if some things in life aren’t as you prefer, rather than dwelling in the frustration or giving energy toward fighting what you don’t want, direct your focus toward visualizing & creating what you do want. if it’s difficult to do this at first, spend time realizing how much in life you can be grateful for. celebrate these and the good that you do enjoy. this simple shift in energy will raise your vibration, and you may soon forget about what was bothering you (and the very thing you didn’t like may have transformed into something more aligned with what you desire). a shift in perspective can be quite powerful, even miraculous at times.

#intracoastal #water #bridge #causeway #intracoastalwaterway #boats #clearwater #clearwaterbeach #florida #cars #clouds #island #sand #nature #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #aerialvideo #dronevideo #aerial #birdseyeview #lookingdown #fromabove #mavicmini .. i went out here to do a shot looking down at the water and island (similar to the second one posted here, which was actually the first one chronologically), though i didn’t get to fly very high due to strong wind warnings at around 70 ft altitude. i’ll have to go back another time, perhaps in better light conditions (or hopefully at least remember to lock the exposure settings next time). most of the shots were more of me just doing something since i was already there. although i much prefer to photograph (and be in) nature, i may make more images of man-made things as some perspectives and places can make interesting landscapes. at some point i’ll post more aerial videos on youtube, as having to speed up some shots a lot (the first two at 3.5x or 4x speed) to fit on instagram don’t do justice to the original shots (nor does using low res previews that have parts missing due to loss of full signal).