Mark Marano has returned from Power Players Alumni in Aruba where he learned communication from Dr. Michael Shadow (who has coached Presidents & Popes!)

life is the expression of energy. from the human perspective all we can truly understand is the expression and not the full potential of the energy itself

life is meant to be experienced. to be truly lived. be creative. express who you truly are. breathe in every moment of life, what surrounds you. beauty is all around you. you need only take a look and observe it. don’t chase perfection as everything is perfect. the very idea of imperfection comes from judgment and the idea of separation. we are all one. each one of us has a purpose, and our differences define our own individual perfections.
don’t fight anything. surrender to the outcome, fully accept all possibilities, and the potential you truly desire will open its doors to you.
the most important element of life is the expression of love. all emotions and things are an expression either of love or of fear. express love in all that you do, and don’t be afraid to do so. fear stems from separation. when you truly know we are all one, then there is nothing to fear — you are only speaking to or interacting with another part of yourself.
stop judging yourself. judging yourself is just as bas as judging others. observe, realize, and make positive changes to your perception and the rivers of love and beauty will flow in all that you do, everyday. just like fine water or drinks, filter what you allow into your life. do not get caught up in negative energy nor allow negative attitudes to affect you.
be who you truly are, and accept yourself without judgment. god does not judge. judgment is a fear tactic.


the images used to be chaotic + many because that’s the energy i was surrounded by at the time

the purpose of life is to express, experience, and share beauty.

what makes each of us unique are the possibilities we choose.

life is the expression and experience of a greater energy that w limitless energy that we cannot fully understand from the perspective of life itself.

life is the energy expressing itself in the form of experience

life is the expression of a greater, unlimited energy which cannot be fully understood from the perspective of the human experience.

life is the expression of energy. and we can only understand the expression and not the energy itself

to truly understand life, one must surrender all judgment and realize from the greater perspective we are all the same.

to truly live to one’s potential, one must surrender to
all judgment and one’s inhibitions will disappear.

the most important element of life is the expression and experience of love and beauty

a fulfilled life comes from serving + inspiring others.

one must align only surround one’s with what one loves and is passionate about. alleging one’s self with such energy will bring fulfillment

life is the expression of creative energy. one should to feel fulfilled, one should do what inspires them, and inspire others to find and do what they enjoy.

a calling