happy earth day! 🌎

have a look today at what you can do to help mother earth. as we sit and look at all areas of our life and realize how and where we can improve our habits, we’ll see there really is so much we can do in many aspects of life to help reduce waste and consumption. every little bit counts and helps.. even by just becoming a little more conscious of what’s involved in making the products you purchase will help you choose alternatives that are more environmentally friendly. taking care of our planet is one of the most important things we can collectively do. we have a lot to be grateful for.. our planet is our home and provides everything we need for this experience we call life. reducing our consumption and avoiding purchasing things that are destructive to the planet is a way of saying thanks to mother earth for all she provides. i’m grateful to see that many more people are becoming more conscious of what humanity has done to the planet. the more of us that become aware and change our habits, the quicker we’ll help the planet heal and the quicker we’ll prevent any further destruction caused by man.

i recently purchased an electric car and am grateful to never have to go to a gas station again. besides stopping support of the oil and fossil fuel industries, this also allows me to go on more adventures exploring various parts of the area here and not feel bad that i’m wasting gas or furthering pollution. today i went on a zero emissions adventure driving to some areas i hadn’t been to in a while and some that i haven’t ever been to. it’s nice to see what little things we can discover along the way just by taking a new route that may be not too far from where we normally go. one of the great financial benefits to an electric vehicle is that its practically free to drive more. there’s practically no maintenance required and electric motors are way more efficient than internal combustion engines. the car i got has done great on efficiency. i drove slow and conservatively on my driving adventures today and yesterday, and averaged right about 6 miles per kilowatt-hour [i was a bit surprised as about 1/4 of today’s journey included some time on the highway at 50mph, with around 1/3 of the trip at 45mph and the rest was slower local driving]. 6 mi/kWh is just over 200 MPGe (which is not the best unit of measurement for an EV but helpful in understanding an equivalent in terms people are used to). my overall average since i got the car earlier this month has been 5.5 mi/kWh and i’ve driven just under 760 miles so far (which is more than i typically would drive in the short time i’ve had it, though i’m making up for not having driven much at all earlier this year before + after selling my van). 5.5 mi/kWh is around 185 MPGe.. that’s pretty good for a car that’s rated for a combined 112 MPGe! anyhow, i’ve started to get a bit lost in the numbers and data.. looking at what this actually means, with electricity costing $0.11 per kWh, is 2 cents per mile! (a small fraction of what it’d cost per mile in the van i had or in any gas vehicle) electric vehicles are the future for many reasons. if you are in need of a vehicle, i’d highly recommend getting one that’s electric. pre-owned EV’s, especially low range ones with small battery packs, have some really great prices compared to new ones, and, as i’m seeing, with conservative driving habits one is able to get over 100 miles on a charge. another great thing about a small car is that the turning radius is quite tight.. on most 2 lane roads i’d be able to turn around with a 2 point turn rather than a 3 point turn. (and the car is small enough that i’d be able to carry it inside a tiny home if i built one with an open space in the back)

anyhow, i got a bit lost in the technical details there. there are a lot of other things one can do to change one’s habits too.. if you live in a city or somewhere that you can bicycle, commuting on a bike would be better than driving (even if just some time). reducing or eliminating consumption of meat and animal products would be a great help to the environment. recycling, composting, not purchasing products with wasteful packaging, not purchasing disposable products, etc would all be a great help too. becoming a minimalist in some, many, or all areas of life would be a great help. keeping digital records and not printing emails, receipts, etc would be a great help. not running the air conditioning or heat as much would be a great help. there are so many little things we can do and alternative methods we can use in our everyday life that all add up to make a huge impact on the environment. even if we each just make one simple change every day, week, or month it would make a difference.