2015 April

All of man's troubles stem from his inability to sit quietly in a room alone.

- Wayne Dyer quoting Blaise Pascal

it seems that the most important aspect of doing what you love is that it creates such an exhiliration and blissful experience. this feeling brings you closer to your true nature. doing what you love is just one of many routes to discover who you really are.

To see is to be free.

- Sri Bhagavan
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The laws of the material world do not apply in the presence of the God-realized.

- Wayne Dyer (quoting Joel Goldsmith)
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things i’ve found helpful in this journey of life..

number one is not following the crowd. what most people do doesn’t work. at least not for me. if you step back and start to examine the areas of your life where you are not fully feeling alive or liking, see how many of them come from what others have told you to do. you’ll likely find quite a number, if not all, of the aspects of your life have come from the external world. so much of the message out there has been about fear, as so many out there are living from the mind [the place from which fear originates]. learn to listen to your heart, and feel what inspires you. if you are called to do something in your life, just do it, regardless of whether you know anything about it or anyone else you know is doing it. if it feels right to you, embark on that path. your inner intuition and guidance is your higher self talking to you. its always speaking to you, guiding you to do what is best for your own personal experience of life. learn to tune in and listen to it and allow it to guide you every day. you’ll find a sense of peace and purpose as you learn to refine your life through your own creation.

some things i’ve found to be very helpful to eliminate from my life that many others seem engulfed by include television, the mass media-driven culture, consumerism, sports, needing to keep up or compete with others (in whatever way that may be, such as in having the latest gear, following the latest trends or fashion, etc, etc). anything that you do to seek “more” or to compete in attempt to make yourself feel better by comparison with someone outside of yourself is not serving you. let go of anything that originates of a lower energy, such as seeing fighting, violence, war, hostility, anger, yelling, scolding, winning a battle, etc as an answer. all of these things weaken you. [from a higher level, you will come to realize that we are all one and by needing to attack something outside of yourself, you are only attacking another part of yourself. the external world is a reflection of the internal world, and the only way to cure whatever you are feeling is to experience it within so it no longer shows up in your every day reality]

taking care of your body by choosing to eat healthy foods is quite beneficial. you are not your body or mind, but your body is your temporary home. take care of it by choosing to put foods that will give you high energy. i won’t go into the details here as there are plenty of guides out there as far as to choosing to eliminate a lot of the junk that is found in most food available in the western world. basically, concentrate on eating natural foods, with a lot of fruits and veggies, and eliminating processed, mass-produced foods from your diet. you don’t have to jump all in to this right away especially if your diet currently looks very different, though you can begin with small steps. if you don’t eat any fruits or veggies, begin by making one meal a day fruits and veggies (or make a juice or a smoothie).

eliminate toxic relationships from your life. if you are surrounded by others who have a negative energy, are very judgmental, critical, revenge-seeking, see violence as an answer or surround themselves by violent music, tv shows, etc, etc, begin to distance yourself from them. if this person is someone you must currently interact with often, then begin to radiate a different kind of energy in response to them when you are around them. by radiating a higher energy, of love, peace, or acceptance, the other person will begin to feel that energy and respond differently. [like the saying darkness cannot exist in the presence of light]

begin to surround yourself with influences that are in tune with the path you are choosing. if you don’t know anyone personally who is embarking on this path, then begin by listening to audio programs (such as those by Wayne Dyer) that resonate with the energy you desire and direction you are going. begin to find groups of others who meet regularly and become a part of the community (you’ll find there are a variety transformative groups around and likely some near you — go often to the ones that resonate most with you).

go out to nature. often. nature is healing. the energy in nature is very pure and helps balance and heal you. go for a walk in the woods, on the beach, on a mountain trail, etc, etc. wherever it may be, just go, be present, experience it, and drink it all in. appreciate all of its beauty. [also begin to see everything in life as beautiful] when out in nature, if the mind is still active, begin to shift your attention away from the thoughts and out to the beauty that surrounds you. look for and notice all the details. [when i’ve been out in nature photographing, people tend to mention that there’s a bird or animal nearby or ask if i’m photographing some animal, and almost seem puzzled when i say i’m photographing the trees or nature or whatnot] there is beauty in every tree, in every leaf, in every grain of sand, etc. look for it and you will find it. learn to observe, just be present, and experience it. the healing energy will uplift you. if the mind is still active, then begin to ask it questions about this experience, such as contemplate the nature of nature, and ask yourself what can you learn from it. you’ll realize that nature does not judge and just is. you’ll learn that you, too, can release the mind’s need to judge or label everything, and just be present and experience the world around you. peace comes from being, not doing.

