2003 May

criticize intent question acknowledgement destroy integrity fully realize failure disect truth disguise virtue falsify creation ..yet fail to acknowledge coming quick into your wonderful desire

beware criticizing and analysis of the truth may only lend you an increased ability to yearn after and grasp the lie

silence answers only those whom hath departed.

silence answers only those whom hath departed.
i awoke outside a dream in a mindset i could not find myself to believe the truth was so far beyond what i could have imagined i could not bring myself to delve within
the dream can never be fully realized, for i can’t even recall the vaguest details

its the principle the principle of participatory values when the day is final and through where do you get the feed for your brain is it the television the internet the thought pattern found within joined minds accompanying yours the solitude the trespassed lands haunting devoured trains through endless paths what if the road to nowhere truly did have an end and you couldnt escape it you couldnt even gain access to the road to nowhere which would hence be […]

ya left me how could ya leave me here all alone to die in this cold cruel world of reality take me back to the dream help me save me how can i go on i need to escape this travesty dont just sit back and watch enjoying every moment of it laughing at my sorrows denying me my one and only truth