this is a good time to forgive anyone whom may have ever hurt you.  not because you are okay with any past hurts occurring, but because holding on to any negative emotion or lower vibration only continues to feed it (and perpetuates the pain for both you and others, even if only subconciously). after forgiveness, use the newly found energy to focus on the positive vision and light you now call forth into the world.

(to forgive another, you don't need to say anything to the other person(s). and you don't need anyone else to say anything to you in order for you to forgive yourself for any hurts you may have caused others.  you simply let go of the story or burden you've been carrying within.  if you can't just let it go, sit quietly in meditation and ask for divine grace to help you fully feel and experience the hurt from both sides.. once it is felt in the heart, it dissolves, and you will no longer be carrying the negative energy, nor will it be projected out towards others)
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