meditate. it sounds cliche, as so many speak of meditation, but meditation is like going to nature, though you can do so in your own space. just be quiet and observe the world, both the inner and the outer. begin to tune in to your highest levels of awareness. [i’ve had difficulties with sitting for formal meditation though with practice, it becomes easier, and you’ll come to enjoy the blissful times of inner silence]

let go of the ego. learn to witness the mind and your world, and realize that the mind, your ego, and desires do not serve you. begin to see the patterns in your life of how the mind wants more and better and desires its own way and to control things. look at how your life is when the mind gets what it wants and when it doesn’t get what it wants. see how the emotional ups and downs are tied to this. learn to let go of attachment to outcome (and control), and you will step back to a higher or wider perspective. in doing so, you will find more peace in your life. if you have desires, you can learn methods to affirm or intend what you want, though don’t get attached to the outcome and needing to make sure it manifests. let that all go. know you will feel the way you want to feel, and allow the universe to take care of exactly how it shows up in your life. with this approach, you can naturally and effortless flow with life. follow your heart and intuition, and you will be guided along a path to take you where you want to go. you’ll come to a point of realizing that what you are currently experiencing is what you had affirmed, intended, and co-created in your life. surrendering attachment to outcome is so important. [if you keep looking for the instant result (which seems easy to do in the instant result-driven modern world), you are looking for what is not yet there and then you begin to affirm that it isn’t there, and with this new affirmation, it won’t show up. let go of the attachment, surrender, and have full faith, trust, and confidence that it will show up. then as you go about your life, your new experience begins to unfold. this attachment is fear based and caused anxiety to show up in one’s life. by surrendering it and having faith in that everything in your life will show up exactly when it’s supposed to, you will find more peace and happiness in your life.]

going back to the influences, meditation, and nature a bit.. learn to create a quiet space in your life. eliminate all the chaos and noise that so much of the modern world is full of. create a peaceful and silent place in your home. when you go out into the world, learn to go to places that have a similar energy. unless absolutely necessary, don’t go to heavily congested places or travel during rush hour. after living in silence and peace, you will more greatly realize how many people have lives full of chaos, and by choosing to go places that are peaceful, quiet, and natural, you will begin to distance yourself from the chaos and drama that so many are engulfed by. by being peaceful, you will naturally create and attract peaceful experiences into your life. learn to create the life you desire rather than the life so many others choose to live (or think you should live). if you have certain obligations in your life that put in you in a noisy place most of the day, begin by just giving yourself a few minutes to go to someplace quiet and embrace the silence. in your free time, rather than filling it with lots of chaotic stuff to do, routinely dedicate time to go to nature or someplace quiet. if you live in a city that is full of pollution, make time to go on a journey out to the country or a nearby natural area that has an abundance of pure air.

while still in the world of doing, do what you love. if you have a busy schedule, learn to find a little bit of time each day to do something that makes you feel alive. by learning to tune in to what you really love and making more time for it, you will spend more time in the flow of life. if its something creative, your creativity will increase. this goes hand in hand with eliminating that which you do not need from your life. by making time and choosing to do what you love, you may have to choose not to do something else that you’d be doing instead. letting go of the need to do all this other stuff which doesn’t truly resonate with you not only frees up the time for you to do what you love, but also the energetic space for it to happen. especially with something creative. when you free yourself and eliminate any thoughts, motions, things to do, etc, etc that are blocking the flow of creativity, the inspiration and creative energy naturally pours through.

