2011 November

Yes, that delightful topic. Today, look at all areas of your life where you have started something but haven’t finished it. Just start by counting them (a quick estimate will suffice). You’ll begin to notice there are a lot of little things or projects you want to do. What you may not realize is how much of your free attention each one of these projects sitting in limbo is really draining you of. A couple days ago, I had so […]

I am grateful for this life and the experiences it brings! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

it’s nice to have an office on the water :)


Ahh, the dilemma… must I always make it so? I know limitless possibilities exist, yet I know not what to create. Perhaps all this time I’ve been looking for definition rather than defining myself. It was a quest for the answer while all along, the only true answer lied within. how could I find what I was looking for in someone else while all this time I already had it myself yet didn’t know it? Did I really choose this, […]

[this one’s at a different spot as the night before i tried to help pull a guy’s truck out of the sand/water – his back end was in the bay! i got to try 4 low on my truck, though the rope we found wasn’t strong enough so he had a tow truck pull him out with a cable]

What are these things you speak of called feelings?

They are everything.

Embrace the high energy today brings, and know we are one step closer to the enlightenment of humanity and world peace.




I feel like I’ve taught myself to process things so quickly, especially when it comes to interacting with computers, that I’ve numbed out a bit of my capacity to feel. I’ve taught myself to feel so quickly so I can work quickly, though it’s hindered my ability to feel during the rest of life. It’s time to re-learn how to relax, appreciate, and feel the world around me!

The world around us encourages such strong development of the mind, though if not done properly, it disconnects you from that which is real and actually matters. Be careful if you find yourself caught up in the matters of the mind, over-thinking, and processing thoughts/feelings. Step back outside of yourself and relax. Feel what is actually there, rather than try to think about it or compare it to something else you’ve known. What is, is. Allow it to be. It is beautiful, just as it is.

I woke up to a rooster crowing this morning.

(lucky ‘guess’ on my part as to when to stop backing up with the new bike rack!)