2016 February

reality is only as real or true as you make it or allow it to be. and truth can change quite profoundly if you’re open to such change. it can change so much that what you once believed to be the core foundation of your truth becomes a complete lie after you experience such a drastic change in your perception.

so this is my paper. yes, it’s a blank canvas. where do we begin? it’s all clear and blank and white and black and none of it and all of it, all at the same time!!!

[..thinking, briefly, about a scenario where a teacher or professor asks a student to write a paper but doesn’t give them anything to go off of what it should be. after thinking about what it’d be like for a client to ask for a website but not give any input on what it should look like. we must become clear and definite on what we want to create in our lives or it could end up looking like anything. so i must define what i want in life and also examine what i’ve already defined and remove what no longer serves me]

it’s quite beautiful to drift in and out of consciousness. it’s very interesting to be in the in-between states, where you’re partially in the physical ‘real’ world and partially in the ‘dream’ world. there’s a bit of a drifting occurring between both dimensions. you slowly start to become more aware of, or remember, or re-create the real world. as you do so, the dream world fades away and then you find yourself entirely in the physical world. yet you feel refreshed and like you could start anew. sometimes it takes a few moments or minutes to remember exactly what you were doing before you drifted away. a nap can be so beneficial. just to take you away from whatever you were feeling before plus also to explore this experience in a new way. all of it happens in such a brief period of time though it feels like you rested much longer. our thoughts and feelings can really weigh us down if we sit in them too long. it seems that this is a simple way to release them and then be able to experience the world differently than you were just a short time before. lay down or recline somewhere comfortable where you know your body won’t be disturbed and allow yourself to drift away. it seems best to do this in the middle of the day, or early to mid afternoon. surrender to the moment in whatever dimensions it takes you.

greed, especially excesssive greed of money and power, is a result of a deeply-rooted fear. the current socio-economic system of much of the world, especially the united states, is broken. it is the result of this deeply-rooted fear and benefits very few rather than the masses. it’s time for us to collectively wake up, dissolve the fear, and re-create a system that will benefit everyone.

those of you who know me know that i don’t normally get involved in political or socio-economic discussions, nor suggest any particular method, party, or viewpoint as a solution, however there is a lot of unawareness in many people’s consciousness as the current systems rooted in fear have programmed most of society to think or feel a certain way, and most people are so conditioned (and living in their own fears) that they are not aware of this. i write and share this to help awaken others (especially some, or a lot, of my family) to new perspectives, and from a broader viewpoint or higher level of awareness, one will draw one’s own conclusions as one will clearly see what one previously was unable to. in recent times, a lot of people have been waking up in different ways, however, we need everyone to wake up so we can totally eradicate fear from our way of living. when enough of us awaken, the entire world will transform, and a beautiful, new world will unfold from this higher energy.

right now you may not be able to picture or imagine a different world, as the current ways of thinking are so entrenched in society, and you may feel that something different, or radically different, may be nearly impossible. and from a collective place of unawareness, it very much is nearly impossible. however as we bring light to the darkness, we become aware of what is/was and can accept it as a product of what society was feeling at the time. at first it may be difficult to realize some previous truths were even possible in today’s world, be it in your own world or at a larger level affecting the entire planet, though as we wake up fully to the present moment reality of what is actually happening, and are able to experience and accept this as it is, we can let it go and it will dissolve. by doing this, we create the space for new moments to unfold as we continue to evolve into the future.

a lot of people are afraid of change and rather stay in the comfort of what they currently know (and are unaware of), despite this current scenario not serving them. it takes courage to accept what we don’t like about ourselves as being real. as we must not resist our own truths and take personal responsibility for what is happening in our own world, we must also do so for the larger world around us to help affect beneficial change.

