contact me if you’d like to sign up for ReSurfacing (or do a free intro course to Avatar). it’s been a number of years since i’ve been to the Avatar Course, though still can say its the most profound & life-changing workshop i’ve ever experienced.

remember, the choice is ours.  each of us individually have the power to choose to buy the reality that is being sold by the media, governments, corporations, etc, or to use that power to create the reality we truly desire to see.  now is the time for us to collectively choose to envision a new earth filled with peace, love, health, and abundance for all.. one where all of humanity lives in harmony with each other and the planet.  with the collective power of our light, we can easily overcome all of the darkness.  do not allow yourself to be programmed by the manipulative tactics of the negative forces that have been in power.  this is their last stand.  their game ends as we collectively come together in meditating, visualizing, and creating a new way of living.  let this be the end of the old story, and the beginning of a very beautiful new volume in the history of the human experience.  step out of your mind and into your heart, and feel the new truth emerging from within.

#meditate #feel #visualize #heart #love #earth #light #sunset #sky #dusk #nature #brilliant #vibrant #colors .. it’s funny that as i typed up most of the message above i was thinking that i didn’t take any photos today (as it was raining and gray all day) and thought i would need to wait until tomorrow to post the writing with a photo.. and then just minutes later i started to notice a little hint of color out the window, and was greeted with some brilliant colors (which i couldn’t capture entirely from where i was) when i decided to go have a look.
stop listening to and looking for what's going on 'out there'. meditate, quiet your mind, seek & find the inner stillness.  the only true message you need to hear lies deep within your heart.

#meditate #peace #calm #relax #nature #sunset
remember, especially in times of fear and chaos, that our perception makes all the difference, and our emotions can greatly alter what we see. if you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, uncertain, worried, or anything else, take some time to sit with whatever you’re feeling. it may be difficult at first, though once you let go of any resistance, you’ll begin to work through it, and that uneasy feeling will soon dissolve. meditating, embracing whatever you’re feeling, or a quiet walk in nature can help you return to a place of calm and peace. from there, you can clearly see and know all will be okay.

#nature #walk #sunset #dusk #clouds #water #sky #reflection #meditate #calm #peace
in challenging times some may wish to simply go back to what used to be normal.. though why limit yourself to the past, when there’s always the option to choose to create something far better in the present and future? take some time to sit quietly right now, and feel in your heart what the highest vision of the future looks like.

#nature #trees #goldenhour #park #breezy #evening #meditate #feel #visualize #create #vision
rather than feeling stuck or afraid of uncertainty, learn to meditate to quiet your mind, and spend time visualizing and feeling what you want to see unfold in the world.

[and don't be afraid to dream up the most beautiful human experience on earth you can imagine, regardless of whether or not you believe its possible.  remember, all is possible through the eyes of the divine source.  may all of humanity live in peace and harmony with each other and the planet.  and may we all experience well-being, inner peace, abundance, and unconditional love, as we step into a new age, a new earth.]

#sunset #sky #clouds #trees #nature #aerial #flying #meditate #peace #visualize #love #earth
when one learns to fully surrender into the present moment, one realizes there is a divine perfection beneath all of the chaos.  from this place, a deep sense of gratitude for being alive to experience it all may arise.

[it seems that the more one (or humanity as a whole) chooses to constantly be living from the mind (and its need to constantly be doing something), the stronger the divine call to relax, just be, and live from the heart becomes.  take this time, right now, to stop any activity (or distractions) and to simply be still & fully embrace anything you are feeling in this very moment.]

#relax #meditate #calm #peace #now #nature #sky #clouds #sunset #trees #lookingup
with seemingly so much going on in the #world, #remember to take a #break from each day to #meditate or to go for a #walk in the #park. simply surrounding yourself with #trees in #nature is #healing, and the beautiful #goldenhour #light reminds us how magnificent this planet is.

also remember to practice #gratitude. some times it’s easier than others, though if we take a moment to look at our lives, there is so much to be #grateful for [like, for those of here in #florida, we can be grateful these couple days of #winter aren't nearly as cold as in many other places. if in a cold place you don’t like, find what you can enjoy about the experience, like sitting by the fire or the magical feeling of the first snowfall of the season]. by shifting our energy to one of gratitude and appreciation, we'll begin to see more positive experiences show up in our lives.