2012 October

Still pondering what I learned during my conversations with Lynne the night before last. It has helped me realize how much I did learn at ‘art school’ at USF. Perhaps I felt I didn’t learn tons technically (as I was always pushing the limits technically and doing much more of my own self-research), though what we did learn conceptually was huge! Maybe I didn’t fully grasp it at the time, though now I can see how it was a big […]

Wow, so i must only remember it’s not a difference to be made whether or not any of this makes sense. and whether or not the distractions actually do occur. and what is real or not. and the observer of the words as they seem to flow. but where do they come from? and where do they go to? who knows. the mind is an interesting creation. is it all created in the mind? wow i can watch the mind […]

I felt a connection to the tree as I hugged it. I cried as I approached the end of the Avenue of Giants.. I was missing the tall trees already. Although knowing I'd see more in other parts of California, it wouldn't feel the same. Perhaps part of me felt sorrow for the trees that had been cut down. 96% of the trees that once stood are gone due to man logging the trees. The trees are so beautiful, so perfect in their own very nature. It hurts to know what man has done to the trees solely for his own gain. Let's become more aware of nature and earth, and make more environmental-friendly choices in our every day lives! Let's minimize waste and consumption of goods that are produced in ways harmful to our planet. We could all live in a sustainable manner if we chose to. As the planet awakens, I'm sure we'll continue to see more and more people becoming more aware of what they can do to live better, simpler, and sustainably.


Wow, I experienced an earthquake. It wasn’t that bad at all. The truck/camper shook a little bit (only for a few seconds). I’ve experienced it shaking/moving due to high wind in the past but this felt different and I didn’t hear any wind. I googled earthquake and it says one occurred 10 minutes ago in Central California. I clicked on the map and it was a magnitude 4.0 and the pointer shows up about 8 miles southeast of where I’m at. Didn’t think I’d actually experience one when here! Who knows, maybe I’ll see a tsunami while on the coast!! Here’s a link to the earthquake on the map: maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=36.5920,-121.1990(M4.0+-+Central+California+-+2012+October+29+04:25:16+UTC)&t=h&z=8&iwloc=A [update about an hour later: it’s now labeled as a 3.9 magnitude.. click here for updated map]

it’s funny to notice the repeating numbers at certain times/events in life. [i noticed the last post i made had the number 11551, and when stopped at certain places in sequoia national park a couple days ago, i noticed repeating digits on my odometer]

I am grateful for today. It’s truly amazing how much can happen in one day, even when perhaps not a whole lot happens. Today I woke up to 6″ to 10″ of snow on top of my camper and truck. What an experience it was to handle that. Didn’t think I’d ever have to deal with snow, at least not right away! In retrospect it wasn’t so bad. Snow did get inside the truck and camper but it wasn’t tons. […]

pondering what i learned last night during the great conversations with lynne.. i know a lot of it resonated with me in feeling, though now i try to describe it in words. perhaps that’s not part of living in the moment/now, but yet i feel drawn to expressing it, or attempting to do so. so many insights.. whenever i have an amazing insight, moment, thought, feeling, etc, etc, i want to share it with the world! for i know i […]

Tonight I ordered divine guidance from the source in San Francisco. Lynne took me to the source, and I ordered divine guidance. Tonight I met my friend Lynne who took me to the Source, from which where I ordered divine guidance. Wow, it’s interesting to watch the words. and the way in which they flow. and the differences each can project. in what they’re saying. even a subtle variation makes all the difference. and more interesting is to watch the […]


Wow, I love increased awareness and sensitivity to feeling! It’s funny how it can come when you least expect it. I was just over at the Hearst Castle visitor center, and glanced over at some photos in the gift shop as I was about to leave. Something told me to go to the photos and postcards as I almost didn’t go have a closer look. I went into the gift shop and was walking around for a little bit, and […]

woke up early this morning.. must have been a couple hours ago, perhaps more! couldn’t get back to sleep, so laid there in bed, trying to fall asleep, thinking every so often.. wayne dyer talks about some teaching saying don’t go back to sleep. though it seems i’m pretty conditioned to go back to sleep. what am i gonna do up this early? it’s too cold, i left the heat off, i don’t want to go out in the cold. […]

Time and seasons sure are funny here in California :) I experienced autumn, summer, and winter all within the past few days!

It’s funny thinking of the city as a meeting place. Kevin and Francesca just happened to be passing through San Francisco as I was. Lynne was just about to leave town for a while the day after I saw her, and Doug was living across the bay for a couple years. I think of it similar to how we all show up in each other’s lives. We all happen to be passing through earth at the same time and decide to meet each other in this reality/dimension. Friends I met in Florida or Chicago, I re-connect with in California. Perhaps we all came from another planet in a past life and all decided we needed to go to earth to experience, learn, and help the planet and each other out!

it’s interesting to see how we’re be(com)ing (being/becoming) able to change time. and go back and forth in time. as it’s not real, we can circumvent it.

feelings are crazy. because one of us feels one thing and another feels another thing. and they’re not even the same thing! yet each one of us thinks it is! we even try to describe it as such with words! but it’s different for each of us — or is it? is this not a trick of the mind’s????? i always used to think that… or wonder that.. but is that really true? like what one person sees as orange is what another sees as red, or green, or blue, or whatever other color. like we’re not all experiencing the world the same way. not in consciousness/energy/perception of the mind/etc/etc but as in physical world too. why some are more sensitive than others. and all that. it’s all possible. any and all of it, and just as we manifest it.

like it’s all really crazy, one voice says.

but another totally digs it. and knows how real it is.

and the other voice has no idea what the first one is saying.

and tries to defend what it does know, simply to (e)valuate/validate its own existence.

wow so it looks for validation just to prove that its not crazy, because it knows this really is! but why are we even here, and why did we create any of this?

it was all a game?
is that what i heard? or did i make that up myself? sorry, i get lost/distracted! and misplace it at times, just like i am now, following this tangent. but aimlessly wandering down tangents doesn’t always get you where you want to get to, now does it???


ok, got it!


no, don’t go there


just remember, its not for anyone else to understand. its just for you to understand. and if someone else gets it, heck, even if you get a little of it, then brilliant! if not, it’s there until someone does. or it’s just there. that’s it. it sits there and doesn’t go anywhere. and maybe one day it will get there, should you so choose it.