going back to where i began attempting to write this.. i saw the video at the link below last night and it spoke well of the current situation that is affecting so many of us. many may not like what it is saying or even hear the actual message clearly, largely due to their own preconceived notions and the programming they’ve been subjected to. many will be all for it, again, based upon their previous beliefs of what is right and wrong. however many will also shift and open their eyes to a new perspective of what is actually happening and previous beliefs and programming that no longer serves them will fall apart and begin to disintegrate. i post this largely for the latter — the more of us that are able to open ourselves up to what is happening in the world (and in ourselves) and experience it in the present moment, the more quickly we can transform the world to a beautiful, peaceful place we can all truly enjoy. we need to become aware of what is, in order to decide on what will be from a clearer, higher place. many of you reading this may already be aware.. if you feel this (or any) message will help others, aware or unaware, please share it to help spread the word.

regardless of your current viewpoint(s) and whether or not you already know this, watch and listen to the entire video in the following link with an open mind — tell me if you don’t see something quite wrong with these aspects of the current system (and if the ideas proposed, or more so, the perspective they are coming from, wouldn’t benefit you or most of everyone else)..


it’s funny how as i watched the video and went back to it to watch it again, i kept noticing repeating numbers in the counts of viewers and subscribers. this seems to happen often as spirit is subtly speaking to us. a while back, a friend thought of this a “divine wink” when it happens. for anyone interested in the message in the first video, here’s another.. i felt a strong feeling/emotion in the middle of it when i watched it: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtBVuye4fZQ it feels good to take part in something bigger than one’s self, even in doing something as simple as spreading the word or awareness of something that will help support and benefit many others’ lives. together we can make a difference.


[my response to a new friend, Aja, who asked about the concept of my little planet photos, amongst other conversation]

that’s awesome! i wish i was raised spiritual.. i had to work through indoctrination and other limiting beliefs/views from my family :) it’s funny to see so many of them still there, and how it’s causing them to continue old ways.

that’s a great way to look at it.. yes, it feels like that to me too.. as our vibration/energy increases by doing what we love, everything flows much more smoothly

i haven’t really thought about one specific concept for the little planet photos.. i’ve written and explored a lot of various perspectives, some related to the images, some not.. (you can look for the “writing” tag/link on my website if you’re interested though there’s a lot of other stuff to filter through) it feels like all of my work is somehow related to exploring perspectives, wider or more expansive ways of seeing the world, and exploring perception itself. they are all metaphors for one to expand one’s own awareness to higher levels to be able to understand this inter-connectedness of everything, and to be able to discover one’s own spirituality, the divine, god, one’s higher self, the inner teacher, oneness, whatever you want to call this higher perspective/understanding/awareness of this experience we call life. it feels like part of the exploring perspectives with various techniques and pushing the envelope, so to speak, is to subtly or subconsciously get others to feel more open about seeing the world, both their own world/life and the collective world around us, in new ways. as one learns to expand one’s own awareness and perspectives about aspects of one’s own life, the self-limiting beliefs and viewpoints fade away.. as enough of these disappear, it’s like polishing a lens, and the discovery of the infinite and one’s connection to one’s source becomes crystal clear. yes it could take a while and this journey is longer for some than others, though.. i’m starting to get off track here :) but essentially yes, the work is about all of this. before i even knew i was on a spiritual path or journey many years ago, these sort of messages were coming to me, and i can see this unfolding in my photography as part of my own journey. i think it all started off by me just exploring and having fun and getting interested in it and seeing where it would go.. and it took me on an adventure!

i could ramble/flow on much more about all of this.. i love engaging and getting lost in deep conversations about this sort of thing :)

have you had any brilliant moments of higher awareness, connection, knowing, etc in your life that really stand out, or any truly defining moments related to your own understanding/spirituality?

thanks! back to the second part of your question about the images.. while there is the underlying message of expanding perspectives, yes, part of it is for one’s own interpretation, as one must expand one’s own viewpoints in order to come to one’s own experiential understanding and knowing. just as one can read all one wants though the intellectual understanding won’t be anything like the actual knowing or doing, and one’s own experience will be different based upon one’s previous experiences and perspectives, this aspect exists in the work too.. it can mean subtly or vastly different things to different people, and that’s totally fine. just as how we all perceive this world differently and even upon awakening to great profound experiences, it’s likely to be a little different for everyone.. so i’m not going to say my work only means one exact thing :) so i suppose the simple answer to your question is both, all of the above, some of the above, and perhaps none of the above for some :)

