2014 February

I just closed on my first condo! Excited to be moving in the next couple of days!

wow, how amazing does it feel to step into a place of power. and to know beyond all doubts what i am capable of. to know i have an infinite source of possibility that i can choose from. funny to try and write this. the fingers on the keys cannot keep up with the feelings. the feelings are boundless, infinitely large. trying to think of words does not work, especially as the fingers are unable to keep up. it is an incredible feeling to know that i can radiate higher energy. to inspire others, to be present, to feel great strength, like i can defeat anything. perhaps some is a bit exaggerated from what i actually felt. but feeling into it, i can intensify the experience and make it more real. life is awesome. to step outside of one’s comfort zone. to know what lies on the other side. it is a rush to feel it and know i can keep going with it. funny as most of the day i wasn’t feeling anything like it, then all of a sudden, i get a phone call, and i step into this place of confidence and knowing. and phone calls like these i typically avoid just as it seems routine. now i can see it in a different light, and embrace the experience. every moment presents itself uniquely. no matter how routine it may seem. there is always something new to learn and experience. from a new light or a new place. the world can seem totally different if you shift your energy. i wonder why i write all of this. it is so much more powerful when i speak it and feel it. writing it takes me a step away from it at times, especially depending what it is. allowing it to flow naturally and radiate outward is so much more powerful and amazing. that’s where i’ll live from.