2012 April

The only way to win the game is to quit competing.

It’s a curious time. The past couple of weeks or so I’ve been wondering about it more. What am I doing? And what am I doing with my artwork? Why all the experimentation? What am I chasing after? It seemed that I wasn’t getting any happier by chasing after more and more perspectives and technical capabilities. In the moment, it might be interesting to see what the new technique looked like and it’d feel good to know I succeeded in […]

i discovered the cinemagraph concept earlier today.. went to the park to shoot some though looks like too much was moving to make one like i first wanted [without tons of extra photoshop work]..

Creativity is not a talent; it is a way of operating

this took a little longer to launch and after the first flight i saw the camera was off when it landed, so had to relaunch to create the time-lapse movie, though I had another successful flight with 1000 feet of line.. I estimate the maximum altitude was close to 900 feet above ground a few times when the winds lifted the kite higher.. you can see Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island in the distance, and hints of the Bayside Bridge […]

the forecasted 11 mph winds helped the kite lift (with a little bit of help) as I let out the full 1000 feet of line.. I estimate the maximum camera altitude to be near 800 feet above ground. Looking closely at the still shots, I can make out a little bit of the Gulf of Mexico! (most likely the Sutherland Bayou and Smith Bayou – a good 6 or 7 miles by air from the kite)


interesting to come across this as I’m beginning to look at why I’ve been experimenting with photography lately..


from A Glimpse Into How the Art World Works on PetaPixel:

Here’s an interesting 12-minute video that offers one explanation into how the world of art works. Even if you don’t agree with the philosophy and worldview described in the video, it’s still an eye-opening tour of the different things that influence and power the mysterious world of art.

wow, I wonder if I’ve gone insane :)

[or is it really that crazy how different perspectives can be?]

Life is much more beautiful when relaxed, perceived through the eyes of peace


  [notes about a new project idea i just thought of] artists, life, and growing up exploring where we once were, and how our paths have greatly changed since then what happened along the way? what led us to where we are now? are we happy with our new lives? did we let life get in the way of our art-making? are we holding on to regrets, or cherishing the new journey? the interviewing artists series [previous and current] [also […]

shortly after a successful launch of the camera, the line got stuck in the winder [as it was loose] on the way out … and i almost couldn’t pull the line down enough to untangle it as it was pulling pretty hard!

my sister and I went to Fort De Soto for my birthday..

almost gave up trying to launch the kite and decided to try one more time.. it got up fairly quickly after that and then was pulling pretty hard and a little work to get back down!

The world is bright and beautiful! Just experienced the Oneness Meditation with Doug Bentley..