i put this playlist together yesterday [2015.05.18] though will likely update it as i create more. the individual time-lapse videos are in chronological order by the date shot, starting with the first ones i made back in early 2009 [shortly after i first discovered the little planet look, figured out how to do the whole technique, and then naturally thought it’d be awesome to do a time-lapse video with this technique as no one had done so yet]

this technique has gotten tremendously easier since i got a ricoh theta camera last year. it no longer takes many days just to stitch and process the images, nor the need to carry many pounds of heavy equipment that has to be precisely aligned [which also required a large, heavy case to be carried in and a heavy duty tripod to be mounted on]. now, a small camera that fits in my pocket, my iPhone, and something to mount the camera on [which can also fit in my pocket] is all that’s needed, and the most difficult part of the image processing is done automatically! the only downfall is that the image quality is a bit less than using my custom rig, though it still yields good results and allows for shots that could not have been done with the other gear, such as the aerial shot where the camera was hanging from the kite line as i walked for miles on the beach [or a driving shot that i have yet to process, which reminds me there are also a few other 360×180 little planet time-lapses i’ve shot that i have not yet created as of the time i’m writing this].

due to the way the youtube embed works with playlists that have different aspect ratio videos, some clips may be cropped a little bit. use this link to see the entire playlist directly on youtube: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYlEKn8xkNmW3bOSwai0v6bu3cFPmaK23

2017.05.12 17:00:48 UTC

my raspberry pi camera just got delivered a couple hours ago. i just happened to get an in-stock notification on monday at the same time i was ordering a couple raspberry pi’s (and accessories) to run some status monitors for my friend’s construction business. as soon as i got the email, i dropped what i was doing as i knew stock would be limited and it wasn’t officially announced yet either. [good thing i had the pi’s waiting in the cart and hadn’t actually placed the order yet so i could quickly add the camera to the same order.. i knew there was some reason i was waiting to click order.] i think i got the last one from the distributor — the site stopped showing it after! [when ordering the pi’s, i ordered both a model a and a model b — it’ll be fun to experiment with the model a as i’ve only used the model b so far.]

i’ve got the raspberry pi camera up, running, and plugged into the webcam module/system i created for my website. i’ve been waiting weeks/months to launch the webcam system (and new landing page for my website). i almost forgot about it since i got a prototype working earlier in the year. the camera takes a photo every minute and there’s a time-lapse system built into the website viewer (plus a whole lot going on behind the scenes to manage + automate the entire process from camera to website to archival). [the time-lapse modes may be pretty slow to load the images unless you have a very fast connection] i redesigned the original system so i can expand out to as many cameras as i want. if you have a great view and want to set up a live camera at your place, drop me a line.

here’s a link to the live raspberry pi camera: www.markmarano.com/live-time-lapse-webcam-with-raspberry-pi-camera

also check out the new landing page of my website: www.markmarano.com/2013-site

anyone who misses the old landing page grid gallery that i first designed back in 2010 can see it here: www.markmarano.com/gallery-grid-2010

for now, i’ll move the raspberry pi + camera to different spots around the house here, though will probably mount it on top of (or inside) my truck camper before i go on a trip in the upcoming weeks. i may also decide to bring the camera with me locally as i wander about. i’ve designed the raspberry pi end of the webcam system to keep all the photos on the sd card if the internet connection goes out (or doesn’t exist when i’m traveling with the camera) — it’ll automatically pick up where it left off uploading the files when a connection returns. [so, yes, when away from internet, it won’t exactly be live, but it’ll still be a neat experience]

february 2009:


february 2009: march 2009: april 2009 (and a couple days in may):

i moved to apartment 2606 almost halfway through the year i lived at left bank at k station. here’s the view from february 2009: here’s july 2009 in the original fisheye images that the camera shot: and here’s july 2009 in the faux stereographic projection / little planet look i had it rendering as for the live webcam:


july 2009: