2013 January

i had the [most] amazingly beautiful experience last night at the apollo piano bar.. i walked in and sat on a couch along the side by myself.. after a couple of songs, a lady invited me up to sit at the bar as a couple people had left. after she left a couple of songs later, i moved down next to a few girls towards the center of the round bar….

as the night went on, my heart opened [...]

Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.

- Leonardo Da Vinci

it feels like i’m looking for a good stopping point
so i can call it done
and move on

yet in the midst of it all, it seems that this stopping point, the desire for it [more so], is so i can feel the quest for perfection is over?? no, that’s not it.. perhaps wanting a perfect stopping point is part of it, but it feels different.

i know i must surrender to the now. now is the only time i can change. though i know after i get these things i’ve already begun done, it’ll be far easier. but why? what do those really matter? does anyone even care if they’re done or not? why not leave them now and finish them later [or never if they are no longer relevant]?

good question. something to explore.

what really lies behind that?

remembering when times were young
when discovery was open
when lines were blurred
yet ever so clear
[in the journey]

to fully embrace exploration,
with all one’s heart
to be open to life
and allow it to flow

to disregard the suppose-to’s and the have-to’s
and trade them for the want-to’s

shining ever so brightly
living life freely
[and not so dearly]

wondering what it was all about
yet knowing in the moment
without the need to shout

yet to share the excitement, without a doubt
to conspire to inspire
not quite knowing, yet glowing

rhyming without reason
only for a season

then to shift
before catching a drift

one’s mind goes
to where, who knows?

to compose
to pose
while one is set to expose

what is
what does

how does it all work?
oh, don’t be a jerk
you need not lurk

all there is..
to be real
is to feel

and not think
nor need you drink

it’s quite simple
you need not try
only do
and then you will know

conform not
perform what?

rise above
and work in love

for in love it is all play
and one might experience another day

As you let this new year be a fresh start, learn to allow each moment to become a new beginning. Surrender what you may be holding onto from the past, let go of any anxiety or worry of the future, and choose to create the life you desire to live now.


Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile.

- Paulo Coelho

it’s funny
it was always there
and everywhere!

every little thing that i was attracted to, that i was curious about, that i experienced… all held a clue

[even where i could least expect it]

and the message kept getting louder and louder until i could hear it clearly and fully understand it

now that i better understand the whole journey and the message, what do i do?

do i keep looking? will the message keep getting clearer as i become more aware?

perhaps all i must do is listen to my heart and enjoy the journey..

Time to stop trying to get things perfect, and fall in love with the perfection that already is.

Happy New Year! May the new year bring an abundance of exciting experiences!

on a cruise with my friend's company

[a 1732.6 mile journey]

[re-]discovering the message
once lost[/overlooked]

it was there all along
calling me

if i didn’t hear it or choose to ignore it
it would only come back in a different form
until i could fully understand it
[and choose to embrace/live it]

In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.

- Ansel Adams

(in response to someone who wrote me after reading my long article on choosing my truck + camper asking if I’d change anything as he is thinking about the same combo) Thanks! As I wrote in the article, I did end up replacing the toilet with a composting one by Nature’s Head, which I like a lot better than the cassette toilet. If you did want to do the compost toilet, you could probably have Four Wheel Campers install it […]

mostly shot at john chestnut park, fred howard park, and sand key park [with a couple shots on the road in/near ‘the country’]