here’s everywhere i’ve gone since i purchased my first electric car. i just did the furthest drive north yesterday. i had planned it out, and then some days later was curious how many days i had driven my car and it just happened to work out that yesterday was going to be 250 days of driving, counting times i got back home after midnight as part of the day i left (so i posted this map today rather than wait until next month when its been a year since i bought the car).

since i’ve had it, i’ve put on quite a number of miles in doing the long drives to make this map more interesting.. in just under 11 months i’ve driven almost as many miles as i did in the whole time i owned my van (22+ months) and car (30+ months) before that. i’ll see how close i actually get in the coming weeks, though am guessing i won’t quite make it as i’d need to drive around 75 miles every day to drive as much as i did the whole time owning the van.. though it’s much easier to drive more miles electrically when the fuel cost is so low. my average efficiency the whole time has been just under 5.5 mi/kWh. my total fuel cost per mile (including a small balance i still have on a public charger network) has averaged to 1.9 cents per mile [15772 miles for $300 isn’t too bad.. that’s essentially driving for a whole year on what 3 fill-ups of gas cost on the truck i used to have]. if i hadn’t gotten any electricity from free public chargers (and had paid at home for those kWh used instead), my average cost would’ve only been 2.7 cents per mile (still much less than what gas would cost, especially considering the maintenance costs on an electric car are practically non-existent). insurance has cost at least 20% less on my electric car than on my past three vehicles. and my total cost per mile to own the electric car is looking pretty good.. later this year (unless i barely drive it) my total cost per mile to own the car will be less than what the total cost per mile was for any of my previous three vehicles after i sold them [and this lower cost per mile will be when i still own my car! meaning that even if i gave the car away, the total cost per mile to drive it and have owned it will be less than it was for the other vehicles. part of this is as i bought this car used, though the lower operating costs make a big difference too. even if one bought a new electric car, the overall total cost to own it is going to end up less than in a car with internal combustion engine].

electric cars just make so much more sense: financially, environmentally, and experientially.

just a couple hours ago i found out that ford is going to be selling an electric version of their transit van here in the u.s. for the 2022 model year. this is really great news to see electric vans soon to be available here (as no major manufacturer was offering anything for sale here yet). i’ve been watching whats available in electric vehicles and have been waiting for a while now for an electric van option. it’s funny i randomly heard about it, as i was just thinking about an electric van a little earlier (as really working well for my needs).. and yesterday on the long drive north i had noticed more extended length versions of transit van on the road in one day than i had ever before [perhaps this was as the night before i just watched a youtube video by a couple (rolling vistas) who were talking about building out an extended length transit they custom ordered, and i was thinking of different camper build layouts]. hopefully this announcement will motivate other manufacturers to also offer electric vans (and other vehicle segments) sooner.

its also funny to hear about the transit release now, as despite this being quite exciting news, i’m actually not super excited.. part of me must’ve surrendered attachment to outcome (which allowed this to manifest into my reality).. i’ve seen many times how things have just shown up the moment i stop caring or worrying or thinking about them so much.. i think i accepted where i was at more and was feeling done with this whole project of doing these really long drives that take all day (since my car has a small battery and doesn’t have fast charging capability) and was ready to just post this map and move on (and with other things in life too, i was also ready to move forward). some might say this may just be a coincidence, though i’ve seen that the further one goes down this path, the more one will realize there are no mere coincidences. i knew electric vans would come here eventually (and was quite tired of waiting how long it’d be), but then when i let go of some attachment and came into the present moment more, official news just happens to be released that they’re on the way here. anyhow, i could write more about this but won’t go too far off on a tangent as that wasn’t the original intent of this post.

i hope this map can inspire others to see how far one can go in an electric car, even one that wasn’t intended to go this far with its small battery capacity. electric cars already exist with much bigger batteries (and fast charging) that one can easily drive across the country. electric vehicles are the future, and are the best choice today for anyone purchasing (or leasing) a vehicle.

update: upon looking more closely at a more detailed version of the map, i just noticed that there are minor errors in the gps data, where there appears to be a little line going slightly northwest from downtown ocala when i didn’t go there. the gps logger wasn’t getting a signal in the parking garage where i was charging and must’ve gotten incorrect data. at the scale you see here, its barely noticeable (and i imagine its possible there might also be other minor errors in the map data).

this is everywhere i went in the first 180 days* of actual driving in my fiat 500e.

