spent a few moments pondering what is real, and realizing it’s all dependent upon how you look at it. we all perceive through our own lenses/beliefs quite literally. it’s really all that separates us from perceiving what actually is. one can learn a lot, everything actually, by quieting the mind and just being/experiencing the world around.

Sometimes I wonder if any of this is even real. and if it isn’t, what really matters? Did I create it all as some sort of game? If this is the case, what do I do? My viewpoints of the world have shifted and what I once lived for no longer matters. Is it time to rewrite my agreement with reality? What do I choose now? I’ve had a longing to travel and explore the natural beauty of the world for quite some time now. I feel that is where I’m headed. I’ll continue to document and share this beauty in this journal so others, if they’re real, can benefit from my experience should they so choose to..

Time to explore, reflect, and relax is what I truly desire. This journey will be an exciting, adventures one. With plenty of inspiration, insights, realizations, and discoveries.


The calmness of the sun going down in the late afternoon at Park Lake (off Colonial Dr in Orlando) was nice. Here are some photos I shot with my phone:

Mark Marano just experienced realizing Avatar is exactly what I've been looking for my whole life and feeling is what I've attempted to convey photographically!