i’m grateful to never have to buy gas again, and that i can go on zero emissions adventures that are better for the environment and cost much less than they would in an internal combustion engine vehicle.

in the first month, i drove a total of 1523.7 miles, averaging 5.7 mi/kWh. at the nationwide average cost per kWh, that’s just over 2 cents per mile. even if the trip computer is optimistic and there are efficiency losses when charging the battery, it’s still less than 3 cents per mile. i did drive slowly + conservatively (and with the windows down rather than with air conditioning) in order to maximize efficiency to be able to go far without draining the battery too low, though even driving a bit faster or with A/C, the cost will still be far less than what it’d cost with a gas car.

at the nationwide average cost of gas (and with the average gas tank size), what it cost me to go 1500+ miles would be right about the same as what it’d cost to fill up a single tank of gas. or another way to look at it would be that it would’ve cost 3 or 4 times as much to drive the same distance in the gasoline version of my car. i forgot to mention that i also charged a couple times at free public chargers, adding a total of around 21.5 kWh of free electricity to my battery so did even better.

besides the financial savings, electric cars perform much better, are much quieter, have practically no maintenance, and have much less of an environmental impact than a car that burns gas or diesel. we’re just at the beginning of the global transition to electric vehicles.. it’s exciting to be driving the future.

i likely wouldn’t have gone to the large majority of the places on the map had i still had my van, as at 18 mpg and an average gas price of around $2.80, it would’ve cost me $237 for all the gas (where my cost for 267 kWh at 13.5 cents per kWh (slightly higher than the national average) is only $36 or around $40 allowing for some inefficiency and subtracting the free charging). saving $200 every month in gas costs sure will add up. looking at this number alone, the car will pay for itself in less than 5 years and will effectively be free (i got a used electric vehicle that was previously leased with very low miles.. it’s practically a new car but at a significantly lower price than it would’ve cost new).

in this month i drove a lot more than i typically do, making up for not having driven very much at all at the beginning of the year, and testing out the new (used) car. i did plan some of the routes just to make the lines on the map more interesting, and it was good to get to explore some places i haven’t been to in a long time or ever. it’s fun to see what one can discover just by going a slightly different route or someplace new.

ready for #vanlife ?  i'm selling my Ford Transit with Premium Van Package, many/most options, and lightweight camper conversion build.  to see a full tour video and read lots of details on why i custom ordered + chose this van (after having a truck camper), visit:
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please share with anyone who may be interested.  it's located in Florida, though i'm willing to drive it to you if you can't come down here to get it.  to purchase the van, please write me at:
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i just sold my van yesterday, here’s a map of everywhere i drove in the time i had it

i met a couple old friends at the arboretum this past saturday.  when i was surrounded by nature waiting for them that morning, i remembered why i got the van.  having a tiny home with me whenever i go exploring, especially to beautiful places, is certainly nice.  it may be small, though being able to go on more adventures and longer journeys is pretty awesome.  i've been so busy lately that i've barely taken it out wandering to new places.  sometimes you just gotta get up and go regardless of whether everything is ready or not.

after my friends left, i took a nap in the van and spent the rest of the afternoon in the arboretum.  it was great to have a comfy bed with me rather than having to drive to one when i was tired.  near the end of the day, it started raining and i got to experience how nice it was to be inside the van and simply be able to hop into the driver's seat without having to run around outside and get wet (like i would've had to do when in my truck camper).

i spent the night in the parking lot at my friend's office, which wasn't too exciting but a place nearby i could stay undisturbed.  sunday morning i decided to go back to the arboretum and spent the whole day there, again until when it closed at dusk.  i drove to a quiet spot that was the furthest from the nearby highways and spent a lot of the day in the van with all the doors open, letting a breeze pass through most of the time.  it was nice to experience having a tiny home in the middle of nature.  i look forward to when i have my own land and a larger tiny home in nature for when i'm not traveling.

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i’m selling my Ford Transit with Premium Van Package, many/most options, and lightweight Camper Conversion build. to see a full tour video and read lots of details on why i custom ordered + chose this van (after having a truck camper), visit:




please share with anyone who may be interested. it’s located in Florida, though i’m willing to drive it to you if you can’t come down here to get it. to purchase the van, please write me at:

see all photos, videos, and writing / details about van here: markmarano.com/what/van/

UPDATE: i sold the empty van. the whole build structure is available for sale, or i can sell parts separately like the water pump, water tank, rv-type filling hatch, sink + countertop, shelf, storage cabinet, bath tub with slats (that can hold compost toilet), curtains, hanging closet, etc. i’ve already sold the refrigerator and compost toilet.