i recall when i first encountered little planet photos and started researching how to create them, it was after i was awakening to new understandings and perspective shifts of what was going on in my own life. [the short story: i had gone through a lot after attempting to start a new business venture unlike anything i had done before and it wasn’t working out, and i had become more aware of spirituality and really began to step back and look at what i was doing with my life and what really mattered to me at the time] after coming up with a way to somewhat easily be able to create a lot of little planet photos with minimal gear (at the time, now it’s much easier), i decided to really embrace the technique and that’s practically all i shot when i was exploring for a few days on a trip. i forget exactly when, though probably at some point early during the trip after going to a lot of beautiful spots in nature, the idea came to me of how awesome it’d be to do little planet time-lapses as i don’t believe they had been done before (likely due to limited technology and technique at the time). as i was limited with the gear i had with me at the time, i stood for an hour literally walking around in a circle around the monopod i had the camera on taking 4 shots for each still frame of the time-lapse, and i had a proof of concept. from there, when i got back home, ideas came to me of how to solve the technical issues of having the tripod not show up in the shot and being able to automate the process so i could have precisely aligned images to work with, and not have to walk around in a circle every time for an hour :) i’m not sure exactly where this is all taking me, but it feels like it relates to what you said and i agreed with in the beginning.. i was getting really excited about this new technique or idea and jumping all in on it, fully embracing it, and that enthusiasm sparked the creativity and being able to take it to the next level. it feels like this is part of the underlying message too by exploring so many different ways of seeing. the divine is working in subtle aspects to hint at those seeing the work to be able to engage in what really drives them. when people have come up to me when i’ve done kite aerial photography or they saw me in my truck camper or something, and i got really excited talking about it (because i was really was excited to be doing what i was doing at the moment), i could feel and see their perspectives/energy shifting and opening up. they likely wouldn’t ever have any interest in actually doing kite aerial photography but that enthusiastic energy flowing through me of what i was feeling might be just what they needed to make them feel better or inspire them to be able to do what they want (or feel called to). perhaps that’s what my work is about, inspiration

wow, so that was a bit long, hope you enjoy the chapter i wrote :) and thank you for the inspiration that came to me by asking! i think i’m gonna post this as one of my writings on my website/journal (only the part i just wrote, not your message)


oh and i just realized i had forgotten how i was originally going to relate that last part.. [it seems i’ve allowed the flow of inspiration to be a little affected by the continuous loud noise of lots of lawn care equipment all around my condo complex at the moment.. though sometimes we just need to let go and surrender in order to remember] i feel that part of the reason i discovered the little planet look (where you effectively see in all directions) and invented a way to be able to take this to another level (by creating time-lapses with the look) was because of where i was in my own spiritual journey.. as i began to become interested in learning about higher levels of awareness and perspectives such as oneness, i naturally attracted/created/manifested/aligned with a photographic technique that could illustrate this way of perceiving/understanding/knowing..

