2013 April

it seems that life is a balance between observing and deciding what to observe

[deciding in the sense of choosing the outcome before it happens]

a simple thought for today: go out to nature and drink it all in.. appreciate its beauty and perfection.

..pondering why i photograph the sky so often. perhaps its because its so fleeting, always different. is attempting to capture the ever-changing moment a metaphor for us to learn to live in the moment? or is it somehow part of resistance against being here now?

when i am here now, the moment is so beautiful and perfect… beyond words, beyond images, beyond.

in the moment i yearn to capture how beautiful it is for i know it is only passing and cannot be held permanently. the image is a means, an attempt, a struggle to make the timeless lasting in time. it’s a communication to those stuck in time [including myself when i find myself in time] to seek the timeless for it is far beyond the greatest beauty or perfection that could possibly be found in time.

perhaps all i must do is choose to live eternally beyond time and there will no longer be a fear of losing the moment, for as one moment is lost, a new one is constantly born, and each is just as beautiful as the last.