i didn’t think too much about these (or at all) when i shot them, and just threw all of the clips on a timeline with the same basic filter settings.. though this does have a nice, peaceful feel to it.. this could be my best work yet :)

went for drive in the country in my new truck.. ended up past rockford!

riding with Joe to another business meeting..

riding with Joe..

driving to the ‘large green patch’ on Google Maps..

decided to head north from where I slept at Lake Apopka to the Ocala National Forest and Palatka.. leaving the parking lot at Ravine State Gardens where I worked, and heading toward Crescent Beach on the east coast.. drove a little south to a spot just south of Marineland:

went for a drive north, ended up in Buffalo Park Forest Preserve.. at first it seemed just like an ordinary park, though after relaxing a bit, I began to feel connected to nature and the energy there. I spent a good little bit of time photographing and exploring [will process and upload these images sometime soon].. then decided to drive up to the top of one of the garages in Elgin afterwards [which was a little nerve-racking as despite the […]

Driving back to Elgin after staying at my friend Matt’s in Chicago for the weekend.. We attended the Bodhi Spiritual Center over in Lincoln Park.

Going to Rockford Airport.. I love the feel of a small airport that you can easily park and get to to terminal in practically no time.. Also being in a more rural area is so nice to feel nature around you.. this was much more relaxing than going to O’Hare or Midway.. Here’s the ride back from St. Peterburg / Clearwater Airport.. there was such a great energy in the air.. it felt like it had just rained and all […]

another time-lapse riding with Joe..

riding with Joe to a meeting..

a success! looks like little to no real damage was sustained last week.. saw lightning developing in that big cloud.. here’s my first use of the gopro suction cup mount on the ride back trying to catch some bolts in the shot [though only getting a little intra-cloud lightning]

shortly after breakfast, getting ready to leave North Peninsula State Park and head toward Atlanta..

i thought of driving to lake geneva on the weekend though the forecast called for rain, so i decided to take a break from work and go for a ride while it was still partly sunny..

I was ready early so took a drive through the country on the way to St. Petersburg / Clearwater airport.. I was gonna go to a park right near Rockford airport after I arrived back though didn’t find it easily so decided to take the country roads back to Elgin.. the land is nice and open just a couple miles west of Elgin.. (yes, the camera battery died in the middle of this shot)

Driving over to see my friends Kevin and Jon in Logan Square..

view of clouds passing by from Joe’s balcony and then going for a ride with Joe..

I drove into the city to see my friend Erin who I hadn’t seen in years.. Decided to take Chicago Street / Irving Park Road the whole way down to the lake to create the first part of this fisheye time-lapse shot.. the second part of the shot is driving downtown to find a spot for a 360 degree time-lapse (that I still have to process) and the drive back to Elgin on the interstate (where the camera/clamp fell off […]