2004 March
if we only had examined the clues more closely we would have known to expect this
is your reality truly that which drives us?
i think back to similar previous experiences and wonder could it have been prevented?
George Washington Bridge (Fort Lee, NJ)
i often ponder what would occur if i could dream..
how could i bestow the entire truth with a mere four words
the dream is broken my memories shattered i’ve been torn of the truths within
one day it’ll all come down what a glorious day it’ll be
once a moment, now lost to the perpetual silence
life is for the absurd junctures of thought, time and emotion

artist statement

ever sit back and realize how many chairs a household has, and stop to think of how often all the chairs are actually used..excluding beds and sofas, we have 27 chairs for a household of four.. add at least another dozen places to sit if you include sofas.. plus at least 4 folding chairs tucked away in a closet ouf of view.. add at least 3 to 6 people sitting on three beds.. plus tack on three toilets.. five people per three cars.. a couple bikes.. won’t even go into the edge of the pool.. adds up quick.. 79 people could be sitting within the confines of this household.. include the cars they came in and many more seats.. what about standing or sitting on the floor, how about leaning on the bar or counter? what about on each other’s laps? how tightly compact could we make this world.. just like any of the facts, the numbers are only frightening when you compare it to your own perspective

i know not who i am, and much less of the world that surrounds me
perhaps its nothing, yet once again i wonder if i’ll ever know for sure..
seeking tranquility perhaps is the desired goal yet often it is one that lies just beyond my furthest grasps

it is quite an experience to realize when encountering a moment of actualisation quite a beautiful thing is held when all the pieces suddenly fit what only a moment ago was in disarray if only i could discover and actualise a way to realize many more of these divine moments mere words do no justice to the drop of reality once held yet now it becomes a delusion and washed away unto the chasms of forgotten thoughts and unexplored seas […]

it lies somewhere in the beauty of having the answer nearby, at one’s fingertips, so to speak..