it’s all how you look at it, the experience. we see life through our own filters. i could sit here and say its great, or i could sit here and say it sucks. most likely i’m going to experience something pretty close to how i’m choosing to see it. [as i was sitting here waiting to place my order for lunch, thoughts started to come up about how this experience right now was.. part of me wasn’t quite feeling it as other people were near me and the music was loud and i was thinking it’d be quieter so i could write more.. as i saw some girls at the table in front of me, i think i had a thought of feeling alone being here by myself, and probably another thought or two after that.. though then as i looked off into the distance i don’t remember exactly what i thought or felt though i decided this was going to better than i was feeling those brief moments before. and then i started to feel better. and shortly after i started typing this and here we are] each moment is created, and can be very different than the previous moment(s) if you allow it to be. [earlier today it was cloudy and windy and cold and i didn’t think i was going to see the sun and feel the warmth for a couple days and i was a little bored, then after forgetting about all that for a while and just coming back to the moment of where i was, accepting it, i found some things to do and started feeling into if i wanted to come here or not to eat. as i started to wrap up what i was working on, i noticed the clouds began parting and it was getting quite sunny out. probably still uncertain at the time if i wanted to come here or not, i spontaneously decided yes i’ll go, it’d be good, or it felt like it’d be nice, or whatever the exact feeling was, and then on my way here i was actually a little warm without having the heat on in the car.] follow your intuition and embrace your feelings, each and every moment. there is a divine plan and order to life that, if we tune into, allows everything to flow much more effortlessly. let go of all the things you’re thinking of that are taking up your attention or draining you. they don’t really matter. do things to simplify your life and to create as much free space / energy / attention so you can live more easily from this place of flow. [one of the reasons i was thinking of coming here was to use up a bonus gift card i had that would expire at the end of the month. it’ll be nice to have one less thing to keep track of, that will no longer take attention (even if it was in the back of my mind), and will allow me to more fully embrace each and every moment.] simplifying your life and not hanging onto things or being attached to certain outcomes or feeling you need something outside of yourself, whether a thing, person, circumstance, etc to make you feel complete or able to relax or enjoy life makes an enormous difference. often we search for these things outside of ourselves as we feel that when we have it, it will give us a certain feeling (whatever it may be, attention, a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, completion, etc, etc) that we think we’d like to experience as we think it’d make us feel better. however, we don’t need anything outside of ourselves to feel better. we can choose to create how we feel, in each and every moment. every day we choose. if we’re feeling the same from one day to the next, it’s because we are choosing this or choosing to run the program from the past, or run on default. if we don’t like how we’re feeling or we’re feeling low in energy, we simply need to examine what we’re choosing to create in our lives and stop doing so.

remember it’s never a good thing to try to force anything. sometimes you do just have to get up and go, though if you’re not feeling it, don’t try to force it because it won’t be the same, or anywhere near the same, as if you were feeling it. if you really do want to do something, then you gotta stop doing whatever you’re currently doing before choosing to do what you want. if not feeling so good, then you gotta let that go before you can feel good. sometimes its easier than others to do this. if you have a lot of free energy, you can much more easily switch how you’re feeling from feeling a little down, bored, sad, whatever it may be, to feeling good. though if its not working when you try to change how you’re feeling, then you gotta fully experience what’s already there. jump, dive, in to the feeling you’re currently feeling and explore it. you may not like it, though once you learn that its just a feeling and there’s nothing wrong with it other than your not liking it, then you can much more easily and freely jump into anything you’re feeling so you can let it go. in doing so, you’ll learn that by resisting certain feelings or by telling yourself they’re bad or that you shouldn’t feel a certain way, you drain yourself of your energy. you make it more difficult to fully experience life in the moment with less energy. sometimes you might feel like its very difficult to do anything, even simple things — in a situation like this you’ve likely been resisting too much of life. you simply need to start feeling how you feel and move forward. accept that how you’re feeling, even though it may be very far from how you’d like to feel, is totally fine. know that and allow yourself to feel the pain, emotions, or whatever blocks are there. each time you break through something that was previously a block you’ll feel a bit lighter and freer. if it was something really big or that you were resisting for a long time, you may feel much lighter like you are flying or floating in the air. all of these excessive feelings and emotions that you resist really do weigh you down.

one of the most beneficial things you could do for yourself is to start freeing up space and creating more energy for yourself, both in what you are feeling and in what you are surrounding yourself by in the physical world. if you have a lot of stuff laying around (or stuffed in the back of the closet or garage), it’s time to let it go, especially if its something you forgot you had and hadn’t used in a long time. you’ll free much lighter and freer by doing so. creating space to live in more freely and effortlessly, physically, mentally, and spiritually, is the best thing you can do for yourself. you can even make yourself a routine out of it. every month, week, day, whatever feels right to you, decide that you will get rid of at least one thing you don’t need. sometimes it feels better after achieving whatever experience you had your mind set on rather than during the experience itself just as it frees up the space for new experiences and its no longer running in the back of your mind “when am i going to finally do …?”

