2012 November

this is a map of the journeys i’ve taken in my truck camper in the first year, month, and week [minus a day] that i’ve had it. the yellow stars are where i went in the first year, and the red line is where i drove the following 5 weeks. now, i just gotta take it to tennessee, kentucky, and the northeast to have gone through all the continental us!

Between still photos, video clips, and time-lapse movies, I shot over 763 gigabytes of images during my journey the past 10 weeks! Less than 10% of these are stills, and the rest will be assembled into films.. I’ll keep ya all posted as to when they’re ready..

Just crossed the Mississippi.. in the last 10 weeks I drove through every state west of the river!

there’s such a beautiful feeling in warm weather! i was driving and walking through palm desert and it felt really amazing. i love the desert colors, and how architecture matches the warm colors of the area and sun. there’s just something about the warm temperatures, the clear sky, or the bright colors [or a combination of all of these!]. it was in the 80s and still felt really nice. the breeze from driving with the windows down felt cool. even […]


I drove almost exactly 5500 miles (around 5499.25 is the actual number) from leaving Joe’s place in Elgin, IL to crossing the border into California.

I made the trip in just under 5 weeks [4 weeks, 6 days, and a couple/few hours — left on September 6 and got to Cali on October 10 — exactly a year after I had the camper installed on my truck].

I used 325 to 330 gallons of gas [not exact here as I [...]

..made it back to Palm Harbor yesterday! since leaving Chicagoland just over 10 weeks ago, I more than doubled the mileage on my truck driving a total of 13408.5 miles to wander out west and then journey back to Florida!


take one: take two:

it’s like we’re pawns in our own game ..to escape the madness [and purchase gladness?]

first take: take two:

The Awakened One sees everything as connected to everything else.
The unawakened one sees everything as unconnected to everything else.

- Sri Amma Bhagavan