2016 January

sounds of nature at honeymoon island state park

and a little bit later at the beach at honeymoon island

sounds of rain at my condo

here’s a shorter version of the december 2015 time-lapse video i posted the other day..

i was asked by Udi of diyphotography.net to write about how this was made so i will explore some of it below. i did write a bit about the technique and idea the other day when i posted the long version of the time-lapse. you can check the film and writing out at:

most of the shots in both films were created with either [...]

here’s my latest masterpiece… err, well, really more of an experimental, proof of concept piece than a so-called “masterpiece”. there are some places where this could be better and i could continue to refine this though i’ve decided to leave it as it is. technically, there are a few errors due to buggy software [adobe photoshop, ffmpeg, and quicktime player pro all seemed unable to support the size of this project.. it was 18361 still images with the final tiff files taking over a terabyte of space before rendering the 4k uhd 2160p video], colors could be improved, the time-lapse film/movie/video could be edited down to something shorter, some of the little planets could be centered better, etc, etc, though part of the concept behind all of my work is to expand perspectives [and after working on putting this together for weeks, i’m finally calling it done, at least for now]. so many of us seek perfection, especially technical perfection in the photographic, or lens-based arts, and yes very beautiful works can be created with enough effort, though this same quest for perfection can drive one insane and keep pushing one further into the mind, and the mind’s desire/need for perfection (or need for more/better/newer/faster/etc). the underlying message in my work is to let go of one’s own self-limitations. let go of what no longer serves you. expand your mind, your viewpoint, your self, to new limits. when letting go of the limitations of the mind, one will discover a whole new reality in this experience called life. one will discover a deep sense of peace amidst the chaos. life truly happens outside of the mind and its attachments/desires. step outside of yourself. expand your way of seeing the world, your self, others, and life to a new level. there is beauty everywhere, we just need to learn to see it. and it’s done by letting go rather than struggling, striving, and yearning for more and more. when letting go, inspiration easily comes to you. in this place of silence, from a deeper place of silence, ideas and feelings emerge.

just like the idea for this. i don’t recall exactly where it all started, though many years ago when i first created little planet time-lapses (which, at the time, had never been done before), i thought taking it to the next level.. it’d be neat to see them in motion — where the camera actually moves physical positions, not just virtually altering the perspective of the little planet time-lapse video as i had done. i shot at least a couple with my old rig years ago (that i never completed), and now with newer technology, a year ago i was able to create an aerial 360×180 degree little planet time-lapse in motion by hanging a ricoh theta camera off of a kite and walking for miles with it at honeymoon island. back in 2014, i had shot little planets with the ricoh theta suction cup mounted to the moonroof of a car, or holding it up on a monopod out the window while driving (at very low speeds). however in most of these shots, the car took up too much of the frame. i knew that elevating the camera higher would make the car smaller in the frame/planet though didn’t have a safe means to do so. somehow the idea came to me to get a short extension to make the camera sit higher above the suction cup [it’s funny how this happens as i don’t recall exactly what i was looking for, though inspiration, or divine guidance sometimes, takes us on these long tangents and you seemingly ‘randomly’ stumble upon something that triggers something else and then an idea comes which leads to another, etc, etc, and you end up creating what you’re creating]. anyhow, that first attempt still didn’t give me what i was looking for so i ended up researching and creating the rig that let me do the shots where it looks like you’re looking straight down on the car from a bird’s eye view as its driving on the little planet. there were a number of unknowns in doing so as this is something that i don’t think has ever been done before. [it’s funny as this is where the ego/mind would want to shout out that it was the first one to think of or create something new, unique, or to a further extreme/record, though there’s really a higher and more important message here] i’ve never seen this specific look done nor heard of anyone mounting a camera so high above a moving car (except with a large custom fabricated system like on the google maps car that’s likely quite expensive). sometimes you’ve got to just trust where life is taking you. my car is still pretty new and i didn’t want any part of the rig to come undone while driving and cause damage, though by learning to listen to and trust one’s intuition or inspiration (and perhaps balanced with a bit of logic and analysis in research and development), one can invent new things and take one’s art to a new level. when i was determining what gear i was getting to create the car rig, the idea came to me of using the components in a different manner to get the shots where you see the front of the car (from a lower angle) driving on the little planet. [and the idea of the car driving around the planet came to me a long time ago.. though at the time i would’ve had to shoot it as a time-lapse (and either push the car or drive and stop for one frame of the shot every 5 seconds) before getting the camera that was able to shoot it as a video now. i’m grateful for technology continuing to expand and make creating images with specific looks much simpler]

