remember, you don't need to accept any of the stories being portrayed by anyone out there.  this illusion we call reality is created by the beliefs of the collective consciousness.  the more of us that choose to stop buying any of the various narratives that the mainstream is selling, the quicker we can create a beautiful new earth.  we simply do this by not giving our focus, attention, or energy to that which doesn't serve us, and we use that reclaimed energy/power to focus on what we do want to see in the world, either through direct action or in visualizing and feeling the way we desire (and following the divine inspiration we receive). we can all live in peace, health, and harmony with each other and the planet if we choose to believe this (and act upon this belief as we feel called to). or we can choose to live in fear, worry, anxiety, and constantly needing to follow/know what the news, big industries, corporations, or others whom have been influenced/manipulated by these want us to believe.  the choice is ours, up to each one of us individually.  the more of us that awaken and choose to live from a place of unconditional love, the quicker the new collective story of humanity unfolds.

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