if you're feeling stuck in life, often all you need is a new perspective.  if you've been looking at life a certain way (or through the viewpoint of a certain teacher, leader, influencer, etc), simply exploring the perspective of another may open your eyes to what you need to see or hear (and the new perspective may come from a source you didn't necessarily expect.. simply follow your heart and intuition, and you'll be guided along to whatever you need to see, learn, or experience). in repeatedly hearing the same underlying message in the same ways, it may become dull and no longer effective.  hearing someone else who's essentially saying the same thing you've already heard, but using different words or a new vantagepoint, may be exactly what allows you to open your eyes and heart to the message you need to hear and feel.  with anything in life, its good to take a break from what you're doing if you're doing it all the time.  time away from a project, goal, practice, or everyday life will allow you to explore other possibilities and create the space in which you can start over (as you feel called to) from a more energized place.

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