Happiness consists in realizing it is all a great strange dream.

- Jack Kerouac

i just sold my truck to put the funds towards a condo i’m buying. i’m also selling my camper as soon as i find someone interested in it. though a part of me will miss the journeys, having my own place feels more like what i need right now. i will still travel in the future though will consider other options, depending on where and for how long. unless going on many long journeys and keeping a truck and camper for a long time, it may be much more cost effective to stay in hotels (or tents, etc). it’d be nice to be able to stay anywhere one can drive to, though perhaps the solution is simply to get a smaller vehicle that’s comfortable enough to sleep in for one or two nights at time. driving around town would certainly be more fuel efficient and fun in a small car that gets twice as many miles per gallon and can be maneuvered much more easily in small spaces. i may also consider a van (like the sprinter or other similar models coming out now) as it’d be far easier to park anywhere without drawing attention that you are camping in it (and would have lots more interior room than my camper and truck did).

i look forward to having my own place, as it’s been over four years since i was settled in my own space. since then, i’ve been between places, travelling, or living with others, and it’s certainly felt different (and at times not very peaceful). seems like this new place will suit what i was looking for all along. it’s within a mile or so of two nice parks i like to go to that are right on the lake, and in a quiet area with nice trails to bike on. the beach, the gulf, and other parks i like are not too far away either. (and it seems i’m discovering more healthy places in the general area too!)