let go of comparing yourself to others. this goes back to letting to of the ego. the ego/mind/identity wants to see how it compares to others. it wants to compete, out do, and be better than others. it strives for this, to make itself feel important. when you are looking at the outside world, you are pushing yourself away from your inner world. your inner world is where true inspiration and your true nature exist. [this is where true genius and creativity live] learn to trust your inner world for everything. while you may have to look at what others are doing in order to learn some technical details of what you are doing, don’t all yourself to get caught up in all the comparing, judging, and competing. you’ll notice that your most brilliant moments come from within. i’ve often noticed that when i’ve been totally free of thinking about anything creative and just enjoying life or embracing the moment or doing something else, that is when, seemingly out of nowhere, the creative spark and inspirational idea comes to me. by letting go of comparing yourself to others, you are putting faith, acceptance, and love into who you already are. you already are perfect as you are. there is no need to do anything in order to seek or achieve perfection. and if someone else is shining brightly while doing something else, that is their own path. you shine in your own ways. learn to embrace your own inner energy and light. also rather than looking at what you are missing [by comparing yourself to another], look at what you do have and be grateful for everything you have and all of your experiences that have led you to this present moment of now. tuning in to and feeling gratitude alone will increase your energy and continue to take you to places and experiences you will feel grateful for.

let go of impossibilities. others may see certain things as impossible though if you choose to be open and free to unlimited potential, that is what you will experience. limitation only exists because one believes one is limited [in any given area of life, including life itself]. when you are working on something, or desire to manifest something, don’t go telling everyone about it before it happens. by doing so, you’ll be looking for their approval but if they start to say its impossible, their influence can start to affect you and you may begin to believe its impossible. [and if you are taking the approach of wanting to prove someone else wrong by forcefully making something happen, you’re only feeding your own ego] begin to see anything as possible in life. know that miracles can and do happen, and that you can create miracles in your own life and in the lives of others. by strengthening your belief and knowing that absolutely anything is possible, you are strengthening your connection to the higher part of yourself where all things are indeed possible. [the divine, being unlimited by nature, will take on any form, including being limited or judgmental if that is how you choose to see it. as you begin to see an infinite source of life and the universe, you will begin to see new possibilities show up in your world. knowing that this source is infinite and unlimited, know that you have a connection to this source, and it is in all things and all people. by doing things to surrender your ego, your connection to this source becomes more powerful. as your connection to your source becomes more powerful, it has a greater influence on all aspects of your life, and the ability to see and know unlimited potential becomes effortless]

embrace the moment. surrender to what is here and now. do not judge things as good or bad. know that it is all in perfect order. it is all exactly as it needs to be in this moment. at the same time, know that it is all changing and this moment is only how this moment is right now. begin to realize that the here and now are products of your inner world. what you are feeling in this moment is what this moment is bringing you. you can change what you are perceiving in the world by changing what you are feeling. and the changes you make need not be great. even the subtlest change in perception can have a profound impact to how you experience and perceive the external world. part of this is letting go of resistance. by fully embracing what is here and now in the external world and what you are feeling emotionally (or thinking), and letting it all pass, you will quickly achieve great change in your life and awaken to new reality. learn to observe your life as if you were watching a movie. by peacefully watching what is happening, you will much more easily be able to handle all of life, even if chaos were to show up.

whenever you are choosing to do anything in your life, ask yourself if it is aligned with your true purpose. if your highest purpose is peace and love, and what you are doing does not bring you peace and love, then stop doing it. surround yourself and your life with that which radiates a similar energy to yourself. [this becomes much more effortless and naturally occurs as you progress on the path and strengthen your connection to who you truly are by surrendering the ego]

it was beautiful this morning to feel calm and to be able to see little white specks of energy (or something!) in the air, despite not finding my camera washed up on shore. i did a little of the meditation in Wayne Dyer’s Secrets to Manifesting your Destiny program this morning and it helped me feel better then. i’ll begin to trust in the creation process and know that i will experience what i desire and not be attached to the outcome and the specific details of how it will happen. last night i wasn’t even too worried about not finding the camera. i remained calm and didn’t have any emotional charges. i was more upset about the loss of the images on there than the camera itself, though i’m letting go of that as well. its funny how the universe speaks to you in different ways. just last night when i was shooting the time-lapse, i was thinking of how much i had to pay attention to having the camera out there and sit far away so i don’t show up in the shot, etc, etc, that it was really taking me away from the moment and just being present and enjoying it. looks like the camera disappearing was the universe’s solution to give me the peace i wanted! though part of me didn’t want it exactly like that. though i do want to be more present and not think so much about creating images, i’d still like the ability to create them. yet part of me is struggling with it. part of me just wants to enjoy life and have fun. if i have a camera with me and shoot images, great. if not, great! i’ll need to become more clear on exactly what i do want so i can experience peace and not the turmoil that the mind creates.

