2011 February

wow, what an adventure life is. When I let it all out, it’s super-exciting! Just had a bit of a conversation with myself in the shower! I could attempt to re-create it here, though it wouldn’t be nearly the same. It all occurred in the moment, the many moments. Life happens in the moment. Open your heart and follow your feelings – true magic will present itself!

Now, to begin to let that same magic out to others! I can’t keep holding it in and keeping it to myself. I must allow it flow out and shine brightly! As Wayne Dyer says, “Don’t die with your music still inside you.”

Life is exciting, and the adventure has only begun! Get excited every day! This is your life we’re talking about here! If you can’t feel excited or like you’re enjoying life, then ask yourself: why are you here? what are you doing that’s preventing you from being happy and joyful?

Back on the road today – off to Fort Myers to see a friend / business partner who’s flying in. It’ll be fun to discuss new opportunities and where we want to go in this adventure of life!


Some nice clouds on the way out of the neighborhood.. followed by a few shots driving over the Sunshine Skyway while trying not to drop my phone out the moonroof into Tampa Bay!

A couple of time-lapses while I progressed further on my web app project out in the lanai…

I’ve been realizing how simple my life used to be when I just explored and appreciated. I’ve made it so complex over the years. I’m grateful to turn this around now. Life can really be simple and enjoyable, as it is.

Biked back to John Chestnut Park again today.. Here are a couple shots from ‘my office’ (Shelter 10) where I worked by Lake Tarpon..

Today I awaken to a new day, a new path, one in which I can enjoy each day, and make the most of this incredible journey of life I’ve chosen. I may not know exactly where I’ll be or what I’ll do, though it matters not. The process and the unique daily moments are what I now live for. I now choose happiness and presence every day. I enjoy the unfolding of life. I write these notes to document the […]


As an aside, it’s quite hilarious how creation and the world of feeling works! Today, as I was researching WordPress themes and blog ideas, I discovered that the new version of WordPress released just a couple days ago has a new feature that is almost exactly what I was looking for and thinking of creating! Was it intuition or creation? Who knows! Perhaps both! I’ve had lots of feelings of upcoming technology or almost ‘wishes’ or desires of what would […]

Some time-lapses from a nice, fairly quiet area in the Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve South in Oldsmar (where Old Tampa Bay meets Safety Harbor)

spent a few moments pondering what is real, and realizing it’s all dependent upon how you look at it. we all perceive through our own lenses/beliefs quite literally. it’s really all that separates us from perceiving what actually is. one can learn a lot, everything actually, by quieting the mind and just being/experiencing the world around.

Sometimes I wonder if any of this is even real. and if it isn’t, what really matters? Did I create it all as some sort of game? If this is the case, what do I do? My viewpoints of the world have shifted and what I once lived for no longer matters. Is it time to rewrite my agreement with reality? What do I choose now? I’ve had a longing to travel and explore the natural beauty of the world for quite some time now. I feel that is where I’m headed. I’ll continue to document and share this beauty in this journal so others, if they’re real, can benefit from my experience should they so choose to..

Time to explore, reflect, and relax is what I truly desire. This journey will be an exciting, adventures one. With plenty of inspiration, insights, realizations, and discoveries.


The calmness of the sun going down in the late afternoon at Park Lake (off Colonial Dr in Orlando) was nice. Here are some photos I shot with my phone:

Today was a great day! I made lots of progress on the web site application as soon as I stopped resisting working on it! I felt lots of energy running through me in the afternoon, so much that I was even singing! Wow, that’s been a long time! Later in the afternoon, I packed up my ‘office’ and biked over to John Chestnut Park a couple miles away. Here are a couple time-lapse shots from Shelter #13 where I worked. […]

Tonight is a good night. I’m excited to be alive again! I just got off the phone with my Avatar friend, Larry Reed, and he provided great inspiration through a discussion of ideas, some ramblings, and random things. Just realizing more and more that I ought to just be me, and not really worry about seeking perfection as I often had in the past! I have many crazy, random ideas and I ought to just make them happen! I motivate […]


Sometimes I wonder why I hold myself back from self-expression. I know I can be extremely loud and expressive should I choose to, though perhaps I fear unleashing that amount of power will scare others, and my audience will run away unless they feel totally comfortable knowing that I am only demonstrating the power to stay in the feeling and allow my passion and excitement to flow completely unhindered, full-throttle. Perhaps it’s as I also desire to be peaceful at […]

It is beautiful to live in appreciation and feeling of what is around me. Tonight, after leaving the park where I wrote my earlier ramblings, I appreciated the sense of community of Bud’s neighbors who lived on Broadway right near downtown Orlando. I feel inspired to get the positive life community / inspirational center started! After we left there, fellow Avatar, Amie, and I went to the Dandelion Cafe several blocks away, and I felt a great appreciation of the [...]

Drove out to Titusville to see the Space Shuttle Discovery’s final launch.. Got there just in the nick of time! Literally as we were walking up to the crowd of people did it take off.. I ran further up to get a few shots.. luckily I got one pretty well focused.. yes, I need to clean the sensor on my camera (a mirror lens yields donut dust spots!)

a minute later.. (auto-stitching worked pretty well on these next two shots!)

30 seconds later..

3 minutes later people started leaving..

It took us over an hour to circle around out of the parking lot to just a hundred feet from where we were actually parked (and at least 3, if not 4, hours to get back to Brendan’s place in Orlando)! Got some nice shots of the sky as the sun set when we were waiting..

Mark Marano enjoys creating something beautiful

Mihaela Coman little planet photo, Mihaela Coman stereographic projection image