2011 September

I am grateful as we continue our journey from the age of information to the age of inspiration.

I found this beautiful video on Gwen Bell’s site last night. I’ve only briefly skimmed through a few pages on her site, though from what I’ve seen, Gwen’s perspective resonates a lot with how I see the world. Check out her place at gwenbell.com

What you’re feeling is what you attract (and the lens you see the world through). Yesterday afternoon, a couple hours before sunset, I felt connected to the trees, plants, and nature in the park I discovered when I went for a drive a little north of here [photos will be added later and found under yesterday’s date]. I am grateful for the opportunity to go explore in nature and spend lots of time there growing my awareness, especially when I get my truck camper in the next couple weeks. Do whatever it takes to continue to live your dream and experience your passion.


It is truly beautiful to see the world as it is. Today, just a bit earlier, I had a moment of clarity. I felt more present in the moment, and was able to see details of the world around me more clearly. It’s funny, it occurred just as I was finishing dinner with Linda. We were discussing ideas for an upcoming project we’re starting with Joe, and at the end, I was telling her about the time I felt so […]

yes, photography, and time-lapse photography, and some videography/cinematography.. my lens-based art is really about perception and perspective, and exploring these methods of seeing through the lens as a metaphor for ways of seeing the world. it’s become clearer lately, though a part of me has known all along what it has been about. when i have more time, i really want to sit and explore it some more, and allow the feelings to come through into words that can describe […]

Inspiring someone is awakening a viewpoint that realizes that something that seemed impossible can actually be done.

- Harry Palmer

I'm gonna make a trip to Chicago this Sunday before leaving Illinois in a week or so. I'll be heading over to the Bodhi Spiritual Center in the morning then seeing Doug from the Oneness Community speak. Afterwards I may bike around the city.. Let me know if you want to join me or hang out for a bit.

Really rare awakening movie now available in English.

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

part 5:

part 6:

part 7:

part 8:

part 9:

the trailer:

went for a drive north, ended up in Buffalo Park Forest Preserve.. at first it seemed just like an ordinary park, though after relaxing a bit, I began to feel connected to nature and the energy there. I spent a good little bit of time photographing and exploring [will process and upload these images sometime soon].. then decided to drive up to the top of one of the garages in Elgin afterwards [which was a little nerve-racking as despite the […]