceiving the details • perseverance • photographic printing • photography • planning • playing • precision • presence • presentation • preservation • process design • programming • project layout / planning / management • promotion/marketing/branding • proofreading • providing a pleasant environment/atmosphere • providing companionship • providing possibilities • putting together the pieces • quality control • refining • relaxing • remaining calm • removing obstacles • research and development • resolving the unforeseen • resource allocation • reverse engineering • revising • scheduling • science • seeing far beyond the obvious • seeing the entire picture [and how individual components relate to the whole] • showing up • silence • simplifying/simplification • solitude • speaking • spirituality • stillness • system integration • taking things/concepts/etc to the next level • teaching • technical problem solving • technical writing • technique creation • time management • transforming • traveling • understanding multiple perspectives • video editing • web site + web app design/development • writing

Why you do love your job?

because i have no job! i can be me, creative, expressive, on my time, my terms, and enjoy it all without limitations of rules set by the corporate machine that does not understand. :)

because i get to travel, explore, create, and express freely. because i can let the inspiration and creativity flow through me.

because i can have fun and get paid doing so. because i can meet new people and see new things/places.

because i can do it from anywhere.

because i am free. [or as close to it as i can be trading time for dollars]

because i can get paid what i’m worth. [currently $75-150+/hr]

because there are no rules [other than the ones i create]

because my bed is right next to my desk.

because i have no boss.

because it’s my choice.

..to speak without speaking, for you are always speaking

life is better undefined. [it leaves more room to create as you desire]

Has most of humanity deliberately chosen to drive asleep at the wheel?

Do you see the light, or are you full of fright?

this is rendered as a cross-eyed 3d image (cross your eyes so your left eye is looking at the right image and your right eye is looking at the left image.. slowly uncross your eyes until you see a third 3d image appear in between the left and right images. it’s easier with a larger image: maximize the window and reload the page. you may have to adjust how far from the screen you sit)

this is rendered as a cross-eyed 3d image (cross your eyes so your left eye is looking at the right image and your right eye is looking at the left image.. slowly uncross your eyes until you see a third 3d image appear in between the left and right images. it’s easier with a larger image: maximize the window and reload the page. you may have to adjust how far from the screen you sit)

Today. Another amazing day. [if you choose to allow it to be]

The mind and the body often cannot keep up with the spirit. The spirit flows effortlessly, while the mind and body are subject to their own self-imposed limitations.

Become the spirit and you will know no limits.

To be me, that’s all I can be.


Ever notice how something magical always seems to happen right around 77 degrees? Things seem more peaceful or relaxed.. colors appear more vibrant and true.. everything has a little more depth to it. It’s subtle, but it’s there. Go to a quiet place in nature to truly appreciate it. I love the bright ‘poofy’/puffy clouds!

just came across this while at the last link I posted..

“Intro to Awakening” by renowned teacher, author and healer Stuart Mooney. For nearly 40 years, he has lectured, all over the world, on the Nature of the Awakened Consciousness. His spiritual travels are legendary.

Talk on Enlightenment II

Talk on Enlightenment III

Talk on Enlightenment IV

Talk on Enlightenment V

The Dawn of the Age

funny what we forget until we are reminded through an image

I explore life as it is and take what I choose from it. Life is amazing and beautiful – you only need to learn to let your self see it like this! The times of my life that I’ve been happiest have been when I’ve appreciated life and what it brought to me — when I’ve followed the feelings and inspiration and enjoyed the journey it has taken me on. Life is a grand journey, ever unfolding before you. Flow with it! Enjoy the ride it takes you on!

sometimes it’s about choosing to forget so you can enjoy remembering in a new way [once again]

the message was always there.. [did they recognize it?]

is that even a question one can ask? mark marano is a role i choose to play. the true I, the I that I truly am, is without definition. mark marano is how i interact with the world. others come to know various parts of mark marano, though few, if any [in current form], will ever know who I truly am. I am that which lives through mark marano. I am the one who chooses what mark marano will be, […]

Ask your self today, where does life want to take me? Follow that inspiration, without resistance, and it will be an amazing ride!

It’s exciting to be creative and to be me! The adventure has barely begun.. Feel the energy surging through you as you align with your creative purpose! It’s exhilirating when you show up!

To impress or to make an impression? What is it that I really seek/choose? Which self do I listen to?