* counting nights i arrived home after midnight as part of the previous day when i left

on april 6 this year i purchased my first electric vehicle, a 2016 Fiat 500e.  previously leased with very low mileage, it had a hint of new car smell to it.  it's fully electric with a smaller battery, making it a low range EV, though, by driving efficiently, one can get significantly more range between charges than the EPA rating.

in the first month of owning it, i drove a total of 1523.7 miles, averaging 5.7 mi/kWh.  at the nationwide average cost per kWh, that’s just over 2 cents per mile. even if the trip computer is optimistic and there are efficiency losses when charging the battery, it’s still under 3 cents per mile.  i did drive slowly + conservatively (and with windows down rather than air conditioning) in order to maximize efficiency to be able to go far without draining the battery too low, though even driving a bit faster or with A/C, the cost will still be far less than what it’d cost with a gas car.

with electricity being so inexpensive it opens one up to be able to explore more (and without any emissions that an internal combustion engine vehicle would have). if i would've driven all those same miles in the van i had, it would have cost me $200 more for the gas than the electricity costs.  saving a couple hundred dollars a month surely adds up.. looking at this number alone, the car will pay for itself in less than 5 years and will effectively be free. (some electric vehicles can be purchased used at a much lower price than new)

besides the financial savings, electric cars perform much better, are much quieter, have practically no maintenance, and have much less of an environmental impact than a car that burns gas or diesel.  we’re just starting the global transition to electric vehicles.. it’s exciting to be driving the future.

if you're in need of a car, i would strongly encourage you to get an electric vehicle.  besides helping prevent climate change, you'll have a much better driving experience.  some new models have bigger battery packs that can go as far as gas cars and can charge very quickly.  even with a higher initial price, a new electric car will cost less to own than a gasoline car with the savings in maintenance and gas.

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all images shot on an #iphone6 with the basic #iphone camera app, and the jpeg files were edited in an old copy of #lightroom that was released 6 years ago.. there's often no need to have the latest photo technology or gear if you know how to work with what you do have.
i went on a drive south today in my #electriccar. by adding some energy at free public chargers, the whole trip of 182.1 miles cost me less than what a single gallon of gas would cost (and had i paid at home for all the electricity needed to go that far it still would’ve only cost about the same as 2 gallons of gas). #driving #bridge #bay #road #overcast #cloudy #water #electricvehicle #bev #ev

here’s everywhere i’ve driven my fiat 500e since i purchased it earlier this year.

technically i’ve had it since the beginning of april, though there were 30 days straight where i didn’t drive it, and another time 7 days straight i didn’t drive it, and other times where i didn’t drive it for multiple days in a row. if you exclude these, this is about half a year’s worth of driving. counting the number of days in my gps data, there are 180 unique days worth of data (though the gps time is in UTC rather than eastern time, so if i come home at night after 7 or 8pm, it counts as a new day.. i’m not going to analyse all the data right now, though i imagine it’s actually less than 180 days worth of driving, as there were likely days i didn’t drive the following day after coming home at night after the new UTC day started at 7pm EST or 8pm EDT).

the total it has cost in electricity to drive a lot in half a year is the same as what it would cost someone with a big inefficient gas or diesel vehicle to fill up their tank just a couple of times. its a bit crazy how much more efficient and cost-effective electric cars are to drive. the average cost per mile has been just over 2 cents, for both electric “fuel” and maintenance.

i think i’m about done with this project of seeing how far one can go in an electric car with small battery. if i really wanted to, i could take it up north or to the midwest. i checked the routes, and there are already enough charging stations along the way to make it. though, i think i’ll wait until i get an electric van so i have more room and can enjoy the drive more easily in a tiny home on wheels.