things don’t have to be so complex either. start small, or work in small increments, and you can do something big. with the car rig shots, i drove quite slow during the first shots (both to make sure the rig held up before incrementally driving a little faster with it, and to have more shots in the time-lapse as the minimum interval timer setting available on the camera was not ideal). a lot of this is common sense and one who has done something similar before will see this as a simple, effective, logical way to approach creating something, though i realize, and have seen, that not everyone thinks of this sort of technical approach when creating something or trying something new. it really seems to be about a balance between feeling and thinking, between inspiration and logic, just like photography is a balance between science and art — one could get by with either approach, though when combining both, one can create (and live) in new ways.

this balance, or way of understanding both/all sides, is part of the whole underlying message of expanding perspectives. by being able to see, understand, and feel one way or the other, one can remove limitations in one’s life. spiritually, or philosophically (or whatever you want to call it) looking at this, it’s more of a non-dualistic approach. as we learn to transcend the limitations of duality, we embrace oneness. in oneness, we see that everything is connected and there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, and no separation. everything is part of the whole, and needs to exist in order for us to have this experience we call life. without up we cannot know what down is. without good or something we desire, we cannot know what bad or something we resist is. these dualistic perspectives give us the ability to experience life from a single viewpoint or perspective of separation, though as we learn to understand the whole, and see everything/everyone as connected and somehow related to everything/everyone else, new doors of perception will open to us. our current understanding through a vantage point of duality, is caused by existing and perceiving through the limitations of the mind. as we awaken and transcend the limitations of the mind, we begin to see the world as it is — before awakening, when perceiving through the mind, we are seeing a filtered world — we are not seeing it as it is — our viewpoint is clouded by programming/conditioning/judgment that we have been taught since we entered this world. we are told this is where we begin and this is where we end — anything outside of this defined endpoint is not us or ours, and anything within is us or ours. separation and conditioning is taught. the separate self, the ego, is a learned concept. yes, it is part of our current human experience, though it is also the root cause of all suffering. when we learn to see that we are all one, our lives will heal. we’ll also begin to see that there is no past or future.. these are merely concepts the separate mind has been creating. some concepts can serve us in various ways though many limit us. as we realize none of what we thought was real actually is real, we can much more easily let go of any attachment and suffering. we’ll find a place of bliss and peace when we can live fully in the present moment, in the now, and let go of thinking things need to be a certain way or cravings for what we don’t have or resistance of life circumstances we are experiencing but prefer not to. fully embrace the present moment. let go of anything that is not here and now. it is not real. your thoughts of the future, past, desires, resistances, etc, etc are only preventing you from fully living today, here and now. “carpe diem” seize the day, today and every day. do not dwell upon what is not. yes, you can vision, create, and manifest your future, though you must also let go, and surrender, to the present moment of where you are now in order for the creation to manifest. if there are any hinderances in thoughts, feelings, etc, etc preventing you from experiencing that which you desire, you will be taken through those so you may fully experience and release them and create the space for what you do desire to manifest and unfold simply in your life. the more we let go, surrender, and experience, the simpler this whole process becomes. the more we let go, the simpler life becomes. and the more we let go, the simpler it becomes to perceive and understand and fully know who we truly are (and all of the seemingly magical or mystical perceptions and understandings that come with this).

life is beautiful. live it fully. today. every day. here and now. let go. embrace. live.

step outside of yourself. awaken. become aware. understand by perceiving [what is]. grow. expand. be.


here are some of the locations these were shot at (all in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, Florida):

Brooker Creek Nature Preserve
Canal Park
Crystal Beach
Davis Islands
Duke Energy Trail
Dunedin Causeway
East Lake
Ed Radice Sports Complex
Fred Howard Park
Honeymoon Island
John Chestnut Park
Lake Chautauqua Park
Lake Dan and Lake Frances Nature Preserves
Lansbrook Golf Course
Palm Harbor
Philippe Park
Safety Harbor
Selmon Expressway

