2013 February

living from the past won’t last
unless of course it’s a blast
you can extend into a new day

it’s definitely an interesting experience and perhaps more interesting how one might attempt to make sense of it all, when some if it [all?] can’t be made sense of..

i do like your approach and have been learning to soften, relax, and appreciate. perhaps sometimes i push the limits too far, though have struggled with definition as i realize i can choose to embrace it all.

i’m not sure what any of this means as i sit quietly and allow random feelings to pass through. yet i remain grateful.

[i risk it all for just one shot]

wow, it’s as if i can feel your openness and allow myself to become open. i feel connection in a sort of meditative state. i thank you for this encounter, whether first or last, for it is quite beautiful. i know this may not make total sense, though there is a part of you that understands. for that part of you is me, and this part of me is you. it’s crazy to admit it, though i am growing into humanity’s interconnectedness. it’s comforting to find others who might understand or feel the same way.

[perhaps all the pieces are aligning and the meditation/blessing last night has opened my heart to deeper feeling, though i’ve got to stop taking it so seriously and enjoy life, which is why i’m here]

[one of] my purpose[s] in creating art, life, the world, etc is to see [just] how differently others might interpret it

perhaps there really is no purpose in and of itself [other than to understand/explore new perspectives, through those other perspectives]

[its taking the purpose out of the art, and placing it in the experience of the art]

[for life itself only is experience, hence a metaphor]

take two, a little quicker:

Life is better unfiltered

[from your own perceptual limitations]

..something to say about determination and perseverance, or perhaps absurdity and ridiculousness, or just good ol' spontaneity and fun :)

perhaps its time to up my game and truly create what i desire

.. it’s about exploration, inspiration, adventure — the experience and sharing perspectives [of such], all while developing close relationships so i may better know myself in knowing another


and it became quite apparent that there indeed was no purpose.
it was all fun and games.
and nobody was getting hurt, this time.

except those who desired to, of course.

[yes, even if part of them was not aware that they chose that]

[but it was their choice 100%]

do we wake them up and let them know that?

only if they’re ready

but who says they’re ready

they do

but what if they don’t?

they’re not ready.



life is quite simple.

all you have to do is change how your interacting with this so-called reality.

perhaps the only thing consistent is the lack of consistency