close to half a year ago i was really resisting where i was. it was difficult to get up each day and feel like i didn’t want to be there (and wanted things to be very different). over time, i worked through what i was feeling and started to fully accept where i was. i don’t recall how long it went on for though it did take a number of weeks or even months to fully accept everything. as i let go of the resistance and became more okay with the various aspects of life that i wasn’t like i began to find more and more peace. in recent weeks, i’ve been realizing how peaceful i am with my life and the current aspects of it. and for the most part they really aren’t all that different from how they were a few months ago. yes, i did have a couple aspects shift and become better though overall i’m in about the same overall situation that i was back then. it was a change of perspective that allowed me to change how i felt and this shift in perspective also is what allowed the subtle shifts in my life to happen as i created the space for a new path to unfold by changing how i felt, saw, and experienced the world. releasing our feelings frees our energy to make room for new experiences aligned with new, clearer feelings in the moment to show up.

a shift in scenery

i’ve made it now to one of my favorite spots around here, honeymoon island state park. i’ve written about it before.. it feels so far away yet is so near. go some place different every so often from where you normally find yourself every day. [sometimes i do find myself here almost every day and then its time to stop coming for a little while] changing where you are will help you shift your energy. places have a certain feeling and if you get accustomed to places that have the same feeling for too long then that’s all you’ll know. you’ll start to get stuck in a sense. going somewhere new or different or that you haven’t been to in a while not only is exciting, it helps you change how you’re feeling. the exciting feeling will change how you’re feeling, though even if you don’t feel exhilarated like sometimes i feel when i’m traveling or experiencing someplace new, the subtle differences in the energy of the new/different place where you are will help heal you and shift how you were feeling when you were in your normal, mundane routine. this change in feeling or even just visual scenery helps you to be more present in the moment. you’ll begin to notice the details in the place you are at and your attention will shift away from what may have previously been draining your energy or causing you to be stuck to the new place you are. shifting your attention and energy will help you let go of what may have been bothering you or bring you down by simply not focusing on it. this isn’t to say you’re resisting it, you’re simply not re-creating the same old feeling that you were previously stuck in. if your energy and feeling shifts quickly then you may have just been stuck in it, repeating what you previously were feeling as you didn’t think to change how you were feeling and just kept on feeling the lower energy you were previously in. if you don’t start feeling different when going someplace else then you may have some energy or feeling that you are resisting that is causing you to be stuck. in this case, start to put more of your attention and energy on what it is you are feeling.. again, jump or dive into the feeling that you may be resisting, no matter how unpleasant it may be. the more you do this, the more you’ll discover that most feelings that we are resisting or think will be unpleasant really aren’t all that bad. we just have to feel them for a little while, release whatever was there, and we will heal and feel much lighter or more blissful afterwards.

be unafraid to try something new, even if it's something no one else has done before. innovation and fearlessness can open new doorways for you

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recently i’ve come across a number of videos by couples who are living out of a van and sharing their experiences online. it’s been quite inspirational to watch them share their stories and journeys. shortly after i first got my truck camper i had thought of creating a video journal of my life on the road, though never did in the manner i had first thought of. i ended up shooting films comprised of short clips and time-lapses of my journey instead. i feel inspired to complete the rest of the videos, or at least the remaining ones from chicagoland to california (for now).

check out some of their videos. the first video is Mat and Danielle, of Exploring Alternatives, whom share why they love living a van. they also have a lot of videos on their youtube channel with tips of what they’ve learned in their lifestyle. in the second video, Emily and Corey of Where’s My Office Now? interview others living nomadic lifestyles (this is the last video in the series they did). they have other videos on their youtube channel as well. the last video is of Rachel and James from Idle Theory Bus (whom Emily and Corey caravanned with to do the interview series). they have a few more videos on their vimeo channel. each video has a little bit different feel. it’s interesting that all three couples began their journeys around the same time (which is also around the time i was on my journey out west with my truck and camper). it’s also beautiful to see the awareness they have or gain during their journeys.

