2009 February

Mark Marano is taking a survey: What is the one thing you truly desire in life?

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travel     nature
share ideas, concepts — teach others I know + meet people receptive to my perspective
experience/share beauty

enjoy each moment
be at peace with myself, others
live a fulfilled life by fulfilling others’ lives
learn + understand the world through new perspectives, levels of awareness

time-lapse view from one of the webcams i had set up in apartment #3112 at left bank at k station in the first half of december 2008 (before switching the camera with webcam #4): second half of december 2008: january 2009:


live view out my home/office (left bank at k station apartment #3112).. currently this is september 22 through october 31 2008 (rest will be uploaded as they are processed) below is the month of november 2008:


Back on this winter day, I had an enlightening experience while working with my mentor and future business partner, Joe.. We were working on putting together a business plan for a new idea we had been putting together the last couple of weeks.. We had gone over some excellent projections, and while working on logos, slogans, a powerpoint presentation, etc. in Joe’s dining room, he was playing a copy of one of the Live U2 Vertigo Tour DVD’s on his […]

Mark Marano is taking a survey: What is the one thing you truly desire in this experience we call life?

to live life in peace, free of stress, burden, anxiety, worry
to live each day as I please + choose
to enjoy each day, each moment
to experience beauty in life
to be happy

to understand life, god, spirituality
to observe from a unique perspective
to meet others who share common perspectives or desires to learn and see from new perspectives
to travel, explore the world, learn through experience of new places

november 2008 [starting with a couple days at the end of october]: the first half of december 2008: the second half of december 2008 (looks like i switched camera 3 & 4):

the view looking east from my first apartment in a high rise (at left bank at kinzie station).. january 2009: