if you are concerned about potential chaos that any darkness may inflict, remember that there are many more of us than them, and in our unity they stand no chance to cause any further harm [our division is what they need in order to retain power]. let us let go of any divisive thoughts and remain united together, from the place of our collective heart.  as we come from a place of compassion & unconditional love, and see that we have more in common than different, we will grow together in our collective humanity, and a beautiful new earth & reality will unfold before us.  remember that this outer world is a projection of our inner world.  if we want to experience life in a peaceful world, we must begin by choosing to live from a place of peace within.  each of our individual choices of peace & unity (over division) is a prayer.

#nature #beauty #water #mangroves #bayou #park #preserve #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #aerialvideo #dronevideo #mavicmini #aerial #birdseyeview #lookingdown #fromabove .. i split up the clips from both shots, as even at 4x speed they would've been longer than the instagram one minute limit (and would've been playing too fast to appreciate the natural beauty portrayed)
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tagged location: Mobbly Bayou Preserve
uploaded to instagram: 2020-05-22 18:30:14 UTC