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what a great experience tonight at the reiki share led by Sarah at Evolve! i feel more present after receiving and giving reiki. i also gave deeksha to everyone in the room by intention. it seems that choosing to be present, come from a place of strength, and radiate high energy from the heart also helps me feel more present. it makes sense, its all energy, and all connected anyhow! i’m grateful for the path i’ve chosen. it’s also great to see more people on a similar path and experience a sense of community. i’m really grateful i’ve found that here and can begin to meet others locally who are tuned to a similar wavelength. it’s awesome that this is only the beginning of the era of the great awakening and so many more will begin to increase their frequency and energy very soon.

it’s also great to realize and experience my own growth. i see this in interacting with others more comfortably and in giving reiki and deeksha. it was a bit painful after sitting in the same position for a while though i chose to continue anyway and to serve by giving the healing energy and not think so much about the pain. it seems that as i continue on this path, my energy will continue to expand as i continue to grow, and it will become quite natural and effortless to be more present for others and radiate high energy of love, peace, and awakening to others.

it’s quite exciting to be here now! though sometimes it feels a little strange (as its different than i’ve been for a while), it feels good to come from a higher place and not think so much about all the little things that don’t really matter. i noticed a bit of this too when i was at the GreenLight training. when Joe was teaching, at times, i’d be invoking a higher energy and being more present. i recall it feeling good when i made a comment after one of the videos relating to creating reality (i don’t recall exactly what i said but it felt good to touch a little on the area). i’m excited to begin to speak and record audio soon! it’ll be pretty awesome when i do speak in front of live audiences to share wisdom and energy that will help awaken others!

one of the next steps is to begin to approach others and strike conversation in these areas as i’ve often been quite quiet in the past. though i’m sure as i continue on this journey, it will become easier and easier to speak to others about growth, perspectives, and awakening. i know i have the ability to do what others have done before me to help and inspire others. i only need to choose to do so, and allow any obstacles or fears to fall away. i will begin to trust my intuition and allow myself to be divinely guided in this area so i can overcome anything holding me back. i will also continue to surrender the ego and let go of what no longer serves me. i will come from a place of allowing and connecting rather than striving or resisting. i will also begin to notice and improve the subtle details in communication where i can do better to connect with others.

wow, the journey really is so much more exciting than the destination. i feel so enthusiastic and exhiliirahted just knowing that i’m making progress in actualizing something i want to do. the end result might not matter as much, though i’m sure it will be exciting as there won’t be one end all, it will all be an unfolding journey, yet i feel so excited in the here and now just to feel what i’m feeling. to know i’m getting closer to what i want and being on the path. even sitting at the computer writing code for the web application i’ve written doesn’t seem so bad as i feel excited. bring excitement and passion to everything you do! it will make an enormous difference. it’s all how one chooses to feel in the moment. yes, sometimes there is a bit of attachment because of what one is doing and looking forward to, but its all an unfolding. do it now. create the excitement. it’s your choice. to feel it because of something else is just a reminder. for me, it’s also just the letting go aspect. i no longer am thinking about what i have to do to research and develop the technique i want to do, as i see the pieces starting to come together. and that’s what excites me. because of both that i no longer have to place attention into it and have that open space for creativity, and then i can be in a more natural state, of excitement, bliss, joy, peace, love, etc, and because of the excitement of seeing the unfolding of what i have chosen to manifest. it’s on multiple levels at the same time. it always is. there is always an underlying factor to it all. everything is connected. these things happen to produce the feelings we desire and choose. choose bliss. choose love. choose peace. anything you desire, it’s all up to you. know it and be it! [i can’t even remember half of what i wanted to say here, just allowing it to all unfold as it is, and forgetting the little bits i was trying to remember. step out of the mind. let it go. let go of attachment on many levels. it all unfolds. it doesn’t really matter if i talk about all the details anyhow. it’s all part of the journey. the details will be handled by a greater power. just decide. your choice makes all the difference. watch it unfold and appear from there.] [soon, very soon, i’ve got to start speaking and recording audio of all these perspectives that are flowing through me that i want to share with others! i love to be inspired and to allow what flows through me to inspire others. both are truly amazing!]

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– listen to audio programs by Wayne Dyer
– go to the Avatar Course
– receive Deeksha (the Oneness Blessing) and experience the Oneness Meditation

there are many other things you can also do, though these are the ones that i have repeatedly found to be quite beneficial in my life (and wish to keep this list short). follow your heart and feel what you are most drawn to, and begin there.

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it seems that everything that goes awry in life is due to attachment. in some form, your desire to want things a certain way (essentially wanting to control things), is what causes suffering. this is a truth that has been told by many before, though sometimes one needs to experience it for oneself in order to fully realize it.

the ego/mind wants a little more and thinks it can go a little further. it’s a game it plays. it slowly attempts to sneak itself back into the controlling position. i’ve noticed myself letting go of attachment in recent months, though still there was a desire for wanting to do just a little more and then afterwards fully let go. this wanting of a little more is still a bit of the ego surviving and striving for what it wants. letting go of this is what will bring one to higher awareness. allowing life to flow and not need anything to be a certain way or not is where true bliss will begin to unfold to greater levels.

it’s funny how lessons in life sometimes must show up multiple times, in various ways, until one learns them. so i sit here and wonder, what next? what do i do? but does that really get my anywhere? learning to be rather than do is the next step. and it’s not about what’s next, it’s about choosing it now. like what Wayne Dyer says (might be quoting A Course in Miracles if i recall), “i can choose peace rather than this.” that’s not the exact context he talks about it in, though that can apply. at any point in time, one can choose peace rather than striving. surrender to the bliss of what is, and allow greater miracles to unfold, and true magic will appear. the little desires of what the ego/mind wants really are quite insignificant. things don’t have to be a perfect certain way in order for one to find peace. peace is always there. peace is a choice.

It’s funny how something can seem so significant and matter so much in one moment, as if it’s everything and the only thing that matters in the world, and then in another moment have little to no value or meaning at all.

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a few thoughts…

tonight was nice at the awakening & spirituality discussion group at evolve

it’s interesting how others comment on my energy. tonight i was told my energy is good. the other night at the reiki share, i was described as a peacemaker. i think back to months ago when Charles said something along the lines that others can feel my energy and feel safe, something like “when you show up, others show up”

it is beautiful to meet other beings on the spiritual path.

thinking back about losing the camera in the ocean.. did i really create that just so i could face and overcome the emotions/feelings/thinking/etc behind it? thinking about it earlier, i was really seeing that this is all about the ego, and letting go of my self importance. the whole idea of destroying the camera in a less than brilliant manner really wasn’t the issue, but it was more about the loss of the time-lapse images i had on it.. though that’s not really it.. i think it was more about the idea of someone else having my images and in a sense stealing them if they were to use them for themselves.. and its not as much about them having them, but more about what if someone took my images and claimed them as their own.. [which this whole scenario is even unlikely if the camera ended up salt water, or if it still is, as that may have totally destroyed the memory on it and the ability to restore any image off of it. but then i think what if someone actually took the camera off the pole and i somehow didn’t see it? i doubt it as i had a clear view of it except when someone stood in front of it and whenever someone was there, it didn’t appear that they actually got close enough to it to touch it, though i think a couple people could have been posing in front of it, or just staring at it wondering what it was] ah, the mind and how it creates fears. so what am I truly afraid of or concerned with? there really is nothing i can do about it.. it’s gone, and it doesn’t really bother me too much, though part of me thinks that it should and seems to be looking for reasons to be upset. yes, the mind can be a crazy thing. so what i really am facing is the whole self importance and sense of purpose. i’ve tied the image-making to my identity and what matters to me. i see it as part of who i am, and that the images speak more about me than i do. the thought has crossed my mind to just shut down my website, or hide or remove everything or something and stop creating all the images altogether, or at least for this reason. i think i’ve taken a step to pushing stuff back a level by making the journal part of my website an extra click to get to. i used to see the journal in this same way. perhaps i still do. that i wanted to share my innermost thoughts and writings and brilliance with the world. but now, its more of to be there to just be discovered rather than advertised. it was funny how the mind would see this. if i wrote and posted something that the mind was then later thinking about how others would take, the mind would then want to post a lot more stuff to push it down from showing up on the top or on the first page, to demonstrate its sanity and other perspectives. wow, the mind [/ego/identity] does truly go to a lot of effort to protect itself.

okay, so what did i even want to write here?

