it's a bit strange to see how so many people get upset by what they see or hear through the mass media, and then they keep going back to the mass media again and again only to remain stuck in a cycle of always being angry or afraid of what's being portrayed.  it's time to end this addiction and insanity.  if you feel compelled to do anything that is no longer serving you, learn to shift your focus to something more positive or uplifting every time you feel the urge to tune into the mass media.  a simple way to do this is to go for a walk outside and observe the beautiful world that surrounds you.  look for new details you may have never noticed before.  feel the breeze.  hear the sounds of nature.  smell the fresh air.  by engaging your senses in the natural (or neutral) world around you, any feelings you may have been resisting or stuck in will soon fade away.  the more you take time to quietly observe, experience, and embrace the world, the less you'll feel drawn to (and adversely affected by) any external source dictating to you what's happening in the world.  you'll begin to learn from the world (and life) by direct experience instead.

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[in california]

in order to transcend to higher levels of awareness, one must simultaneously both embrace and let go of all perspectives.

#nature #walk #dusk