2013 November

Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.

- Osho

it’s time to reignite the passion once held close. to let ggo of the mind and its desires. i’ve been so caught up in the mind lately. and for so long, i can’t remember when i last wasn’t. i’ve got to limit my exposure to technology. all i’ve been doing is working on techniques and technology, that i’ve allowed the mind to take control. it’s so easy to get caught up in it when you’re using it. the mind is a tool. i need to make sure i don’t let the tool take control. by deliberately doing things outside of the mind, more and more often, i can let go of the attachment to the mind. the mind will begin to quiet down. if one gives full attention to the mind, one can lose control to it. one must stay present, aware of the mind, but not get sucked into it.

the present moment is all that matters. it’s where one connects to the highest power within. divine guidance is always available should one accept it. allow yourself to be fully guided by the divine, in the moment, and it is far greater than thinking your way through things. life will become effortless and everything will occur very naturally in such a state.

it’s funny right now to watch the mind trying to take over. it’s watching the words as they come through and is trying to edit them or think of where they want to go. by doing so, it’s limiting the natural flow of the words. the mind wants to make this a longer, deeper message but perhaps right now its not meant to be as such. perhaps the message is simple. most higher messages are very simple. only the mind tends to over-complicate things. it wants to further explain and elaborate when its not always necessary to do so. in fact, most of the time, its probably futile to do so. going in to further depth may only be the mind wanting to satisfy its own desires. if the message is that simple, someone else can understand it. perhaps not in the same way you understand it, but they’ll get it, at some point. the mind may want to go further into detail or re-explain in other terms to get the other person to figure it out, but its not always necessary to do so. in fact nothing is necessary. everything just is. it is as it is. and it is perfectly so as such.

re-kindle the flame. follow your passion, your heart’s desire. this is where your life will truly become alive. where you will fully live and flourish. don’t think about whether it makes sense or not. it most likely won’t. you don’t need the mind’s permission to do something. if your heart desires it, expierence it. that’s where true learning occurs. not in researching or thinking or trying to figure it out, but in actually doing it. intellectual learning can only get you so far. you must fully experience what it is you are to experience in order to fully learn and have the wisdom of doing so.

be the change you desire.

i’m excited because i’ve been feeling it get closer and closer. i know i’ve been getting back on track. yes, it’s been taking a while, though i know i’ve been on the way there. all these little projects i’ve been working on are coming to a point of completion. or a stoppping point for those that are not complete. and as such, i can let go of all the attention and energy i’ve been putting into them so i can focus on greater things. explore new things, my [higher] purpose, and such.

life is awesome when you allow it to be. all you need to do is allow it to be. its so simple. relax. step outside of your self, your thoughts, your need for things to occur a certain way. relax into the what is. embrace it. really explore it and see how amazing it is, being the way it is. even if the mind wants it to be different, no matter how much so. it is so great and perfect the way it is. as one ascends to higher levels of awareness, one can see so simply the perfection in all that is. from a lower vantagepoint of the mind, the self, one may see it as pain and suffering, though as soon as one relinquishes one’s desires, one can be set free.

freedom, at last. not in what one can do, but in how one does. the mind stops to think there, does that make sense? does it need to be further explained? its funny to watch. the mind trying to understand it can be quite a thing to watch. start there. examine your own thoughts. just watch them flow by. don’t stop and analyse and criticize. but just relax and watch them. find the humor in them. think about if it were someone else thinking these things, what would it appear like [to see this from an external perspective]? can you step outside of your own mind and see it from an external perspective? don’t think too much about it. just know its possible. if you can’t now, one day you will be able to. and so effortlessly so.

does the mind really serve you? thinking about your thoughts, thinking about everything. what point does it have? looking at your own thoughts, imagine these thoughts being observed by others. how would they see them? not how would they think about you, but would these thoughts benefit them? would it be of any use? do these concerns even matter to you? just relax and observe.

okay, enough of the mind. just embrace the world, your world, as it is. and truly appreciate your life, and all of life, as it is. perhaps its not perfect in your eyes, but know that its getting better, day by day. each step forward brings one closer to what one wants to experience. though as one begins to experience more of what one thinks one wants, one begins to realize what one thought one wanted isn’t what one truly wants. sometimes one needs to go down the path long enough to fully embrace this. one can even get sidetracked for quite a while. but deep down inside, one always knows what one’s true desire is.

now it seems that i may have left out some parts. but perhaps those parts were not meant to be seen at this moment. they’ll all be revealed later, in their own perfection. don’t worry or think too much about it. it felt like these ideas were going somewhere but then i lost them. so i just relax and let it be.

[a.k.a. life on the road]

i had a great time with friends from Chicago and Clearwater during Club Divine at the Flowering Heart Center this afternoon! what a unique experience with amazing energy! check out the rest of the Florida tour at