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the more you learn to listen to your heart / intuition / divine guidance, the more effortless your life will become, as you begin to observe it simply unfolding naturally as you flow with life (and as life flows through you)

it’s much easier to create with a blank canvas. in any form of art and in life itself. with previous layers showing, one has to either work with them, within their constraints and definitions, or paint over them. painting over them in physical creation can be the equivalent of letting go of old emotions, beliefs, feelings, and identities in the spiritual or mental realm. however, when something truly transforms and shifts, its more like starting with a new canvas. that free energy is so liberating once something that had been hanging around for a while is fully experienced and released. its so rejuvenating to let go of the old. for me a lot of times it feels good to complete my ideas and projects simply for the free energy and attention i get after its released — yes the art or creation itself is nice to look at or share with others, though the free energy can be so much more liberating.. to know its done and then have the creative energy available for creating whatever is next. it’s like going back to a clean slate, or getting the blank canvas for whatever is next, though not always knowing what is next. it’s nice to know that i have the free energy ready for whatever is next despite not knowing it. though it is sometimes difficult being in the state of the unknown. for often we’re so caught up with mental constraints or working on something or other, that when we get to an empty state we don’t know exactly what to do. the best thing to do is just embrace the not knowing. surrender to it. fully experience the moment you are in. relax and enjoy it. its okay to relax and be, rather than having to always do something. if you feel you must do something, then go explore. do something simple you enjoy. become more present in the moments you are in. fully engage in whatever it is you are doing, even if its something as simple as going for a walk. you might normally think its just walking, getting exercise, or taking you from point a to point b though the walk itself can become an amazing journey. begin to notice things you may not have noticed before. look at the details. examine all the little nuances and intrinsic aspects along the way. look at your feelings. are you feeling anything subtly different than you were a moment ago? tune in to the environment and tune in within. the more present you become, the more aware you become of the world around you and of the inner world. as you become more aware, you will learn to listen to that quiet space within. from that beautiful silence inspiration and revelations will come to you. don’t go looking for it or expecting it. just let go and relax. you will naturally tune in and become more aware as you surrender completely to the present moment. if the mind is thinking things you have to do or should be doing, just let them go. know they will get done. know that if you need to be some place at a certain time you will naturally remember to do so. this natural remembering is the same guidance you will receive, seemingly random and when you least expect it, that will guide you to do whatever it is you are meant to do. your spirit, your higher self, god, the universe, whatever you want to call this place where it originates from, will take you on a beautiful journey if you are open to receive it. and being open to receive it is as simple as this surrendering that allows you to listen to your inner guidance and know from your heart. a lot of times its much easier to receive this guidance more clearly the more you let go of any distractions. go somewhere quiet, remove anything from your space that is distracting you, let go, and release in the physical world. this will help you naturally tune in to what is already there in the inner world. as you become more aware, the inner world and guidance will become louder than the outer world, though in the beginning, go to a place of silence. if meditating, close your eyes to visually turn off the world as you sit some place quiet where you know you won’t be distracted or disturbed. if you are still hearing thoughts or mental chatter, focus your attention on your breathe or a mantra you repeat — either of these, as well as other techniques, such as listening to a soothing natural sound, will help you relax and surrender so that you can hear and feel what your heart is calling you to do. if any feelings arise, embrace them and feel through them. as we begin to feel and re-connect with the present moment, any old emotions, feelings, or blocks that we may have previously resisted can come to the surface to be discharged. as we choose to experience these rather than continue in resistance, we will free up our energy and attention that was previously blocking us from fully experiencing the present moment. our new heightened awareness will open us up to new dimensions of possibility. the more clear we become in the present moment, the more we will begin to see miracles happening in our lives and in the world around us. the world is extremely beautiful when we learn to see through the eyes of the presence.

relax and learn to trust the divine. you will be guided to and through many beautiful experiences

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Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred.

- A Course In Miracles
surrender. let go. relax. new insights will magically appear when you take a moment to slow down and breathe.

