…i had some more insights but they escaped me.. they came to me as i was waking up though the body wasn’t quite awake. it’s a dilemma i’ve experienced many a times.. the inspirational message would come to me but i or the body is not fully awake yet and in order to keep tuning into the message i need to stay with the message, and if i come back to the body and get out of bed and to the computer (which is only a couple feet away now), by the time i type in my password and get to somewhere i can type (if i’m not distracted by whatever was previously on the screen), the message is lost. it’s really lost just by the time i get fully back to the physical world.. as it seems it doesn’t exist fully, or there’s too much distraction, whether it be noise or stuff on the screen or clutter in the room or whatnot. i feel this is also related to my photography.. where i’ve had the desire to capture some brilliant moments or experiences of being somewhere but the act of getting the camera out affects the moment, or it’s just not the same if i quickly snap a photo and look at it later.. perhaps its the time it takes to really create a great image affecting the experience. or even in just the time to stop the car and get out and compose a good image, the moment is lost, or there’s something else i’m feeling.. i think its just that i wouldn’t ever get anywhere if i were to stop every single time there was a beautiful moment. and sometimes there aren’t places to easily stop if its a narrow road or if others are on the road. this is what led me to the idea of time-lapses while driving or walking or biking or wherever i was.. to have a camera always capturing the world around me so i could go about exploring and experiencing and not be distracted by the act of photographing the experience. anyhow, i digress.. it’s interesting to see all the rambling unfolding this morning. i didn’t plan on this but just sat down to try to type the words that are now lost, thinking perhaps they will come to me, and they tend to come back to some degree.. i just have to let go and forget about it all. in this act of surrender and not caring whether i remember them or not, they or something else, related, perhaps even better, can flow through. and if it doesn’t, it won’t really matter as i’m no longer attached to the need or desire for them to flow through.. and from this place, likely they will come again if they were important or unresolved or whatnot. and if the don’t come back because they were resolved, then at a higher level the work is already done, and the lesser need to share it is unimportant. perhaps at times the most brilliant insights and experiences are left for one alone to experience. it is nice to be able to share them and create some sort of writing or art or whatnot to lend this insightful experience to others, though it’s not always necessary. everyone will find their own way at some point. yes the external representations and insights can help point the way, though there is no need to be attached to the need to create these. if they are meant to be created, they will be created. and there are also others whom probably can share somewhat similar viewpoints.. while they may not be the same as they won’t have the underlying basis of all the experiences and viewpoints one may have, they will lend other helpful perspectives. this is why so many of us are here right now, to lend these perspectives of this experience of life, of awakening, of being from a new place to so many. sometimes the simply being present and following one’s heart is all one needs. often, actually, or always. there is not much else to really do or think one must do. follow your heart and you’ll discover and experience all you need. it doesn’t really matter what it looks like either. there comes a time to let go of chasing after all the external teachings, reflections, manifestations, and representations. for they get in the way of listening to the true message that is coming from within. all that the external messages really do is remind you to look internally. if one were to study and look at all of these messages, one would see this common ground. while it may be interesting to do so, it’s not necessary (and can get in the way of actually experiencing). just look within. that’s all we’ve been saying. that’s all we’ve been pointing to. the experience is greater than the thought. the beingness is greater than the doingness. peace is greater than anything else. simply be. be peace. be love. be you. be one. be all. be.

[funny to read back over this and see how this reminds me of writings that would flow through me many years ago.. funny to think how perhaps then i was on this journey or at this place, without even knowing it.. it was always there, it just simply had to be recognized and more deeply realized]