just look at that. “what did i want to write” — this is all coming from the mind still. the mind wanting to share things. part of it was so i could learn about myself later as i was feeling some things worthwhile writing. though was there more than just that? and even that alone — lets look at that for a moment. wanting to write down stuff about the moment now. yes it is the moment now that is happening, but if its a desire to want to share recent things, then its no longer the moment now. at that point it becomes about wanting to preserve the past. this is all part of the mind/ego/identity wanting to hold on to itself and protect itself. and just look at the realization you were having during the discussion tonight. one of the things that came to me was … now i gotta go into the mind to remember it exactly! ugh! okay, just stop and let it come to you. pause, breathe, relax. .. we were talking about [well i was mostly listening and i only spoke in the introduction and afterwards tonight..] … okay, lets get to the point please.. oh yes, right to the point. i forgot the point to get to the point but i got to the point, the realization that came to me in the discussion ratehr than the dissuion itself [and yet i ramble off again trying to forget it in a sense !!!] okay, it was that.. see now i forgot it because i kept rambling off. oh yes, it was about definition, and seeing things, say identities, or things in the world or whatnot, as very concrete [i think was a word used in the discussion] .. by seeing things as very defined, or set in stone, it becomes more difficult to change them. this was somehow related to what was being said. and then there were talks about releasing things i think [not exactly like that but in essence that’s what they were speaking of] .. so by releasing identities, and in essence, by releasing how one sees the world, or labels it, or defines it, etc [all this mind stuff], one is more easily able to transform the world. that’s where i’m heading towards. this is why perhaps not concentrating so much on the photography would be helpful. or forgetting about it in a sense [if i were to create it]. by letting go of attachment to it and forgetting it, i loosen that definition of what it is, and how it is related to me, and how i’m related to it, and how i see myself in the world, and what i see myself as, etc [all this identity stuff]. by doing that, then i am closer to my true nature, my source, and i can much more easily manifest from a clean slate [so to speak] than by having this stuff in the way. yes, i can work through that stuff but if its already gone to begin with, manifestation becomes simpler. i wanted to comment something related to this and a couple of other points too, but the conversation went on before i could jump in. part of me was probably thinking about exactly what to say and all without relating it to my own personal experience. i’m glad to have been there and heard the other viewpoints. [from the other parts of me] and hope my presence helped others along their paths.

speaking of other parts of me… the whole idea above that i was exploring about what bothered me about my camera being lost and the possibility of someone else having my images… this is just another part of the ego/identity which separates itself from the whole. in the whole, we all are one. i’ve had glimpses of it [wanted to comment on that to when the conversation went in a direction where i could relate it but again, didnt want to jump in with my own personal story] … and i am going in a direction where i will be able to again see everyone and everything as another part of me. so perhaps the whole photography isn’t such a good idea in the sense that i’ve been doing it partially for ego desires, to see how far i can go with it and to be the first to do very unique things with it… hmm… nothing to really think about there. the inner world and higher spiritual awareness is a far greater experience [let alone endeavor] to behold than making representative images of the world. yes, the natural world is very beautiful and there is a lot to share about it. but, by awakening to higher levels, i help create the space for us all to. that goes back to the when i show up, others show up. when i awaken, the world awakens. the outer is the reflection of the inner. i choose to awaken to higher levels of awareness and god realization, and to radiate the highest levels of energy so others can awaken in my presence.

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the last shot with my #ricoh #theta #360 #degree camera.  this image was at the beginning of a time-lapse sequence which was lost at sea (along with a couple of others i had shot recently and not yet downloaded). unfortunately the camera had a plastic tripod mount, which failed over the course of making images a few weeks ago.  i had come up with a couple of ways to rig it and mount it in its current state (as i hadn't heard back if the mount failure was covered under warranty or not), and apparently the waves last night were a little too much as the camera must have fallen off into the gulf of mexico (and from where i was sitting 150ft away it was difficult to tell if the camera was still sitting on top of the pole as it got dark when the sun went down and people walked between me and the camera). i went back this morning for the next low tide and there was no sign of it washing up nor sitting anywhere at the bottom of the surrounding water.  if anyone finds a Ricoh Theta 360 camera in (or near) Indian Rocks Beach, please contact me (or turn it in to the Public Services at City Hall as they have my phone number). although the camera is likely beyond repair, i'd still like a chance to salvage the images if it were to turn up.  the serial number is XL00110415

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@theta360official please make the next version of the Ricoh Theta camera with a metal tripod mount!
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