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explorations of the self

what have i been creating lately in this so-called reality?

it seems that part of me has been waiting for the rest of the world to wake up. after awakening, or awakening to new realizations, years ago, something brought me to re-creating old aspects of myself. it feel like part of it was that i found myself surrounded by old influences, family and some old friends. perhaps part of me didn’t know how to operate from higher frequencies. i’m not sure that it was that exactly. it feels like it was related to my surroundings. in seeing that others didn’t understand how i was experiencing the world, did i go back to their level of understanding just to fit in and relate? a part of it feels like i created myself in ways that they still understood for i feared what they would think of me or that they wouldn’t understand what happened if i showed up completely transformed. another part of what happened was that i saw others who were on a similar journey seemed more interested in just having fun and creating their own dreams rather than awakening the world. i feel that i had this start to happen to me too. after seeing others seeking their goals and dreams, i decided to pursue some of my own. i think part of it was a gradual process. when i created the ability to get my truck and camper, i was still feeling inspired and was writing and creating art. though i think after i got it, i got caught up with all the

it always seems so difficult to get back to sleep after awakening from a dream. in the last couple of moments just before i completely drifted into this reality, it felt a little like i was in the matrix, realizing it was not real. it’s funny being in a dream as my commands to the body don’t always work.. like i was driving and trying to shift gears but it wasn’t working completely for some reason. it wasn’t working in that the hand-eye coordination was different, so it was different than in this current waking reality. though in the dream it must’ve worked to a degree as i was able to still drive despite the shifting not working properly. it’s quite strange what occurs in dreams. it’s as if our feelings are processed in different ways. like things in my life showed up differently. for example, in the dream it seemed like the event i normally went to each week was canceled, though perhaps this came up due to a couple of other events actually being canceled. but it felt like it was the one.. though it perhaps it was the way the mind was processing it. it was thinking it was the one because of how it associated the location and people involved. yet the location itself was a little different. but it felt right. the feeling was there and the feeling of everyone felt like it was the same community. but visually in the dream a lot of it was different. and in the dream when going to back to my car and doing whatever i was doing there (deciding where to go? gathering myself or my belongings??), it felt like i had momentarily forgotten where i was in the dream. and then something changed or shifted in the dream. all of a sudden the car was parked up high on a weird hill that i didn’t think was there before. i thought i had parked on the ground and there was no hill. yet i was on a hill inside a fence next to another car, and at first i didn’t see the way out as it was a steep way down. i saw others arriving and realizing that the weekly gathering was cancelled for a strange regulatory reason. i made it down the hill with the car and when i got to the road to head back to the main road, it was quite strange as the road was small, possibly unpaved, and curved weird. at the end of the curves, right near the main road, there was a single gas pump in a small spot, with no gas station. i had recognized that as not being normal or not normally there, as if it was not there just moments ago. then i got on the main road and started driving, listening to the very loud noise of the car that was behind me on the small road passing, though we both were heading for a stopped light. at this point something awoke me and i realized it was just a dream. i realized that the process i had left running on the computer was complete and took care of it. then laying in bed thinking of the first thought or two i wrote at the beginning of this, and unable to fall back asleep. part of it was the thinkingness of being in the mind thinking of the words, wanting to write them or type them (especially as the computer was right there), though also wanting to drift back into the dream but unable to do so. the urge to record part of what i remembered of the end of the dream must’ve become greater than the urge to lay there thinking about it or wanting to get back to sleep as here i am laying off the side of my bed typing this. i wonder if this same reasoning is why i feel uncertain as what to do in this current reality after having awoken. its like in the dream, i could go back to dreaming and forget that it was a dream though that doesn’t feel like its what i want to or can do. so now i wonder what do i do? if it was just a dream, do i now choose to dream another dream, or do i go back into the current dream knowing its a dream and play and live in a new way?

gotta love repeating numbers! i’ve seen so many these past months, perhaps even longer. lately i’ve been noticing the time i get to the kitchen after finally deciding to get out of bed has been 8:28. it seems to not matter when i fall asleep or wake up or how long i’m laying in bed.. it seems to be either exactly 8:28 or right around that time that i make it to the kitchen. and these past days, i forget how many, have all been 8:28.