watch their videos, explore their websites, and be inspired to do what you’re passionate about or feel called to, regardless of whether or not its something considered out there or not normal. so many people conform to the norms of society because that’s all they know or because they are afraid to do otherwise. it’s absolutely possible to live an alternate lifestyle and really enjoy doing it. it can open a whole new world to you and might just be much simpler than you imagine once you get going. you can often do so much more with less. start to let go of what no longer serves you. lately i’ve been selling a few things and getting rid of old stuff, and it feels so liberating to clear up that space and make room (not just physically but also in energy and attention) for what i do want to create in my life. part of me has even thought about selling my condo. i’ve thought a little more about getting my own land and building a sustainable or earth-friendly home, or getting a van or another truck and going traveling or even living nomadically (especially if i meet a nice, sweet, pretty girl who’d like to join me on the journey).

anyhow, i’ll stop writing before i end up rambling more. enjoy the videos, be inspired, and do what you love (or simply be)!


beyond meaning lies meaninglessness

[excerpts from a chat with my old friend matt..]


i’ve been feeling more into what i want to do with my life “when i grow up” 😊


i have no idea 😃

well.. actually.. i have some ideas. i just gotta decide i suppose. i feel i’m getting closer. but i try to tackle too much at once. like deciding where do i want to live.. i like the area here though would prefer to have my own land and home rather than a condo.. though will the oceans rise here in the future and would it even be worth building something here.. i also think about getting a sprinter van and living out of it and traveling across the country, even living in cities out of the van as it’d look like a cargo van.. though then i think well that might be a hassle to have to find a place to park and have a smaller place, despite it being pretty discreet if it’s a plain van. i also would like to meet a girl and start a relationship and it’d probably be best to do this first before jumping all in to a new home or van as what i want regarding this may change when i’m in a relationship.. i’ve also become more relaxed with just accepting and appreciating what i do have living here, so it’s a toss up regarding travel full time. then i also look at what i want to do with my artwork.. i’ve though about quitting photography altogether as i wasn’t happy overall, though as i change how i look at everything, it becomes easier and i can shift how or mostly why i’m doing the artwork. i’d like to explore writing and speaking more. i know i have powerful talents, and would like to use them to help inspire and awaken others, and elevate the consciousness and awareness of the planet. i know i see things differently than others, and i could just sit here and enjoy it, though the world would be a better place if more of us would live more peaceful lives. together we can totally transform this planet. it will happen, i know it. though i ponder exactly what is my role in it.. do i do something or simply my presence here doing whatever i’m inspired to do enough to impact the collective energy and affect change. okay that was a bit long and i’m starting to ramble on.. what is it that you would like to do? what do you feel in your heart most drawn to?


yeah, i know. its okay to not know 😊 i’m becoming more okay with that recently which is nice.. its more peaceful to accept it

experience is so much better

part of my surrendering has been accepting where i’m at, becoming more comfortable and peaceful with my present scenario. sure, i’d like not to have to have a mortgage or car loan and other expenses, and i’d like to have a nicer place, or more money to freely travel or splurge, though as i accept where i am, i find much peace and gratitude for being so close to beautiful parks, not having to deal with a commute or job i hate, having more free time, etc, etc

its just not worth the stress of _having_ to do more and more just to make more money because of wanting to buy things we really dont need

yet so many people think they must buy and have certain things because of how society has conditioned them to believe (and really just to benefit those who control the money)

i’ve thought of living in a van or something, even if i were to not travel a lot and stay locally here just as it would save on expenses.. i could minimize how much money i’m putting back into a corrupt system. and i could then further enjoy not having to worry about working as much and put my energy into really embracing what i want to do in life, and if i did make more, great, i could save it for land at some point, though if i didn’t, then no big deal, i could still enjoy the unique lifestyle and inspire others to do what they want with their lives, to live their dreams and passions, and not let what they think they’re “supposed to do” due to being programmed by a corrupt system get in the way


yeah, that’s what i’m looking at, if the experience will be worth the challenges

though i’m also becoming more comfortable with living here, even if i am alone and my place isn’t rehabbed and older. i know in the not too distant future, i’ll be able to pay down the car loan and mortgage, and it will be even more pleasant too. sometimes patience must be learned instead of doing something rash just to resist certain aspects one doesn’t like